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  1. You can try to renegotiate the payments with BofA. There is also BK that may be worth looking into if you can't reach an agreement with BofA.
  2. If amex would be time to start sticking that money under the mattress.
  3. At which point does it become baseless discrimination and an invasion of privacy? The line will be long crossed before the government gets involved.
  4. Cap One's attorney hasn't complied with discovery? Sounds like they are dropping the ball. Judge probably won't be too happy about it. =)
  5. For all intents and purposes the entire company is suing you. Bringing statements to the proceedings that corroborate that the account is actually yours might not be advisable. Cap One is notorious for being able to provide documentation for their accounts supporting their claims.
  6. Capital One F.S.B is a subsidiary. The holding company is Capital One Financial Corporation of which Capital One Bank (USA), National Association is a part of. Long story short....they are all Cap one.
  7. That's a pretty rough deal. It sounds a lot like indentured servitude. But, many professions like psych have an internship/apprenticeship phase while you establish yourself during which don't make much money anyways. At least after 10 years she has a clean slate and most likely a very nice resume. =)
  8. Chris (who doesn't want his last name used) graduated with about $160,000 in student loan debt with a master's degree in music. "At the time I thought I could handle it. I thought the most I'd be paying was $600 a month," he says. This guy can't be serious. Master's degree eh...did he pass Math 101? At $600 bucks a month the amortization would be unreal...his grandkids would be paying off his loan.
  9. Prime vs. Subprime is mostly about the rates you get charged for financing. The least risky (Prime) borrowers are going to get the best terms and rates. Many small banks/credit unions specialize in prime lending. Many of the largest banks (or formerly banks) like WaMu/Countrywide were primarily subprime lenders. In banking world...bigger isn't necessarily better especially in this day and age. And, many subprime cards can have high limits. And many prime cards can start you off at relatively low limits. Having a prime account vs. a subprim doesn't have any impact on your credit score. (Given
  10. chrismg


    If her parents wanted to show an ounce of morality and ethics...they'd head down to the police station and turn themselves in and make this right for their daughter. I'd strongly suggest that the OP has her friend monitor her credit vigorously if she chooses not to file charges and to make it perfectly clear to her parents that if this should happen in the future that she will press charges. Other than that...she can file wing and a prayer disputes to the CRAs...but it being CC debt...they will likely verify. Also...if her parents haven't taken care of the debt...she is still liable for it
  11. chrismg


    That is completely vile/disgusting for her parents to do's theft, it's Identy theft and fraud and they trashed her credit for some time to come. Her parents committed serious crimes. They opened not 1...but 5 CCs in her name and had them charged off. It's obviously malicious. with that being said, without filing a police report and FTC complaint, it is going to be extremely difficult to remove the entries.
  12. The late wouldn't actually acrue until 30 Days after the bill was due. So lets say your bill is due on Feb 1 and you didn't wouldn't be reportable late until Mar 2 or 3rdish. If the lates were accurate and that close, I wouldn't fight it. I don't think it'd be worth your time and effort.
  13. First, don't let the CA put time pressures on you. This being owed to the Government...I wouldn't even deal with them at all. You should be dealing with IRS/Treasury. With that being said, you need to get to the bottom of why the Treasury is after you. Do you owe federal taxes? That would be my first guess.
  14. You highlighted the perfect victim for a scammer. Just because someone is old or busy...or inept...doesn't mean it's ok for them to be scammed. A large majority of these operations are scams at best. lhcreditrepair is in violation of the CROA.
  15. The only way to remove that judgment is to have it vacated.