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  1. Congrats! You may have a cause of action under FCRA if you've disputed anything they may have reported and verified on your credit report assuming there was a dispute sent on this matter and verified. If you had then your got a shoot. Be Blessed! S.A.
  2. Also you should check all your credit reports from all three major CRAs to see if the debt is listed and if the new debt collector made an inquiry or reported it as the new owner or something to that effect if they did that can be a FCRA violation but you must first dispute it with the CRA and if its verified you can start a legal paper trail of your efforts and use it as leverage to back off or fill suit in small claims. Be Blessed! S.A.
  3. Discovery is closed waiting now on the judge's dicision to grant or deny their sj motion. I believe it will be denied and therefore I'm preparing now for trial. Bank C has provided fraudulent billing statements starting in 2001 to 2004. i never recieved these statements and the very first statement as a balance that is exactly to the penny when the account was closed two years prior. The only way I think that an account can remain at the same balance is if it was permanently closed and interest is no longer being accrude. Bank A claims the account being closed does not mean closed but that available credit is at $0. However, the credit report shows a credit limit of $2,000 with a balance when closed at $1,550.00 so that can't possibly be the correct reason but that the alledged account is actually closed hinse the same balance two years later. S.A.
  4. Thanks for your reply I'll make that a part of my research, either way every account no matter what the status may be accuring interest just by sitting there except if it was closed. S.A.
  5. Can anyone tell me what was the APR rate for CC during 1998, 1999 and 2000? I'm the plaintiff in litigation in an identity theft case. With God's help I found some old credit reports dating back to 1994 and they shows a legit acct. open in 1994 but some show an unrelated bank "A" acct that showed up on a 1998 report that has a different acct. # but with the same open date and on a 1999 report there's another bank "B" with same account number as bank A lastly on a 2000 report another bank "C" is now reporting the same information only this time the account is "Closed." There has been a increase of the balance by only $25.00 from bank A to B and only $50.00 from B to C. It is my understanding that credit accounts are not stagnant that interest is still accurding just by sitting there so how can these different banks that obvious mergered at some point within a year from each other have such a low increase in their balances. The credit report status is R1 which mean paid as agreed, however no payment was ever made by me to any of them. During discovery bank C does not attempt to connect the legitimate account but waits until its rebuttal of my opposition to attempt to make that connection when I'm unable to respond. The bank is trying to use the strategy after the close of discovery to use the same open date of the legitimate account to connect it with the same open date of the ill-legitimate on by inference to the date and not materially to the account number which is totally different and never during discovery did it attempt to show that connection. It is my stradegy to block that attempt by showing public records of bank A's merger history that does not reveal any connection between the legit bank and bank A as well as public records of the bank A's merger history that also shows no connection. As a plaintiff it is on me to prove ID Theft which why i asked for the APR during that time period to closely estimate what the finance charges would be if these were indeed legitimate account. Please share your thoughts and be blessed! S.A.
  6. i don't know what your problem is but I am the plaintiff and I did submit a police report as evidence as well as to the defendants. I was very tempted not to respond to you as this forum is more to lift each other up instead trying to tear at each other unless you are on the side of the enemy. Be Blessed! S.A.
  7. Unfornately there was. I was contact through a debt collector and I assumed that it was for a defaulted account I had with a DIY store and that it was the underwriter for the account, I never paid any attention when signing the application to who the bank was. I check my credit report to see how it was being reported back then and it was no where to be found so I assumed this bank was it, but the payment average out to be 2 per year, nothing regular. The bank "A" sold the alledged account to a debt collector who sued me in small claims, still thinking this to be the DIY account I signed a stipulation to pay so much a month. I started my credit repair research on this very site and realized that I didn't see in any court papers my signature on anything, no contract, agreement or credit application, I made an inquiry to the collector's counsel after making many payments and was not satisfied with the response I re-open the case and got all my money back, they then ask it to be set for trial with their evidence and witness list and I ask the court to strick them afterward the collector voluntarily dismissed the case, now I'm the Plaintiff against the collector, bank "A" and 2 CRAs waiting on the judge to response to 1) my motion in Limine 2) all their sj requests[opposed by me of course]. I've outline this in my post titled Phase 1 and Phase 2. Be Blessed! S.A.
  8. I did file a police report but the crime happen a while back the trail grow too cold! S.A.
  9. This has never been my account, there has never been any charges made on it. An imposter used my ID to open this account but it happen in 03. I never applied for this account, I never recieved any account statements period. Be Blessed! S.A.
  10. Let me be a bit more clearer. This account is a product of ID Theft bank "A" is the predessesor to to bank "2" who's a predessesor to bank "1" I never open or had an account with bank 1. These banks carried this fraudulent account and listed it on my credit report. Bank 1 has no credit history with a R1 status = paid as agreed less than a year later bank 2 shows the same info with a slight decrease in the balance and then when bank A gets it, it request that it be closed. Fast foward to the present bank A sold the account with a new number and credit history to a debt collector who sued me a few years back and voluntarily dismissed the case when when I demand documentation that I was the accountholder at the same time i was disputing with all 3 CRAs that this was a fraudulent account which was verified by bank A, after some frustration I contacted the AG of my State who transferred my complaint to the OCC who then contacted me of its investigation of bank A who then sent me a letter including account statements covering 3 years with different addresses including a PO Box I once had which they claim they sent to me of which I never recieved any of them. None of those statements has any credit charges on them, they had the same number the bank A requested to be closed but here's what pricked my spirit the very first statement has the same balance as the balance when bank A closed the account to the penney. One thing I do know is even if they closed the account and its alledgedly a still owing account if nothing else interest will still be accruding so an account laying dormant for three years is going to be more after those years has past than it was before. In discovery bank A claims the account is not closed but that the available credit is at $0, but that very credit report show that the account is reported as having a $2,000.00 limit with a balance of $1,200.00 so how is the credit at $0. and I've had many different accounts that were maxed-out or over the credit limit and none reported them closed because of $0 available credit and that status would change once I make a payment to bring it under the credit limit. No this account was closed and should have been deleted but the banks bottom line is money so they shelf it a few years then took it off the shelf before the purge date and made it marketable for sale with no warranty as is. Be Blessed! S.A.
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