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  1. UPDATE: Paid as promised ($4500 dn and $750 per month for 8 months) and NCO cleared the private loans off but it did take a reminder call from me to get it cleared up with Salle Mae..
  2. I just finished paying off my defaulted SL $10500.00 in 8 payments with $4500 down and it still took a call from me so they would adjust it with Salle Mae They being NCO But I will have to admit they did as they promised since I did.. They did keep reporting it defaulted the whole 8 months..
  3. I was hoping to find one I could check often that also gave a Fico score
  4. What is everyone using now ? I used True Credit in the past anyone better ?
  5. Is there a Sample letter for the 623 method ?
  6. CASD

    Private Loans

    So far so good..getting ready to make 6th payment of 8 on the 30th, It's been tough to make those $750 monthly payments but I'm so glad to get this behind me.. My offer was for 100% of the principal plus the already made $150 per month for the year before the offer, So they are getting 100% of the principal and $1800 and not one red cent for all the bogus-pumped up fee's..
  7. I had a $8500 hospital bill after the wives C-Sec last year...I filed the financial hard-case papers and they wrote off all of it but we still have the Doctors and labs but they made the payments low enough and they all will be paid off this Aug... Since then our income has gotten alot better and my defaulted student loan that was $20500 after all the fees was reduced back down to $10500(original amount) and we'll pay that off by Aug. Here is a web site to help you set up a payment plan that will get it done quicker: https://powerpay.org/ it's basically snowballing your bills Good Luck!!
  8. We're on a program to be debit free this year..So no inq's are in the picture..
  9. CASD

    Private Loans

    Yea I'm not worried about $10500 more income... I just won't get back as much as I have been.. I've already did the numbers...
  10. CASD

    Private Loans

    My original loans(2) was 10,000 and after defaulting(never do this!!!) interest and collection fees it came to over 21,000 I made an offer of: $10500 with a down payment of $4500 and 8 payments of $750 and they took it. Sent me a letter stating the deal and payments and the only thing they wouldn;t do was put "Paid in Full" in the letter what they would do was put "Settled in Full" It works for me... These guys made enough money on me...I paid them monthly payments of $150 for a year.. so they got the original $10,000 back plus $500 plus $1800 they did fine..
  11. I called them..they claimed my email didn't work..so I gave them an easier one..I got the letter and it stated the full amount..not the 50% amount agreed on..So I sent email back to the lady that does it and stated the letter needed to show the 50% agreed amount not the full $21000.00 and I told her this will be a deal breaker if I couldn't have everything in writing..Correctly We'll see what happens
  12. Well I'm going to call them today and express my concern over them not coming through with a letter stating the deal...I won't threaten them but if I still don't get a letter by the end of the week I will cancel the deal because if they don't give me a letter it tells me they are trying to screw me.. So Friday noon I will close my account at the CU and put stop payments on the checks.. And let them take me court..
  13. Yes private loan.. The bottom line is Can I trust these guys to fulfill their end ??
  14. I hear alot about BOA is it a better Bank then most or ?? I ask this because I'm not having much luck with my credit union on loans even secured..
  15. They used generic Check numbers starting at 3000 or so they told me..but I don't know for sure.. there are 3 checks $4500 -750-750 I can't close the account until Friday the 27th because of direct deposit.. But I'll transfer the direct deposit to my savings that morning.. Also I'll go into the CU and cancel the overdraft service.. So they don't pay the check without funds available.. So maybe I shouldn't show them my hand until Friday afternoon so they don't try to pull before then..??
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