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  1. Quick question that is hypothetical: If a mortgage holder does not pay his mortgage for a calander year (and presumable goes into foreclosure), can he/she still claim the interest deduction on their taxes?
  2. This morning I woke up with a credit alert from Experian. Even though I applied for the Cabelas card just a few days ago and have not even received it yet, they reported a $7000 credit line to Experiam (I assume EQ and TU as well) with a zero balance and current for October. I went and pulled a FICO and my score went up 58 points!! I had a 592 with Experian and now it is 650.
  3. I am just now starting to get into some good credit lines. I switched in April to local credit union here in Flordia. I have been working with my account rep to improve my credit and got a "credit improvement loan" (neat product) and a secured card. I got a car loan from them when my FICO hit 630 in July. When I saw my FICO hit 685 last week I went in and spoke to my rep. She called the credit department with me in her office and after some easy back and forth, the credit department approved me to an unsecured card with a $3000 CL. Anyone who lives in Jacksonville Florida and wants to work wi
  4. Got rejected. I burned Amex back in the early 90's and I guess I am blacklisted.
  5. I applied earlier this week and just confirmed with CS that I received a $7000 limit. I had a 495 fico as of April of this year and when I applied it was 685. I am in a state of shock!
  6. Thanks! I just checked this morning and you were right. They pulled EX.
  7. my EQ (685) is much higher than my TU and EX. Does anyone know of a card issuer that will 100% for sure pull EQ and approve me with a 685? I have been scouring through and can't come up with anything.Thanks!!
  8. Do you know who they pull when applying? I am getting mixed answers from
  9. Would someone point me the right direction of a good unsecured credit card that only pulls from EQ in Florida? Please exclude: Cap One Premier HSBC Amex My EQ is 627. Thanks!
  10. Does anyone know how many points are deducted by each inquiry?
  11. How do I file the lawsuit? Do I sue AFNI or equifax? What grounds and for how much? Thanks!
  12. Question: I have two collection items on my credit report for the same debt from the same CA (AFNI). It even lists the same account number. Equifax refuses to remove either one. What legal recourse do I have?
  13. Quick question for the board. AFNI has entered two items on my credit report for the same debt. Same account numbers and same amounts. What should I do? Thanks!
  14. Even though I just started learning about credit repair, I experienced my first success (today in fact) by having a collection account removed. The collection account was for professional services. I simply found the association that the OC belonged to and lodged a very strongly worded complaint to the association in which I inferred (correctly so) that this guy had fabricated invoices and continued to bill me after I severed the relationship. This guy had zero complaints in his history and I guess wanted to keep it that way. Within three days of my online complaint the entry was history off o
  15. Thanks Fizzle. Do unsecured and secured cards get reported differently? Also, do you have any suggestions for unsecure other than Premier and HSBC? Thanks!