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  1. They can but only if one reports a balance owned. For instance... if the OC sells or assigns the account to SueMe Recovery Inc. the OC must change their reporting to zero balance, zero past due. They still can report the charge off status and the amount written off. If the OC didn't update the account then the CA can't report a balance owned.. The CA have no duty of checking on the OC's reporting before issuing the new collection account to the CRAs Many times the OC forget to change the account status, under the FCRA they have no liability unless the consumer disputes so... Why bother. The
  2. Yup, do that, but if he didn't mention the new card to you means that you probably didn't sign the application. If they are reporting on your credit send disputes to the CRAs.... Not responsible, please delete. Authorized users don't have to carry the bad credit from the primary card holder
  3. See pdf, Arrow financial got a confirmation for a default judgment denied by judge's initiative due to the fact that they didn't file contract, proof of assignment.... The usual . I think the defendant didn't even show up in court. It happened in Louisiana a few weeks ago. maybe somebody want to watch it on pacer, see if Arrow get it reversed but I don't think they will. They probably don't have the damn papers. http://bcrconsulting.us/html/LAW/Confirmation%20denied.pdf Carl.-
  4. I'm not sure if posting this here is proper, my apologies if is not. I'm starting a new CRO and looking for a partner, I have a web site already up. No money needed I'm paying all start up costs, if someone wants o talk to me in private I'm at info at get-credit.us Thanks Carl.-
  5. No, they don't. If you have a FA and decent credit they will send you a letter asking for confirmation. Send them copies of you DL and SS card and get the card a couple of weeks latter.
  6. In a case like this one if he is an attorney you might want to try something like the letter on the link below. It is called conditional acceptance, basically you turn the game on him, you are not refusing to pay the settlement as long as he can provide proof of his claim. After this if he does not produce the required proof and he sue anyway he'll be the party in default not you, no way he can get a judgment in a fair hearing without those papers. You coul sue him back for attempt of fraud or something like that, I'm not an attorney A sample can be found in rapidshare http://rapidshare.com/f
  7. yup, agree with anthara, also if you keep revolving accounts with no balance for a log time the creditor can just stop updating them every month and you have what I call a stall account, no helping scores. Whith the deletion of those inquiries you'll probably see an increase if they happend less than one year ago but I don't think that your score will rise above of 765. Closing those low limit accounts might help you score right now if they are not the older accounts in your report, in the other hand if this accounts are old than the ones with high limits closing the $500s can drop you score n
  8. I'm trying a new way to delete inquiries in transunion, If it works as planned it will result in the deletion of the inquiries, a fraud alert in all 3 CRAs and a security freeze in transunion, those are easier to remove. If it works I'll post on this tread the method and the results as soon as I get response from TU.
  9. To Whom It May Concern: This letter is being sent to you because your company had verified with Experian the above referenced account after I disputed it online in Experian credit report. Be advised that this is not a refusal to pay, but a notice sent pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, 15 USC 1692g Sec. 809 ( and Fair Credit Reporting Act that your claim is disputed and validation is requested. I know that the 30 days period provided by the law might be long over since you first reported this account in 2006 and I understand that at this point you can continue your collecti
  10. Well, that's the numbers I have so far, I still working in my models integrating new data and adjusting algorithms as I go but I would say at this point that even counting any factor that I didn't come across yet (There is probably a couple or more) the estimation is accurate to an 80%. Believe me is not a easy job to reverse ingeniering the credit algoirithms but it is fascinating challenge.
  11. All right, I won't post anymore, I'll just keep reading as I been doing for he last few months
  12. Allright, I'm not going to get myself into a personal argument with anybody but don't put it like that the true is that in january 2008 when I started to work in my credit I had a score of 593, three months later my score was 776 so I must be doing something right. About the remark thing, and since nobody believed it, last night I been putting together some data and writing a new little module, to add to computer model that I been working on for the ast few months. I got some results. It turns out that the balances of any accounts with that remark are not counted in your Debt/Credit ratio bu
  13. Give them two more weeks, then send them a cease an desist collection efforts letter stating that since validating that account is in their best interest and they did not respond even having two extra weeks to validate you reassonablly assume that the account in unverifiable and unvalid and you are going try one last time to fix the issue out of court using the BBB and AG, at the same time without waiting for an answer press complaints with BBB an attorney general of the states where collectors are do it by mail enclosing copies of all correspondence. Keep the accounts in dispute with the CRA
  14. I'm not asking you to buy anything, the fact is that when an account good or bad have that FCRA mandatory remark reported by the furnisher the score algorithms in all CRAs skip the account in the calculations. To be completely honest I have to say that I'm not 100% sure that the accounts are totally skipped I don't have enough data yet to be sure but I do know that at least they are skiped in a 80 or 90%. I do credit repair and I see this happening over and over, I always advise that they will see a maybe temporal increase right away in the scores as soon as I start challenging the creditors
  15. Use the 623 and the 1-2 combined, as soon as they verify with the CRA press complaints with the BBB and AG they are not suposed to verify anything without validating first with you, A report to the FTC won't help you but it will add up against the CA Carl.-