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  1. I'm confused...I have been with TC for about 3 months, I don't pull daily but more like 3-4 times a week. However, I still got a zillion inquiries showing on my reports. How does one see the "bumps" and how long does it usually takes? Please any advise would be appreciated. All I see is the creditors inquiries, but none of the ones where I have soft pulled. I am also lucky to not have gotten banned yet from TC..I guess its because I don't pull daily but more like 3-4 times a week.
  2. I recently started disputes with the CRA's and got about 8 things deleted after their investigation, but LVNV is still there! I am pissed off about this cause the original creditor for this account was Sears and that was taken off my credit by the CRA. Is there any way I can get LVNV off my credit? Specially since the original creditor is off already and I have never had any communication with LVNV? my original account went delinquent way back in 2000, and that is why the CRAs took it off..but how do I get this people off all my 3 credit reports? Please help will be appreciated.
  3. I pulled up my credit report, and I just found out that I am being reported on one of my husband's credit cards even though I am only an authorized user. When he got the offer for credit, it was only on his name and I was not on the application for credit at all. He got his card, and about a month after he got the card, he added me as an authorized user. My problem now is this, he seemed to have skipped payment on this account back in 12/07-3/07. He is all caught up now, but those late payments are showing on my credit report. I did read the following from the credit repair site though: "Can I get my listing as a Authorized User off my credit report? I received this letter and thought it would make a good topic. I saw on a message board that it is illegal under the FCRA for the bureaus to report accounts on your report for which you are an "authorized user." I am on my brother's two Capital One accounts as an AU and he has been delinquent on this account. They are refusing to take it off my report. Could you send me the section of the FCRA stating that this is illegal/and or post to the site? According to section 603 of the FCRA, the way I interpret it, only information on credit issued to a consumer is allowed. If you are an authorized user, you do not fall under these categories, you are not responsible for the debt and did not receive credit. An authorized user doesn't have credit on this account and it's only the signor that is responsible. So, in essence, if an account on which you are an authorized user shows up on your report, it would be someone else's credit (the signor on the account.) I've had lots of readers successfully challenge this to both the creditors and the bureaus, and have accounts in which they were authorized users removed. Here's the text: FCRA Section § 603. Definitions; rules of construction [15 U.S.C. § 1681a] (what credit lines can be reported). (l) Firm offer of credit or insurance. The term "firm offer of credit or insurance" means any offer of credit or insurance to a consumer that will be honored if the consumer is determined, based on information in a consumer report on the consumer, to meet the specific criteria used to select the consumer for the offer, except that the offer may be further conditioned on one or more of the following: The consumer being determined, based on information in the consumer's application for the credit or insurance, to meet specific criteria bearing on credit worthiness or insurability, as applicable, that are established (A) before selection of the consumer for the offer; and ( for the purpose of determining whether to extend credit or insurance pursuant to the offer. (2) Verification (A) that the consumer continues to meet the specific criteria used to select the consumer for the offer, by using information in a consumer report on the consumer, information in the consumer's application for the credit or insurance, or other information bearing on the credit worthiness or insurability of the consumer; or ( of the information in the consumer's application for the credit or insurance, to determine that the consumer meets the specific criteria bearing on credit worthiness or insurability. (3) The consumer furnishing any collateral that is a requirement for the extension of the credit or insurance that was (A) established before selection of the consumer for the offer of credit or insurance; and ( disclosed to the consumer in the offer of credit or insurance. " Now, I guess that I might have a leg to stand on so that I can get this off my report, but 1. I don't want to be removed as an "authorized user" from his account, 2. I do want them to stop reporting this on my CR, 3. Who do I dispute this with? the OC or the CRA? Any input or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hello everyone, I am sorry if I'm asking something that has already been asked, but I am extremely confused and really need to get started fixing my credit. Today I pulled my 3-1 credit reports from truecredit. However, I am not really able to see much information about the accounts that are listed there. A lot of information seems innacurate to me or something that I don't even remember. I also am not able to see the dates as to when things became delinquent. Most of the items on my report are over 7 yrs. old. I haven't really gotten new credit because I messed up my credit 8 years ago. For example, there is a Sears collection account that I pretty much defaulted on back in March of 2000. It is still showing on my credit as a charge off and also I think, LVNV has purchased it and its reporting monthly as a collection. I am super confused about this whole thing. My name is reported wrong in most bureaus and also, my employer, address etc. I can't see the names of the OCs when I click on the details of the collection agency. I can't even see the name of the creditor in some of the reports. They simply say something like "medical" and show an amount and a partial account number, but no OC or CA name. Please, any help or suggestions as to what I should do would be greatly appreciated. I must stress again that most of my bad debt is very old and most collections are a result of debt that could be 8 + yrs. old. Thank you and I look forward to your suggestions.
  5. I just signed up for the Privacy Matter credit monitoring through Key Bank (although I'm not a Key Bank customer) and they just said that my order should be processed within 2 weeks! What in the world? I was expecting it to be instant and online as I want to get started with my credit and my husband's credit report this weekend! Those 2 weeks I can use to get answer's back from the bureaus! Please help...I don't want them charging me, but I do need a service that would give us instant access and daily pulls so I can start bumping off a bunch of inquiries we have.