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  1. Yeah, I kinda figured that much. But what about any other CC's. Are there any I should apply for? Any I should be looking to get rid of?
  2. Ok, thanks to the great advice I have already gotten around here. All the "baddies" are officially gone!!! Now I'm working on re-building my credit. I bought my FICO report (Feb 2nd) and here is how it stands: Equifax, FICO is 605. It says the average age of my accounts is 2 years and that is what is hurting my score. TransUnion, FICO is 642. Same problem as before, age of accounts is hurting me. This one says my average age is only 1 year. Experian, FICO is 658. Ditto on the short credit history. I have a home mortgage, car loan, and a personal loan with the credit union. All with excellent payment history, but I've only had them for 2 1/2 years now. In addition I have a Crown Jewelers CC with $2500 limit, First Premier CC with a $350 limit and a Legacy CC with a $350 limit. The Crown Jewelers is only about a year old, the others are 2 years old. Here is where I need the advice. What can I do next to start building my credit? I don't want to run up a bunch of inquiries only to have them declined. I tried that when I first started working on my credit report and just now got all the inquiries (except 3) gone. I don't want to make the same mistake again. What suggestions do you have for me to do next?
  3. What I would do is send a certified letter to NCO and explain to them that you have contacted the bank and this is indeed NOT your debt. Explain to them that they have the wrong person, simple case of mistaken identity. And then at first I would politely ask them to remove the inquiry because they didn't have permissible purpose due to the debt not belonging to you. Explain to them that this is important to you and you need it removed asap. Keep a copy of this letter that you send. See what happens after that. You might get lucky and they just delete it. If not, you can try the hard nose approach and get a copy of something from the bank showing this is not your debt and threaten them that they didn't have permissible purpose. It all depends on how far you want to take it.
  4. Just an update: After my nasty little letter to Experian with copies of my old credit reports showing that the two accounts I have been ticked off about should have fallen off a couple months ago, I got a letter back from them today. It is a new copy of my credit report with both of them gone! However instead of saying deleted, it simply says that the disputed items are no longer on my credit report. I guess they got the idea that they should have already deleted them... oh well, I got what I wanted in the long run, even though I had to get a little nasty with them. That was the last of the baddies!!!
  5. My only problem with that is from what I have heard, Portfolio is bad about filing suit even after SOL... if they think they can get a default judgement on you. I would like to C&D them but at the same time let them know I know it's out of SOL and will hot hesitate to use that if they attempt to sue.
  6. I am a bit unsure how to word this letter. I don't want to trip myself up and end up admitting to something I don't want to admit to... I received a letter from Portfolio Recovery Associates about a debt and they were offering to settle for like 1/4 of the original debt. I had no idea what this was from or could be for so I sent them a DV request. I received a response in the mail today from them with the typical bs... account holder, date opened, current outstanding balance and when Portfolio purchased the account. Here's my delima, It has the original open date of Feb of 2000, Portfolio purchased this account in Dec of 2004. I do recall having an account with the original creditor back in 2000, but what I do recall it was only open for less than 6 months before it was defaulted on. This would put the DOFD at the latest August 2000. I know this because it was during this time that my husband had an accident and became disabled and we defaulted on ALL of our credit cards. What little money we did have was used for food and to keep a roof on our heads. SOL in WA is 3 or 6 years depending on how you choose to look at it, either way this debt is well SOL, and is also now past reporting. How do I respond to these people to tell them to FOAD and I know this is past SOL if they decide to try to sue I'll use that as defense... without giving away that I know too much about this debt. They conveniently left out DOFD out of the validation just because of this purpose I'm afraid. Any advice?
  7. I had this very same problem with Alltel, I moved out of their calling area and they still pushed for the early termination fee. I sent a letter to the president of the company after trying to work it out with the peons and got a letter back saying "tuff". I got ticked and sent a letter to the BBB and told them the whole story... Alltel told them "tuff" and the BBB gave them a black mark... Alltel still said "tuff". I wrote back and said fine... next step is AG and after that attorney... no more replies from Alltel, but account disappeared completely from everything and no more contact or attempts to collect. You might want to try just getting really nasty with them, worked for us.
  8. So what is our next course of action? I mean, if it is suppose to be deleted and they refuse....... what do we do next?
  9. I have had the very same issue. I have 2 baddies that were both listed to be only on there "until November 2008" and they are both still there. I have sent a dispute letter with a copy of my old report that says "until November 2008" and have that part highlighted and said in my letter to please take note of my proof and am going to see what comes of that.
  10. Yep, this is very annoying. I have been using it for months now and WAS happy with it, but not now!! I was wondering what was going on when I logged on today. *sigh*
  11. I just checked and my letter was delivered to the Horsham PA address I sent it to without it being forwared at all. I imagine that is their actual physical address and the rest are just bs addresses they use.
  12. LB ssb for having more green boxes than I do.
  13. What address did you use to send to NCO? I just sent one out to them as well. The addy I used is: NCO 507 Prudential Road Horsham, PA 19044
  14. I'm totally not defending the guy... I feel he's pretty damn low. But having said that.... there are a lot of other people out there who do the same thing he does. They try to bundle and sell information that is freely available if you know where to look and are persistant as coming from their own.
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