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  1. actually, it just has a /- not and/or (typed op from memory), so my concern is that if they file suit (even though it is sol, this sleazy CA frequently DOES file suits + NOT tell you) or put a bad TL on my reports, they will say ‘yes, we enclosed docs on ___’ when clearly they did not. Also, they did NOT id the OC beyond providing a name/alleged $ amount (shouldn’t they have provided OC acc # and/or contact info?) I am thinking of writing back w/a SOL (for lawsuits) letter + also stating “There were NO docs/other form of validation in your response. This does not constitute proper validation
  2. Background- law firm (brachfeld) pulls TWO hard inqs on me in < 30 days but NEVER puts anything (other than the inqs) on my CRAs + NEVER sends me anything in writing. They have also called my family (who has nothing to do w/the debt). As soon as I notice the inqs (+ within 30 days of their placement on my CRAs), I send them a non pp/dv letter. nearly 2 wks passes + brachfeld sends me an unsigned form letter which lists the alleged OC and the alleged debt amount + brachfeld’s acct # (but not the OCs acct #). The form letter basically says something to the effect of ‘we have requested validat
  3. they could be trying to collect on a lot of old cc chargeoffs as i was young + dumb + burned pretty much everyone (ba, citi, amex, cap 1, hsbc, discover) in the late 90s. however, i paid the 7.5 yrs of credit damage for those chargeoffs and all but the hsbc (x2) are off my reports (that drops in late 09/early 10) and all are SOL for lawsuits. i suspect they're trying to collect on the hsbc b/c asset acceptance used to have a tradeline on my report for the hsbc debt + so does another sleazy ca (2 hsbc chargeoffs total). however, asset acceptance was DELETED from my reports (except ex b/c ex s
  4. some people call @ 9-12 mos. + get it unsecured, but lately it seems like BA is pulling hard inquiries on people + i was told by BA that if you have ANY baddies in the past 12 mos. (i have a sleazy CA who keeps updating ugh), you will NOT get the cc unsecured. however, other people have said that if they call ba 2-4x, they CAN get it unsecured even w/'new' baddies. guess it just depends on what rep you get. i hit 12 mos. later this mo. + am just sitting tight hoping it unsecures on its own w/o a hard inq.
  5. thanks. i'd already read that link (along w/some other) + these people sound like sleazeballs who violate up the wazoo. they've already called my family (who NEVER cosigned for any debts), but apparently they just said something ike 'do you have a # for +++?' or 'is this +++?' my family said 'wrong #' + hung up. so far, nothing in writing + no calls from brachfeld. apparently they sue up the wazoo (350+ suits in my county alone since '05) even on debts that are out of sol for suits (all mine are), never tell you about the suit (so i'm watching the court sites religiously) so they get defa
  6. Thanks- that’s pretty much what I said in my letter. Already got the green (certified mail/return receipt) card back. all baddies i have are sol for lawsuit purposes + all but 2 (old hsbc chargeoff that asset was hounding me for- but asset got deleted) are off my reports. from what i've read, brachfeld dings people w/inqs, sometimes sues (even though they're legally out of sol) W/O notifying people, + rarely responds to the dunning letter. what can i do if they don't answer me/never send me anything in writing? next step- complain to ag/bbb. i've worked too hard to rebuild my credit to let
  7. i never noticed any soft pulls, but about a mo. ago, i saw that a soft pull was done. supposedly after the first cli, they give more clis every 3-9 mos., so i'm hoping this grows into 1 of my higher cls.
  8. recently, I noticed that brachfeld + associates has pulled TWO hards on my 2 TU in the span of < 30 days. i've had NO contact in any form w/them whatsoever + NO tls have been put on my report. brachfeld is also contacting my family (but from what i understand, they asked for me by name + my family said 'wrong #' + hung up. outside of a non pp/dv letter, what can i do to stop brachfeld from tanking my ficos/pulling hards up the wazoo?
  9. thanks; i'm excited. btw, looks like you started rebuilding around the time i did (though you've got some mos. on me). how long did it take to get decent cls (like your ba/macys)? i've got ba 99/500 hitting the 1 yr mark, so hoping it unsecures + leads to better cls. goal is to have all ccs w/1k+ cls (outside of target + my whopping 200 store card w/them lol) by the end of 09. good luck on knocking down your debt to 0- i just finished doing that (i usually PIF, but expenses rose unexpectedly the past 1-2 mos) + that feels great
  10. Been rebuilding since 1/07. Got hooters cc in 8/08 to replace my pathetic first premier (lol 250 cl does NOT go far). Started w/500 hooters cl. Today, I logged in and saw they gave me an auto cli of $200 bringing me to 700. Not a ton + not expected, but in this credit environment, any little bit helps. woopee, maybe my hooters will hit 1k someday.
  11. I would do as the others suggested: buy a low priced use car now- assuming you can find 1 w/fairly low mileage, good mpg, + in good condition (harder than you think, at least in my experience)- or if you can wait, consider what I’ve done. Sometimes, what may seem like a REALLY great deal is really a $ pit w/undisclosed problems that may cost you more in the long run. Sometimes, buying in a RUSH means you may overlook things + may end up buying a 100k+ mile car that really should’ve RIP’ed long ago. While a $2-3k car may solve your problem RIGHT NOW, it may also cause you more problems (+ $$
  12. i comboed mine this summer. 2 300 ccs became 1 600 cl cc. the closed says 'closed by consumer' w/a ZERO balance. NO hard pull. after threatening to close the cc a wk or so ago (2 yr anniv's coming up), orchard gave me a whopping (+ my FIRST ever) cli of 200. now it's 800. whoopee, 200 cli after 2 yrs. orchard sux, but they waived the af by 1/2 + it's my oldest cc, so i decided to keep it open for another year. here's what i've learned- you CANNOT combine a rewards cc (ex., best buy rewards mc) w/a NON rewards cc you are NOT guaranteed to get your FULL cl it must be the SAME type of cc- e
  13. Thanks- your story gives me hope. I haven’t seen dealers here (So Cal) offering tvs, but the American dealers (esp ford) seem to be offering HUGE cash off incentives. All the horror stories on various credit boards about auto loan denials has scared me off a bit. I’ve also heard dealers hate self-employed people (for financing), so I don’t want to have to go through a FBI like exam just to get a loan. No reason why I want to buy a honda from a toyota dealership, but I noticed that toyota dealerships around here are cheaper on used Hondas than Honda dealers are + also, Toyota dealers oddly s
  14. My last baddie was in '03 + in early 07, I started to rebuild. First premier (now fired- SHREDDING that cc was F-U-N) was my ONLY option @ the time. In 3/07 (I thought it was 1/07- time flies when you're old), Orchard gave me a cc- 300 cl, atrocious AF. Eventually they gave me a 2nd cc- 300 cl, same atrocious AF. After endless calls to every orchard # re a cli, I got nada- despite using the ccs A LOT. I comboed the orchards into 1 for a whopping (ok, puny) 600 cl a few mos. ago. Again, no CLI- not even the $20 they gave everyone and their mama. W/my AF coming up in 3/09 (I thought it was
  15. ficos are in the mid-high 600s (640ish last time I checked, but that was in june, so they've probably risen more). utilization is very low (1-9%, usually 5% or less). last baddie= '03, but it's a BIG 1 (unpaid tax lien). only issue is I am self-employed. I have some contract (w2) work I do ea. mo. so I can show about 2-4k/mo. on paystubs (depends on the mo.). cosigner= not an option don't want to show tax returns; would consider showing bank statements (cap 1 offer said I can do that), but don't really want to can put down several $K in cash + trade ('97 honda accord) prefer to have EQ or T