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  1. I would advise that you only try a credit expert which has had good feedback from others who have used them- so the expert has some sort of a good reputation!
  2. oh I asked simply out of curiosity, becuse i see alot of members have great knowledge here, so i thought they might own websites too, so i could see if there is more to them, than them simply being a 'forum member' lol. thats all
  3. How many of you members on this forum have a Credit related website (credit repair, debt site, mortgage site, credit card site) or a blog related to credit? or do you know any forum members here who have their 'own' credit website, that they run? Does anybody here own a credit related website ?.?...? ...?.?...?
  4. How many credit cards does everybody have? some people have LOADS...... lets see how many the members of the forum have.....
  5. Hey people, i was just reading an article on some credit companies can be scams, so lets all name and shame the credit companies we have used in the past, and why they were bad? List a bad credit company, mortgage company, loan/credit card company (online or offline) which has messed you around... .....
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