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  1. Just saying hi to all the soldiers on the board! I'm a DoD civilian (Army) and a dedicated girlfriend of a soldier on deployment! Love our military!!!!!!
  2. thanks for the quick replies! (crossing my fingers now) For now, I'll go ahead and jump for joy!!! :mrgreen::mrgreen: oh yeah..... edit........ this is my first deletion!!! woohoooo!!!!! My score sucks and I have 999 more deletions to go........... but woooohoooo!!!!!!
  3. I called TransUnion and disputed a negative from Applied Bank this morning, but didn't think I had any others in error so that's all I did. I found another error this afternoon... and called back to dispute it, and the lady said that the one from this morning had already been deleted. Is that possible? Should I worry about it showing back up? When it's that quick is that an indication of something else, like maybe Applied Bank will report it again? Is it common to be that quick? TIA
  4. Hello all - legal question......... I have a car that I purchased from a small local car lot in 1998, for $6000. In the last few months of 1999, I missed two car payments, I was about to graduate nursing school and was hoping that when I got a job I would catch up. Well I couldn't find employment in this small town.... and I moved to a bigger city (same state)... by the time I got my first check I was almost 5 months behind. Yes, I had been dodging them until then (please save the lectures )........ but when I went to get in touch with them to pay a couple payments and catch up, their phone was disconnected. I tried over the next few weeks other ways to get ahold of them and couldn't. A month later I came back to this small town, money in hand, and when I went to pay in person - discovered they had closed the business. Tried over the next 6 months to get ahold of the owner, with no luck. I was young and naive - so no, I didn't send any certified letters or anything, I just didn't know. Well flash forward now.............. I have moved back to this small town. This car has been hauled around with me house to house over the last 10 years (it hasn't been running since about 8 years ago)..... but I couldn't get rid of it because it has a lein on the title.... and couldn't voluntary repo it or pay it because I couldn't find him. Now I'm STUCK with this car because even if I junk it, it has a lein and they won't take it. What do I do???????? I'm sure if they put a lost title out on it, he's going to come out of the woodwork and who knows if he may sue me now for the entire cost of the car. Any suggestions? Do I have any legal rights?
  5. WELL....... I called the hospital, and asked the billing office if I could still pay them directly without the CA involved. Didn't give any names or info, just a general question. The lady was VERY nice and she said yes definitely, and that sometimes they even work out a settlement for less if it's HUGE. My total to them is $4500 whew that is going to be a whopper of a monthly payment.... but SOOOOOOO worth it to get the CA off my credit!! 5 of them!! Can I ask a few more questions?? First, what is my first step? Call the hospital? I usually have a pretty good way with people on the phone.... I think I might do OK.... but how does it go to get things in writing after that? Do I write out a letter/contract and send it? Or do they do that and I look at it? Sorry it sounds like I'm being anal, but I don't want to walk into this blind and sink myself. TIA again
  6. thanks all! actually, I think the hospital these bills are with would be more than happy to make a payment arrangement. That's what I will do... just didn't understand exactly how the CA's would handle it........ SOOOOO...... please help me understand this a little better.... The OC is not on my credit.... if I make payment arrangements with them, they would have to notify the CA's? And those CA's reports would be deleted from my credit???? If that's the case, YAY! I have no problem paying the bill I just want to do it the smartest way I can.
  7. Hello all! I am new here as a member... but I've been OBSESSIVELY reading the board for a couple months. I haven't attempted any credit repair yet, because I'm trying to know everything I can and have the best game plan before I start stirring the pot. I don't want to wake up any sleeping giants, ya know? ANYWAY..... my question is this....... I have 5 different collections from the same OC that all went to the same CA. They are hospital bills. The first 2 are past my state's SOL and are under $100... so I'm not worried at all about disputing them with the CRA and hopefully getting them deleted somehow. BUT - the other 3 (totaling around $2500) are still within the SOL.... won't be out of SOL for a couple years (we have 5 year SOL here in Oklahoma). What would yall do? Any suggestions? I know that if I dispute the first 2 small ones, it's going to spark them to pursue the other 3 larger ones. Any help is appreciated. TIA! oh, and I LOVE this board! And all the genius people on it!!!
  8. whew. just started.... taking in all the information and trying to form a plan... and wanted to say THANK YOU for everyone that tries hard to keep these boards updated and useful.