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  1. Did you get a mullet haircut to go with that car?
  2. what is the SOL in WV? The collecton agency probally bought the charge off for pennies. I would ask for a deletion from the CRA's as part of the settlement.
  3. your in dangerous territory with a 200 credit card at over 190- get that balance down to below $25- if you get hit with interest then an overlimit fee- yor gonna be in a mess......... keep the card especially if it has no annual fee- you msy rvrn give them a call and see if they will 'unsecure' it. It may cost you a inquiry- but you will have you $$ back and may even get a credit line increase.
  4. Remember- its ok to be afraid-thats natural- just don't show it. And make sure you follow the procedure set by court so they do not get a default judgement. Thats what they hope for- if you show some fight and savy-they will move on to a easier target, and hopefully settle.
  5. Avice for when you meet with Crap1's attorney: Lawyers are people too- lawyers get nervous too-just because a lawyer says it- it doesn't make it true- remember in trial cases 50% of the lawyers are wrong (one winner / one loser)- you too can win 1. Go to the library check out books on case law- most libraries will have a handbook for your state- You don't have know everything- just get some basic knowledge. 2. Ask the court about procedure for filing for discovery (discovery allows you to see what info Cap 1 has before trial) 3. Fill a old shoebox will junk mail-bills etc.- get a couple green cards(CMRRR) from the post office and stick them on blank envelopes- so that any nosey lawyer thinks you got your act together 4. Show up at court- use your best poker face a tell the lawyer YOU ARE READY TO GO TO TRIAL , unless they want to make you a reasonable offer. 5. Say a Prayer 6. repeat step 5 7. if you decide to make a settlement get them to stop interest.
  6. There is no 'QUICK FIX'- There are many people here who have had great success- and are willing to help There are many people here who have had failure- and have helped other people learn from it. I am most grateful for those who have had success and still show up and answer new questions- (even though they probablly heard the same q numerous times in different posts) Credit repair is a change in habits but should not be an obsession. If you represent yourself in court- you have a fool for a client. Be careful of "wakeing sleeping giants" FDCRA FDRPA-are NOT meant to allow people to avoid there legal onligations or to get rich bringing lawsuits on. You do have a moral obligation to pay legit debts. CC companies prey on those with poor credit and some get trapped in the late fee/ overlimit fees. the best advice I ever read hear was from Amerikaner83: "Credit Repair has two facets: Fixing the old and building the new"
  7. FROM CALIFORNIA SUPERIOR COURT: What if the small claims court has no jurisdiction over the case or me? When the court has no jurisdictional authority over you or the case against you, you can either: Proceed If the lack of jurisdiction does not adversely affect you and you would rather resolve the dispute as soon as possible, then you may just proceed with the trial. Challenge the lack of jurisdiction in writing You can write to the court arguing that the court lacks jurisdiction. If the judicial officer agrees with you, the case against you will be dismissed without prejudice and the plaintiff will have to re-file in the court that has jurisdiction. If the judicial officer disagrees with you, then the trial must be postponed for 15 days and you will be notified of the new date of trial. Challenge venue in person You can show up at the trial and challenge jurisdiction. If the judicial officer agrees, then the case will be dismissed without prejudice and the plaintiff will have to re-file in the court that has jurisdiction. If the judicial officer decides the court has proper jurisdictional authority, then you will be present to proceed with your defense. I would go to court at the scheduled date and challenge the jurisdiction- It will give you bonus time, and let the attorneys know you are in for a fight.
  8. If you had to choose 1 monitoring service who would it be and why? And yes- cost is a factor. Thank You- I am trying to utilize time and $$$
  9. amerikaner- WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THIS? curious- i have the same problem....
  10. JUst a bit of advice, when going for that new car loan- try to get financing ahead of time- Roadloans got me a rate-if you get the loan-when you go to the dealer tell them upfront you have a loan financed- don't tell them who through or the interest rate- negotiate the price of the car without negotiating a loan- when you get the best deal you can- then ask them to find you financing....... after the deal is done- you haVE YOUR PRE-APPROVED LOAN TO FALL BACK ON, if the interest rates suck. I was able to get the dealer to come off with a loan rate 4% lower than my pre-approved loan- then I refinanced few months later and saved another 3% (with a company that denied me initially)- join a credit union- so you can imply to the dealer taht you do banking through them- if if they might not lend to you. If the dealership KNOWS you have bad credit- they will jack you- never negotiate a monthly payment- go online and find an interest calculator so you have a ballpark figure about what your payments will be with different raes and months
  11. As strange as it seems- older bad accounts at some point actually are more benificial to keep on you account- because they report 'age'- how long you've had credit. And also be careful about opening and closing many accounts- try to get a few that you can be really diligent and create a good payment history, then working on increasing the limits- if you get too many cards now you will be killing yourself with annual fees, monthly fees, application fees.... etc. Sometimes a secured card is wiser if you have about $500. to stow away for about a year until you get good enough payment history that they convert it to a regular card- good luck
  12. Is DV - 'Debt Validation' a legal term or can I use 'Validation of Debt' when sending letters out? I would love the chance to tell a judge I gave a collection angency VD and they did nothing, but continued to harass me.
  13. A friend of mine had a cap1 account several years back and ran into financial difficulties- 1. she missed a few payments, they added fees- then overlimit fees on top of that etc. etc. 2. the original credit line was $1000 3. it has balloned do over $3000 4. charged off- still shows balance > 3000 5. SOL is up 6. Received calls from coolection agency over a year ago= sent VD letter(validation debt) -hasn't heard from either collections or Cap1 7. has until 2011 until it will fall off- 8. is oldest account on credit reports What should she do? just let it die a natural death- or fight to have it removed?
  14. I have poor credit and purchased a new vehicle 4 months ago. it was financed through Chase @ 13.45 %- I have direct deposit to a seperate Chase checking account which automatically pays teh bill on time each month. I am having a dispute w/ Chase about a $75 bonus I was suppose to receive when opening the new account via direct deposit. They refuse to pay it to me and have P!ssed me off. I contacted HSBc and was able to get the loan refinanced for 11.5%- Should I do it? How will a refinanace affect my scores? The Chase account will be paid off-and it is brand new. I do like the ease of the direct deposit with Chase..... any thoughts? Thank You- I'm new to this game- and want to increase my scores...
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