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  1. i looked up michigan's licensing laws and what not because i had read that some states require a CRA to be licensed in order to collect on a debt from you or even put it on your CR here it is :STATE: MICHIGAN INTEREST RATE Legal: 5% Judgment: 7.162 changes semiannually Usury limit 25% STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS (IN YEARS) Open Acct.: 6 Written Contract: 6 Sales (UCC) Contract: 4 Domestic Judgment: 10 renewable Foreign Judgment: 10 BAD CHECK LAWS (CIVIL PENALTY) Twice the amount of check-not to exceed $500. Retail Claims - Notice Requirements. GENERAL GARNISHMENT EXEMPTIONS See federal law. COLLECTION AGENCY BOND & LICENSE (RETAIL ONLY) Bond: $5,000 - $50,000 License: Yes Fee: $150 - Investigation $225 - Initial $125 - Annually Exemption for out-of-state collectors: Out-of-state collector are exempt if [1] collecting by interstate means; and [2] have no clients in the state of Michigan. it says they need a license but then says they are exempt if out of state so im confused on what to request or ask from the creditors or if im even taking what i read the right way
  2. i do have one other question the other day my fiance' inquired about a home loan since it has been 9 months since the last time and we thought that we had been making strides in the right direction ( which aparently we weren't ) but does that hurt my reports by inquiring
  3. thank you guys so much for replying so fast i love this site you people are so much help
  4. ok first thing is first i really wana thank madmonkey for his newbie starter list that did help a bit, but i just feel very overwhelmed by all this maybe im trying to take in too much at one time idk. Anyways here is my situation it starts off with me being young and dumb.. ( like you havent heard that before) well anyway recently in the last year I have gotten engaged thats a whole different stress, but we have been trying for home loans and getting denied so I have set my goal of fixing my credit because i don't want to deal with this bad credit for the rest of my life. Anyway im wondering about this debt verification, should i start out with that right away, and if a certian amount of time has past say year(s) will this still work, or if i should just start going down the list on my credit report one by one. If anyone can help ease my stress it would be greatly appreciated thank you
  5. this site is everything i have been looking for