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  1. Washington is the state. As far as I know all they have is Medicaid and a small insurance sup. that does not cover very much. Yes, he is a vet. He served in the Korean war. No he has not checked on any benefits, you know these guys, they don't need any help. My brother and his wife is trying to find out if he has nay help there. Most of the properties are in his name but the business is a corp. I think S corp. but not sure. I don't knoe how much money is in play but form what he has been hinting it is a lot! I don't know about any life insurance because they are in their 80's. I think I am going to suggest that he contact a elder law attorney. Thankls for all the help, I knew that this site ahs some of the best people that has been around the block a few times could help. You folks are the best, Bob If anyone else has something, please let us know.
  2. I hope someone can help me on this issue. My Mother and Father are getting up there in age, 80. My Mother is having health problems and is not looking like she will be with us too much longer, good long life. The problem is that my Mother and Father have a fairly large estate, house, business(He still works everyday) and other assets. My Father does not know how to divide everything up between the heirs. He was an only child so in his dads case it was simple. In this case there are four of us. I was thinking that a family trust for the property so then the properties could be rented out and we could receive income from those properties. And it will be protected from taxes. Does anyone have suggestions on how to deal with family issues? Thanks, Bob
  3. Thanks Willingtocope. I will give them a look.
  4. Does anyone know where and how to find a lawyer that does lender Liability. We received a loan a few years back, got into trouble the within the first six months. Had to take another loan just to get through the summer. Paid that back but got into trouble two summer later. Borrowed from family and now wished I didn't. Two summers later and we got into trouble again. Now we are facing forecloser. I tried to get finaced so we could get away from the leader we have now. They told us that he could not loan us the amount that we need because our numbers did not support the amopunt of the loan. Being the nice person that he was he asked me to send him the info that we used to get the loan to start with. After looking at those numbers he sent me an email stating that we need to get an attorney and sue these people for lender liability. I had to call him and ask what he was talking about because I had never heard of that term before. He said that they never should have given us a loan for the amount that did because the property does not support the payment. I cannot find a lawyer for lender liability. How do you search for one and what terms other than lender liabilty should one use? I know I will get some help because this site is great, Bobe
  5. Cman, I see that you are a newbie. Welcome. On this site you should be able to find state law for what you are looking for and I am sure there are folks on here that can will give you good advice. one of the things that I find helpful is that you put your posts in paragraph form so it is easier to read and then people can disect it and answer quicker. The way you have it now, it all blends together and is hard to read. I have had lots of help from this site, I am sure you will too. Good luck and yes I think the bank is bending the rules and picking the weaker target but I do not enough about real estate to help you. Bobe
  6. I would send the attorney a copy of that document. See what her attorney has to say about it. What about the contract, does it have any wording that lets her obtain an attorney that you have to pay for? Sounds like she is a greedy person trying to prey on people struggling in these economic times. I would bet she thought she was going to get her house back for you missing those few payments. Good luck and keep us posted, I am interested to see what happens.
  7. USC, can youi please explain to me how an entity can seize ones property and not assume the debt owed on said property? There is not a person in the world that would pay payments for a house they cannot live in or rent out, except perhaps .... you? I know I would not.
  8. Do you even know what is really going on. Re-read the OP. It is not that the OP did or does not want to pay the City seized the property. One would think that if they seized the assets of said property they also would have to seized "Assume" the debt. Or what is owed on said property.
  9. I have to agree with Massive. It is illegal to leave anything in a mailbox except mail. US postal code. I am sure that if a judge was truly informed he would rule in that direction. IMHO that is what is wrong with the world today. It is ok to do whatever as long as it is in the anme of justice. A lot of people do not think; "What if it was me on the receiving end" or how about a family member? Improper service is the right call on this one.
  10. Looks that way to me. I would check to see if they have the original signed contract. I believe they need to provide proof that they had a contract with you, sometimes like banks, things get lost. Keep us posted. Bob
  11. I would like to reorganize and get the payments lower. So which Chapter would you suggest? Is there a place on here that explains all the Chapter Bks? Thanks for the input, Bob
  12. Not sure what to do. My partner and I have a small business. We purchased the building and property 5 years ago. It has been a struggle the last couple of years to make the payment and everything else that goes with it. We have asked the bank to redo the terms and extend us out 5 years to lower our payments, they said they could not do that. I talking to a friend who said he would suggest chapter 11 BK and then they would have to redo the loan. Is this true or is there another avenue to pursue? Thanks in advance, Bob
  13. I am not sure where to look for this answer. I know this site has very knowledgeable people that visit here so let me ask this.... I am partners in a small musiness that is struggling to make a go of it. % year ago we purchased the building and property. The payments were just short of 3 times the rent we were paying but thought we could make it work. Whatch what we do and save where we could. The first couple of years we were able to do it even though the bank and us did not consider the extra property tax and insurance cost. I don't know how that happened but it did. Alomg came the high gas prices and evrything else and we got in trouble, had to barrow funds from my Father to save the place. We asked the bank if they could redo the terms of the loan, kick it out 5 more years and lower the payment to help us make a go of it. They said they could not and that we got into trouble again they would forclose on us and take the house that my family lives in. ( We were desperate and used it to get the loan, hind sight 20-20 ) The Question: We are still struggling abd was told that we should file Chapter 11 BK. Would this force them to redo the loan? Any thoughts appreaciated, Bob
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