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  1. Experian recently wrote back telling me an account (that is over the seven year SOL) is to remain. Is there a sample letter to handle this. I just could not find one here. Thank you.
  2. I have had my fare share of problems with Lingo, but a can't find their registered agent. They are still taking monkey out of my bank account. Any information would be geatly appreciated.
  3. A couple of years ago me and two partners (my parents) took out a line of credit under our dba with Bank of America. Two years ago my father passed away and as executor of estate, while negociating the $20K owed I offered $10K, to pay off my moms part of the loan, but they wanted $14K because they informed me that the loan was in the 3 of our names (which to me was a lie). But lo and behold they sent me proof and sure enough I had signed for the loan 10 years earlier. We paid the $14K and put it behind us. My problem is that the loan does not show up on my credit report and they tell me that they are not going to report this on my credit because it is a dba loan. I know for a fact that if I did not pay this loan it would show up on my credit report. I have cleaned up my credit in the past succesfully in the past and have helped other to do the same but, how do go about putting something positive on my credit report. I cannot find sample letters or much anything about this topic.
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