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  1. No, no HELOC. This is the original mortgage on the home.
  2. Denita, we usually make a payment with billpay from our bank acct. Wells Fargo does charge $20 for paying by phone, so we've never done that. Plus this is monthly ... EVERY month. Good idea Tomntex!!!
  3. Thank you Denita! Just to clarify, the $15-$20 inspection fees appear to happen whenever we got behind on our mortgage. The $20 "Additional Fees" have been appearing on our statement every month regardless of whether we are behind or not.
  4. Sorry, I was wrong. Upon double checking, we still owe $147,498.00 on our mortgage. Ugh.
  5. I will definitely try that. Now I need to figure out what RESPA and QWR are. LOL!
  6. We bought our home for $158,000 ... we owe $142,000 left on the house. We've been in the home since May 2005.
  7. Help! For a little over two years, we have been behind on our mortgage. Sometimes up to 3 months, but usually only 1 to 2 months behind. We would get caught back up, and get behind again (I was out of a job). Well, I found work in July 2011, and we recently got fully caught up (Thank you Lord!). In order to stay on top of things, I have been sending Wells Fargo two installments per month toward our mortgage. 1/2 of the payment on the 15th, and 1/2 on the first to total a full payment each month. We received a letter from Wells Fargo this month stating that they don't take partial payments (except that they had no problem taking partial payments while we were behind!). The letter also said we have an unpaid $55.00 charge related to "servicing your loan" and that we would have to call to find out about it. So my hubby and I decided to try and refinance our mortgage through our bank, USAA. As we were filling out the online forms, we realized that we had paid Wells Fargo $17,000 last year, and less than $3,000 of that went towards principal (interest rates at 6.5%, and does not include the $50 late fees each month which we paid off with our income tax return in February). Needless to say, we were HORRIFIED! Maybe I'm naive, but how can $17,000 in payments equal less than $3,000 in pay off? I understand interest, insurance, taxes, etc., but seriously ... less than $3,000???? So, while we are looking at our past statements, we see charges for some home inspections, about $15-$20 every few months, except we have NEVER had anyone come by to inspect our home, nor has anyone left notification of intent to do so!!! In addition, we have been charged an additional $20 PER MONTH on our statements. It says, "Additional Fees". There is no explanation of these "fees". I feel stupid admitting, but month after month I would just throw the statements out because we pay bills online, and we already knew we were behind. I never noticed these "fees" or "inspections" before. Luckily we have access to up to three years of online statements so I trace them back at least that far. Anyway, does anyone know about invisible home inspections, and how I should approach Wells Fargo about these generic "Additional Fees"? Or how less than $3,000 out of $17,000 actually went to principal?? Nothing like the feeling of being scammed! Thanks, LorenaMarie
  8. Thank you Debt Guy! I will be going over those links you gave me today. Anyone want an absolutely unbelievable update???? We were supposed to get paid by the military yesterday ... but it could be Monday since the first is tomorrow ... HOWEVER ... we looked on the website to see hubby's LES statement and would you believe .... NO LES!!! That means NO PAYCHECK!!!! ARGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Yes, when I was in the Navy (99-02) our pay issues got straightened out immediately. When my hubby was in the Navy (87-90) pay issues were taken care of immediately as well. I don't know what's happening now ... or if it's just an Army issue! I've actually read on the internet, and heard from others that the Army has had these pay issues for a while ... I've been told that Army personnel have had to fight for every dime they were owed. I also met a police officer in our town who told me that he was approved for a school to use his GI bill. After graduating, the military hadn't paid any benefits and then refused to. He wound up having to sue in court and he won. I think it's absolutely ridiculous that people volunteer to serve their country, and the military repays them for their service this way. It's disgusting!
  10. Yes, once he is deployed we should be making about $200 more per month. However, that's not what's happened historically. Instead, they didn't pay the proper BAH and paid no FSA, so instead of coming out ahead we were actually taking a $700 per month pay cut. That's what got us into this mess to begin with. I know that we are SUPPOSED to get more ... but I can't count on it. They have told us that the pay issues are resolved, I guess it's just a wait and see thing now. If it is resolved, the extra $200 per month will be helpful, but I'm not sure how the CA's will look at it, especially since they want balance in full right now. LorenaMarie
  11. Hi Robert. From what I understand of it, the Soldiers and Sailors relief act provides for a lowered interest rate to uniformed personnel during periods of deployment only. When uniformend personnel return from deployment, the interest rates return to the original rate. Not sure that they help with debts in default. We're sunk, aren't we??
  12. Hey DebtGuy!!! Sorry about the confusion. I've told you my story before. Please read my last post, my story has been updated. I did send a DV letter. Like I said, we DO owe the debt ... I'm using stall tactics at this point, because we have NOTHING to offer to the CA's or OC's for settlement. With hubby leaving soon, I don't know what else to do. We have nothing to offer. Was kind of hoping to bury the CA's in paperwork for a while longer until maybe the situation gets better and we can come up with some kind of settlement offer. Not sure when or if that will happen, but it's all I've got at this point. Thanks, LorenaMarie
  13. Well I certainly didnt expect this many replies to my original post. Thank you all who replied with wonderful advice. Just to clarify, yes, the TL is on the CR but I'm not too worried about that. Getting the TL removed would be icing on the cake but not the most important thing right now. Nascar Driver ... the DOFD is January 08, I believe. So the SOL is still way within it's timeframe. The fact is, we aren't disputing this debt. We just have no $$ at this time to pay it. Here is the fast version of what happened: Hubby had incredible credit ... only one late pay (30 days) in last 8 years. Hubby joined the Reserves a year and a half ago and problems began. Everytime he was called to active duty the military didn't pay the proper BAH, and paid no FSA. Basically, we took a $700 per month pay cut. He was called up ALOT. We held on as best we could, but around October 07, we could no longer do it. We kept complaining to his unit about the problems, and we were told they were "working on it" ... but nothing changed. We were no longer able to make the CC payments and keep a roof over our heads and food on the table for our kids. Last month, we FINALLY got resolution to the money owed to us, but too little too late. Our CC's went into default in January and now the OC's and CA's want full payment. The back pay we received isn't even a drop in the bucket (we have $30,000 in CC debt) , so we used it to catch up on our mortgage. We were hoping to use our economic stimulus check to help with some kind of settlement, but unfortunately our ss#'s end between 70 and 99 and our check never came. What we were told was that the government screwed up 5000 checks so they scrapped the entire grouping. Apparently, we wont get ours until sometime in July. So, the government is still screwing us up financially and our situation is going from bad to worse. We discussed a HELOC, but the housing market sucks and our homes value DECLINED this year. We don't even have $4000 in equity. Hubby leaves for Iraq this summer. I'm trying hard to hold the CA's off as long as possible. IT IS OUR DEBTS, we aren't denying that. But we have nothing to offer as settlement or anything else. I'm terrified that they're going to take everything from us, and to be totally honest ... I'm angry as hell. WE didn't do this!!!! And now hubby's credit is ruined, and we are in financial dire straits! Oh, and just to top it all off ... BK is not an option. Hubby has a security clearance with the military, and BK is not allowed. There. My story is out there. Maybe somebody will know what to do, cause I sure don't! Thank you to you all! LorenaMarie
  14. From what I read, it seems to say that a debt collector cannot report to a CRA under their own name. However, they CAN report to a CRA under the original creditors name. Basically, they can still add negative information to your CR, just not under the collection agency name.
  15. I can't believe it. The original creditor, Discover sent our debt to a collection attorney. We got the dunning letter from the atty., and sent DV (timely). Now we get a letter from the original creditor (discover) that says: Dear ___________' We have been made aware of your dispute. In order to assist us with our investigation, we are requesting the following information: * A copy of your drivers license or an official document containing your signature. * A detailed letter including any documentation to substantiate your dispute. Thank you in advance for your assistance in timely resolution of your dispute. Sincerely, Charles Jones DFS Services LLC This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained may be used for that purpose. Can they do that??? Why is it that we asked them to provide proof that we owed the debt and now they are asking us to provide them with information??? Should we send what they're asking for, or just ignore the letter? Does anyone else see this as ridiculous as I do??? Does anybody have any advice??? Has anyone else gotten a request like this one??? Thanks in advance!!! LorenaMarie