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  1. I haven't picked it up yet, but it says RTS- Return to Sender. So they must have refused it. I figured it would be better to send to an actual address then to send to PO Box. I'll try to send to every address I can find! I'm tired of them!
  2. I sent a DV letter to LVNV and it was returned. They are techinally Resurgent, so I sent the letter to 15 South Main Street, Suite 600 Greenville, SC 29601, which is Resurgent's address. Should I have used the address on my credit report (PO Box 10584 Greenville, SC-296030584)? I just don't want to get it returned again and they are only showing up on my EQ report but was deleted from TU and EX a couple months ago.
  3. I had the same thing happen to me with LVNV. But since they are techinally Resurgent, I sent the letter to 15 South Main Street, Suite 600 Greenville, SC 29601. Should I have used the address on my credit report (PO Box 10584 Greenville, SC-296030584)?
  4. So the dofd was March 2004. So since the SOL for my state is 3 years, can I just send the new CA a SOL letter or should I send them a DV letter? Or is the SOL letter used only if they try to sue me?
  5. I had a credit card with Lerner (now called NY and Co) that I was unable to pay and has sinced charged off. According to a my report I pulled on myfico.com for EX it says dola was September 2004 and dolp was April 2004. I live in MD so the SOL has past for this debt. Since then I became and AU on my mother's account she has with them. I checked my CR and they now have listed the dola to be June 2008. Is it legal for them to change the dola for this old account if it really isn't an active account and I'm an AU on a totally different account which is not reporting on my CR. Then the amount
  6. Ok. I just filled out the pre-qualify form on www.hsbcapply.com and was approved for a HSBC Platinum mastercard. Should I apply for it? I think there is still an AF. Do they eventually waive the AF? How good are they with initial CL?
  7. Thanks! I won't apply for them. I was approved for a Household Mastercard with the 2% cash back. Can I get more than one card with them. I just got this card in the mail but was wondering if I should try for another one. Is it better to get one through Orchard Bank, HSBC, or Household? I know they are are all owned by same company but I didn't know if one was better than the other.
  8. I just had a quick question about First Premier. Has anyone ever had them give an initial CL of more than $250 or $300? I know in most of their correspondence that I receive from them or that I've seen from them, they always say the initial CL will be at least $250/$300 but I was just wondering if they ever give more than that. How good are they with CLI?
  9. I have an old loan of about $4200 that was CO and is scheduled to be deleted in June 2010. Should I try to dispute it? The last reported date was July 2004. I think this is one of the biggies on my report that is bringing my score down but then I don't want them to update the information as verified and then restart my SOL again.
  10. I was approved for a Tribute credit card but the credit limit is the $70 card and then it will gradually increase over the year. I think every month they give you like a $50, at least that is what they used as an example. I'm wondering if it is even worth having. I don't want too many cards with small CLs. Has anyone had good increases with Tribute? They also have high fees but I'm still trying to re-establish my credit so I was thinking it may help.
  11. I just had to say thank you to the members of CIC. I just checked my scores on myfico.com and my TU and EX has risen more than 30 points since I started on my credit repair journey back in late April/early May. I'm so excited! I couldn't have done it without the help of everyone here! Now if that dag on EQ will move I'll be totally ecstatic! They won't budge! Thanks again!
  12. To verify my information or something to make sure its me that's applying. I've never heard about verifying someone else's information like how old they are!
  13. I just got approved for a loan for $3500!!!!!! I'm totally shocked! I applied over the phone with a local finance company and they approved me! I'm still in awe! Thanks everyone for talking me out of the other loans!
  14. I applied for a card and they always do the prequalify app first to see what kind of card you'd get. I've been getting the secured card for the last month and last week they finally gave me a regular card. Well I checked the app status online today and it said they couldnt finalize the app so I called and they said they had to ask me some questions before they could go through with the app. So they asked me some questions about my address, old car history, etc. But then they asked me how old my aunt is. WTH! I don't know how old she is!!!!! So because I got that question wrong they denied