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  1. Leslie, that was my problem as well - the TC and CK pulls were not helping my already split file. It took a complaint to the Pennsylvania AG to get it corrected.
  2. When your daughter went to the doctor, she should've signed a form which stated that SHE was responsible for the bills, not you. That would be your trump card if you can get her to get it from the doctor. I know when I was still under my parents insurance I forgot a copay and they came after me. NCO is just drudging up crap to get their $$
  3. Just FYI - they go before Grand Jury's to determine if there is enough for an indictment.
  4. I guess we'll find out when my student loan starts reporting in the next few months!
  5. Completely agree with isis. WHen I graduated in 1999 i had more credit cards than you could imagine. I filed BK in 9/01. I had no clue how to manage money. I'm still not great, but I'm better than I was then!
  6. That is not my name. That is the person from the Attorney General's office. I just cut off the top part of the letter so I could fit 2 pages onto 1. She is from the Office of Attorney General, Bureau of Consumer Protection in Philadelphia.
  7. I wonder if I get a few more deletions, and then new TL's show up, will they still go to a secondary file?
  8. Then I've got them (well, Premium Asset, which is one of their subsidirieries, and they're giving the Warren address as theirs) dead to rights, because they're not the JDB - they're reporting mine as a collection account and have the OC listed....Hrmz.
  9. I'm just curious - does anyone here have more than 36 TL's on their TU report?
  10. You need to make sure there's not a loophole in the laws, such as what Michigan has, to allow them to collect. Out of state collectors can collect here without a license, so as long as they don't have clients here. Otherwise complain to the AG.
  11. Well, it seems my split file is resolved....for now....Their excuse is BS IMHO, because my file only has 36 items on it..how is that too many for a split? And if there's a problem with the soft inq's, then do some choppage... Here's the letter I got from TU, along with a copy on pretty shiny paper of my new merged file. It's what they sent to the PA AG... Whatcha think? I was thinking of calling the lady and asking what the maximum # of tradelines their system will hold is
  12. I know it's old, but a junkyard should be able to get a salvage title on it, wheter there is $$ owed or not.
  13. So these d-bags popped up on my credit reports in June. I have not received the dunning from them yet, but I fired off a DV to them, and once I got the greencard back, mailed in my disputes to the CRA's. Just got word that EQ verified...yet I have not received ANYTHING from Premium Asset (who is a branch of A$$HAT). So, do I fire off a 2nd DV, wait for the other 2 CRA's to come back? ( which I think it's been almost 30 days and I've heard nothing). It's a debt that I got off my reports from another CA/JDB in May..they sold it to these idiots. Oh, did I mention they tanked my EQ FICO score by 60 points?
  14. Congrats again! Midland is my next one to tackle after I'm done with this Arrow debacle. And I'm goign to have to go after A$$hat too since they popped up with a debt.
  15. Well, the dumba$$es updated it to a PAID collection this weekend. After they sent my letter they would update their records to show paid. I already sent a letter off to them last week stating that THEY were not paid, the OC was...I have never received any contact from them and the OC were the one's that cashed my check. Already have a letter out to the OC... I'm going to drive them insane until they delete the stupid thing!!!
  16. Still haven't heard back on the 623 letter, but I did get a response from the IL AG today... Basicaly says they have a lawsuit against Arrow and that my complaint has been handed over to the lawyer that handles the lawsuit
  17. With anything, YMMV. This includes Why Chat's process. I've had success with it... I've had a few paid collections removed and I'm fighting one right now where the CA wasn't paid, and wasn't collecting before I paid the OC...They literally have no reason to report the accuont (it updated to paid last night).
  18. Most of my reports are collection accounts - 97% are medical that I'm trying to sort out. I have 1 positive TL - my CJ account and will have a Kohl's account starting Oct 1st and am getting a BoA secured card. And I had a OMG moment - I pulled my TC and low and behold it's pulling ALL my TU accounts!!! :shock: I'm wondering if my AG and BBB complaints had something to do with this, or if it's a fluke....Either way, I hope it sticks. I know that TC had a fluke and pulled both files about a month and a half ago. *crosses fingers*
  19. If you're filing citing FCRA violations, then they have every right to bump it up to Federal court. But good luck!
  20. Most of us know where Why Chat posts at as I'm sure most of us have visited that site (I post there regularly under another username). I have had success with Why Chat's method... I've also paid a CA on a medical bill and got a deletion after the fact citign HIPAA. But YMMV with anything.
  21. I agree on the keeping records, and I have everything from 2004 forward. Unfortunately I left an abusive situation in a BIG hurry and a lot of things were left or got destroyed. Not that it's any excuse, but I've learned from that mistake and it's been helpful in more recent situations
  22. Fair enough. I think I'll start with the hospital next week and see if they'll send me anything. It's frustrating. I mean, I guess I can wait another 2 years til everything falls off. And no, it's not AFNI. I got them off pretty easily.
  23. I don't have proof..I admit that, however I've contacted the hospital and they don't have anything showing I owe these debts. That's what I'm trying to sort out. If they're truly mine, I will pay them, but I want to see it in writing what I owe and the documentation of it. If the hospital can't provide it to me, then how can the CA?
  24. My basis is I don't know what half of these accounts are. Some should have been paid by insurance, but they're from 2002-2004 and I don't have my insurance records from back then. I've asked for validation on these and they've never provided it to me. They're all medical accounts, except one is a utilities that I know was paid, and the other is a returned check that was from an old account that I had stolen (but of course, I don't have the affidavit anymore and there are no US Bank's by me). I don't know what (if anything) I should send them. They have my name, address, social security number, etc since they are reporting on my Experian report.
  25. Greeeat, so what exactly do I write back to them? I got this letter from one of the CA's reporting a gazillion accounts to Experian I realize this is a stall tactic on their behalf. They have my address. So, what do I send them back? A letter that says no where in the FCRA does it require me to send you any proof of my dispute. I can't get words together for a letter.
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