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  1. Update: Just got my latest Equifax report fax and the collection account has been dropped. Now I just have a tax lien, old bloomingdales which should come off in Sept 09 and my student loan with has a few major lates on it, but has been current for the past year and 1/2.
  2. 7 +180? I thought it was just 7
  3. Yes, I was late on sending in my defferment request and it took about a two weeks to get it approved as they didn't like the evidence I was providing. The Rehab Program is supposed to be a govt program that allows loans over 180 days late to be rehabed (meaning credit reporting history changed to positive) as part of a plan to get back on track on the loan.
  4. Yes. I disputed with the CRA and Palasades verified it as accurate. I sent them an initial letter to Palasades on 12/28/08 The didn't respond I sent a second letter on 3/23/09. The responded with an AT&T bill (not on letterhead, but some type of printout) in early April. That's when I noticed that the bill had a past due amount of 900 which shows that the date of first deliquency was much earlier. It is obvious to me that they don't have the actual "date of first delinquency" bill on file. I don't think I have records on the account anymore.
  5. From the CA for an AT&T bill from October 2002. The bill is for 152 dollars, but shows over 900 in previous late payments. In other words, the date of first deliquency would be in April 2002, not 9/2002 as they are reporting. Of course they never provided proof they own or have been assigned this debt. Should I send out DV letter or get all legal and file a lawsuit for FCRA violations?
  6. So, I've been trying to get some of these late payments off my CR from Student Loan Company Nelnet. Some were as late as 180. I've challenged right and left. I'm still challenging the info from the CRA, but it doesn't seem to be coming off. My deal is that I've been in deferment of this loan; however, getting qualified for the deferment has been difficult as they kept on rejecting documents. This led to me being late until the deferment was approved and backdated. So I sent a goodwill letter to Nelnet, only to be shot down with a form letter. I know we aren't really supposed to call, but do everything by letters; so how do I get to a person at NelNet who could change the late payment reporting? There is also a program called Rehab which supposedly removes negatives. Does anyone know anything about that program?
  7. I just did round one of the 1st challenge to all 3 CRA. Some things came back verified. I'm in the process of sending 623 letters to each of the tradelines that came back verified. However, some are schedule to come off in Jan 09 and Feb 09 according Experian. Should I just leave those alone?