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  1. Then I'd try contacting the county clerk, the county department of human services, and the county treasurers department. SOMEWHERE in the county government, this guy has a boss. Keep pushing until you find someone who will connect you with his boss. What's it going to cost you but some time? NOT doing it is going to cost you how many more years of bad credit? I just wouldn't be willing to give up on this yet. Someone is in a position to exert pressure on this guy and force him to consider your evidence. You've just got to find that person. Heck, I'd drive to the county building and start talking to every employee I could find. While the debt is only $60, what it's costing you in bad credit, higher interest rates and all the rest is a whole lot more.
  2. Send a certified letter to the County Director/Manager, the Director of the water department, and any other "VIP" in your county you can find an address for, marked "Personal and Confidential." Outline what happened, include a copy of your proof of residency, maybe a signed letter from the landlord showing you'd left, and tell him you have a recording of the previous clerk stating the disconnect request was in your file. It's worth a shot. I wouldn't lay down and take it just because some jerk on a power trip said no. Even though it's with a CA, they might be able to pull it back or help somehow. Especially if you're still a resident of the county.
  3. Laugh at me if you want, but this has me seriously confused. I understand what bumping "is" (pulling your CR daily to get inquiries off your CR) but I don't understand how it works. Do you understand what I mean? I was always under the impression that requests "I" make for my CR don't show to creditors, so I can't figure out how pulling my CR is going to cause real inquiries from real creditors to fall off my credit report. Also, I've seen people use *b or *b* or b* around here, but it doesn't seem like they're necessarily referring to bumping. And have seen "b.u.m.p.i.n.g" used, and I guess I don't get why someone doesn't just write "bumping." The word is used so often here that if I do a search on the term, I end up with 20 pages of results of people talking about bumping their own CR, not actually describing why doing this is important or how it actually makes other inquiries disappear. I mean, is this a situation where only the last 10 pulls or something shows to a prospective creditor? Last but not least, I think the most inquiries we have on any of our CRs is 4 or 5, at least two of which are for a mortgage done on the same day. That seems like a pretty low number of inquiries compared to many people who are talking about having 20-30 inquiries they're getting rid of. So do I even need to concern myself with this? Thanks!
  4. The Pennsylvania Attorney General has an elder abuse unit I'd contact immediately. And there's the Pennsylvania Department of Aging you can contact as well. Denying her medical care is criminal and should be treated as such. I'm sorry, but your uncle sucks and should be imprisoned. Like Leslie said, document everything. Also ask the aides if they'd write a notarized letter outlining their observations and dealings with your uncle. The sooner you act on this, the better for your grandmother - god forbid he manages to strong-arm someone into discharging her.
  5. I'm LOVING the scrapbook idea! That's fabulous!!
  6. I envy you. I found my bio family two years ago. My bio mom had died, and no one knew who my bio dad is. I've been slowly building a relationship with my siblings and the rest of the family ever since. I'm glad your search went so well! Since after your first "meet," he had engraved "together at last," maybe you could use a phrase like "together forever more" or "family forever more." His engraving was a nod to the past, yours could be a nod towards the present and future. As to what it could be engraved upon, I did a google search on "very sentimental father's day gifts" without quotes. Got a few interesting hits including this one: http://www.findgift.com/Holidays/Fathers-Day/Sentimental/ Since he's having back surgery, is he probably going to be using a cane afterwards? Maybe an engraved cane? That might sound morbid, but if he's got to use a cane from now on, you could find a beautiful wood and brass or wood and sterling cane and have the handle engraved or an embossed engraving in the wood maybe. You're both very fortunate to have each other, and it's clear how much you appreciate each other. I've no doubt that WHATEVER you come up with, he's going to feel it's perfect.
  7. Well, we can always hope there'll be a little "accident" at the Arsenal that levels A$$hat's building but leaves all employees and structures of the Arsenal unharmed.
  8. Thanks for the great suggestions - still trying to cut it down. LOL
  9. A huge huge thanks to Leslie for helping me to refine the letter. With a bit more tweaking on my part, I think it will be pared down to a more reasonable length. Even with all the fantastic edits done by Leslie, I'm still looking at a three page word document. I just want to make sure I cover everything fully, especially since the "goodwill" aspect of this request is wrapped up in the actions of the hospital's billing department, the collection agency and the attorney. If those actions aren't outlined fully, there's no reason for the hospital's president to intervene. Here's what it has been pared down to so far.
  10. I can't find information about a CEO for my hospital. I did find the President of the hospital, is that probably the same thing? I wrote a letter just to try and get it all out on paper. Problem is, it's like three pages long. I don't really have a "sob story" to tell, and I won't make up a lie just to get a delete, so I told the truth. But telling the truth took a lot of words because there's two issues relating to the collections of these medical bills that I believe this guy might feel sympathy towards us for. If anyone is willing to review this letter, I'd appreciate it. If you have suggestions for trimming it down, that would be good too. I'm sure there's a lot of superfluous information in this, but I'm not sure what's important to say and what's not. Thanks!
  11. Anytime someone wants to head over to my house and take over doing this crap, the door is OPEN!!!! God, even with all the great information and direction I get by asking my stupid questions, not to mention all the resources right at my fingertips thanks to years of you all posting your own situations and experiences, wading through this mess I made is seriously ONE OF THE HARDEST THINGS I have ever done. Sure, I was hoping there was a quick fix. And even now, I'm always looking for the most efficient (read: easiest) route to accomplish what I want to accomplish, but I've been studying here and asking questions here for over a month and I am just NOW starting to really work on my disputes, sympathy delete letters and the like. I have the advantage of having the funds at my disposal to pay off each debt, which takes some of the fear of "waking a sleeping giant" away, but it is still hard has heck, humbling, exhausting and frustrating. It sucks, but it's a necessary process and a heck of a learning experience. Some are going to stick with it and be better for it, others will give up in frustration. We've each got to decide for ourselves which path we're going to take, just as we were the ones who decided to walk the path that got us into this mess to begin with. There is no Hogwarts-approved spell for fixing your credit. You can try picking up your pen, waving it around in the air and saying "Creditrix Reparo," but I suspect you'll have more luck patiently using the magical Search feature at the top of each page. One quickly learns that thinking there's a quick fix to be found is just "Riddikulus."
  12. I think addressing it to the hospital's CEO would possibly work, especially since this is a rural hospital. Though affiliated with a network of hospitals, they are ALL small/rural hospitals, so the "service" tends to be more personal generally speaking. To clarify, do you mean I should send the payments, along with a letter to the CEO? Or just send a letter to them, and payment later? Also, regardless of if I'm sending payment WITH the sympathy letter to the CEO, or sending payment after the letter, since there are like 5 different bills, do I send one check for all 5 bills, with the 5 payment coupons - or send 5 checks with the 5 payment coupons all in one envelope - or send 5 checks with the 5 payment coupons in 5 separate envelopes? I'd rather be upfront with this, so I like the idea of contacting the CEO. The impression I got from the women I spoke with in their billing department was that they just don't have the authority to pull it back from the collection agency. It wasn't like a "screw you, you were late, now you suffer" thing, it was more like "sorry, but the only response I'm allowed to give is to tell you to deal with the collection agency."
  13. I have some medical collections I'm trying to pay, all less than two years since date of service rendered. They're pretty much all with the same provider and collection agency. I also had more current medical bills due which I paid recently. Here is a thread describing what transpired with that. When I set up the payment mentioned above, I asked about paying on the accounts which had gone to collections. The collection agency is definitely collecting on behalf of the OC. Checks sent to them are to be made out to the OC. I was told verbally to deal with the collection agency. I didn't push at that time to get the OC to agree to accept payment and pull it back from the CA. The woman I spoke with was able to give me detailed information about each account being handled by the collection agency, so the debts/accounts are still in the OC's computer. As it happens, I still have the bills/statements sent to me by the OC. I've heard others mention that when they've been able to pay the OC, they then go and dispute the tradelines created by the collection agency, and since the bill is in fact paid - but paid to the OC, not settled with the CA, it ends with a deletion since there is no longer a debt being handled by the CA. The plan of action I'm considering is to take those bills and tear off the payment coupon and mail it in to the OC with my payment. If they cash the checks, I would then wait a few weeks and then dispute with the CRAs. Has anyone else tried this tactic and had success? Has anyone else tried this tactic and run into problems? Is there anything I need to know, or anything I'm missing before I move forward with this plan? Any insight is appreciated, good or bad. Thanks!
  14. I did the free credit reports back in January. I'd like to get new copies with the most current information and go from there, particularly since I believe one instance of re-aging may have happened since January. I did save a copy of the reports from January. I also don't want to dispute using the annual report since that gives the CRAs 45 days to investigate. If I purchase the report and use that reference number, they have to respond in 30 days. I don't mind spending the money, I just want to make sure I'm getting 100% complete reports with all the information together, and TrueCredit isn't giving me that. The FICO score is not that important to me at this time. Our scores are dismal and won't be changing drastically in the near future. I won't be particularly concerned with accurate scores until at least this time next year for mortgage purposes. In the meantime, my FAKO from TrueCredit is enough of a general idea. I just want accurate and complete copies of our credit reports as they stand right now. So I'm wondering if the MyFico Complete Credit package will provide that.
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