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  1. Well I have looked under the placer county court and found nothing of this litigation. I also tried looking into the Sacramento county courts and nothing again. I dont see why it would be any further away from where I am.
  2. Do I look for the case under the county court or state court?
  3. OOHH just thought of something I forgot to ask.. The person at Oakwood stated that it is already in litigation process. What does that mean?
  4. All I have for the callers name is Eric Jones- very generic and that the number registered as a very local number to where I live. I know that any of the basic phone calls that state "an important matter has come across my desk and to prevent getting served....." are scams but this one actually freaked me out. So if I am understanding the 3 replies civil lawsuits are for seeking money, only a DA can serve me for fraud but not breach of contract. Only the OC/Assignee can serve me for breach. I called the person at Oakwood a JDB and he got offended by it and he admitted that he bought the debt from the loan place. So basically ride this out and see if anything comes of it. Being in California, the SOL is 4 years and according to the person on the phone this took place in Sept 2008. Being that I just took out a new car loan and that is the first legal document that I have used my cell phone number on and my new address (since July 2012) could that be where my information came from?
  5. I received a phone call on my way home from a local phone number so I did not think twice about answering it. The guy told me his name asked mine and then told that he was planning on serving me paperwork tomorrow- saturday mind you for charges being brought up on me. I asked him from who the charges were for and all he could say was from a place called OAKWOOD. He called me back on the cell and left the contact number for OAKWOOD and the claim number. I called oakwood and the guy told me that I am being charged with fraud and breach of contract from loan or payday loan place called northstar or northwood- I dont remember at this time. He said it was from Sept of 2008. He said that I am not being sued for money owed but for the breach of contract but that I could pay them the money owed and settle it. To me that sounds bad but I cannot tell on this. The bank account tha he is refernceing I have not been with for several years because fraudulent activity was being made in my accounts and I asked for help from the bank and they told me that because it is not in paper form (withdrawls) they could not help me, so I moved on to a new bank. I do not know anything of this loan place. No letters have ever been sent my way from Northstar/Northwood. They claim that they sent me the info but since I have moved no mail has been forwarded either. How do I handle this? I dont know the loan company, had to shut down my account because of fraudulent activity, and now I am supposedly being sued. How did they get my cell phone number that I have had for only 1 year? Do I take this serious? What could happen if I am sued for fraud? If I am being sued for fraud and breach of contract how can they ask me for money?
  6. I at one time on my CR's had two tradelines reporting the same account number. One was a HSBC credit card and the other was Portfolio Recovery CA. Both had the same account number but different dates. Portfolio was also reporting the account under a factoring company. I tried to dispute with the CR that they were reporting on the same account number and the they were reporting it as a factoring company which I read is a way to make the account look new even if it is not. After the CA Portfolio as verified I decided to take a chance and report them to BBB. I received a letter from Portfolio stating that would delete their tradeline and they did. Well now I have given it sometime to try and dispute the HSBC card. I tried it the CR, OC and now with the BBB trying to have the same result as Portfolio- which I have had with other tradelines. Well, HSBC would not comment on BBB other than they have sent me a letter to the house. The letter has now arrived and they are going to try and request for Portfolio to repurchase the acccount from them. They have already charged off the amount. Can they do this? Being that I have a letter from Portfolio to remove it from my CR's, can they then take the account back over again and put it on my CR as a new tradeline?
  7. Thanx for the input on the letter and I don't want to tip them off that I am more informed then they think!! Good strategy. Thanx everyone for the info. A newbie has to start somewhere
  8. Will this work for a lettter to the CA Dear Collection Agency, I have received your letter in intent to collect a debt for City of Roseville Utilities. I am in no way claiming or denying that said debt belongs to me but it will not be paid either way. Any accounts or balances I might have had with City of Roseville Utilities are well outside the SOL to collect.
  9. Yes, it aged it's 7 years with the CR's and fell off. Now out of the blue I have a new CA of California Service Bureau trying to collect the old debt. So basically since I am still within the 30 days of them sending me the letter, reply with a dispute and also tell them that it is beyond SOL and to not contact me again for this matter? What if they proceed to report it to the CR's? That is a violation correct?
  10. I just received an intent to collect letter for a debt that already fell off of my CR from a different CA. Is this legal to send it to another CA as soon as it falls off the CR with the first CA? Is this the way to reage a debt and is the solution to start with the DV letter? Sorry if this has been asked by the search field has not been my friend today in locating these answers.
  11. First I would like to apologize if this question has been asked but I have been looking for over an hour for the answer, So here it is.... I have been noticing on my CR that some of the CA's have an "Account History" section at the bottom of their report but not all the dates are subsequent to one another. I have posted an example here of one on my CA accounts. ARROW FINANCIAL SERVICE Address: 5996 W TOUHY AVE NILES, IL 60714 (800) 279-0224 Account Number: XXXXXXXXX Original Creditor: PREMIER BANKCARD INC . Address Identification Number: XXXXXXXX Status: Collection account. $698 past due as of Aug 2009. Status Details: This account is scheduled to continue on record until May 2012. This item was verified and updated on May 2008. Date Opened: 01/2008 Date of Status: 05/2008 Reported Since: 04/2008 Last Reported Date: 08/2009 Type: Collection Terms: 1 Months Monthly Payment: $0 Responsibility: Individual Credit Limit: $426 High Balance: N/A Recent Balance: $698 Recent Payment: $0 Account History: Collection as of Aug 2009, Feb 2009, Jan 2009, Aug 2008, May 2008, Apr 2008 I tried to dispute and it came back verified but then I see all the above dates that have gaps in them. I have made no contact with the CA, even from the get go (i didnt know about this site then). Being that there is gaps this should be an easy dispute correct? Any one have suggestions as to what I should do with type of thing?
  12. I know that I am responding to an older post, but does anyone have a link to the letter with the legal lingo for the 15 days thing? I am not finding it.
  13. So if they do not completely validate with all items requested but only some, should I send another letter to the CA or the info to the CRA?
  14. Ok, so the lingo in here is really confusing me. I live in california and understand that the SOL is 4 years, but what does that really mean for CA's. If it has been past the 4 years is it worth sending a DV letter to them? Can it still be on my CR? Also, I sent out some DV letters with the green card attached. So far I have only received 2 back with signatures and one with the letter saying it was a bad adddress for the CA. I verified as that is what is on my CR. I have also received a response from another CA but no returned green card and the info that was sent to me does not show where I owe them the debt. So do I send the same letter again or a different one? Sorry to ask so many different questions in one posting but I am leaning towards lost:confused: Anyone that help answer these questions it would be greatly appreciated.
  15. I have heard from a fellow co-worker that there is a way to get repo's off of your CR by sending a letter to the OC and/or repo company with something along the line of " I am now able to take back on the responsibility of the car loan and would like to have my car back" He said that because they cannot return the car then they have to remove it from the CR and that he has tried and used the same method successfully. Anyone else here of that? I live in California if that makes a difference.
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