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  1. I still say let it die - you have less than a year for it to fall off. If you have any luck let the forum know.
  2. I doubt Cap1 will negotiate anything but pay in full, and you can give up all hope of them re-instating your account- why should they give you another chance when you burned them already- just business. What is the SOL in your state? If it is passes and you sure you won't get sued you might want to try disputes, if you are within SOL I would leave this alone- you may wake up a sleeping giant. In my opinion- the best course of action is to let this die a natural death.
  3. On the back of my Chase cards there is a # for collect calls outside the US. The number is 302.594.8200 it's a Wilmington, Delaware number. I always call it and get an american sounding person.
  4. Not do you bump a two year old thread, but you HIJACK it as well. Kudos!
  5. Stay away from First Premier/Orchar/Target etc. Go to a local credit union- open a savings account, keep making weekly or monthly deposits- when you get to $1000 get a secured card.
  6. I was in the market 1 1/2 years ago for a used P/U- just something to take stuff to the dump- or haul firewood. I ended up getting a very base model brand new Nissan Titan- It's a king cab (half doors on rear) but the seating capacity is awesome- I've got three kids and can take them all. I am fortunate to have a company car , so I save mileage and gas. The prices have really gone down on trucks in the past 2 years. How much are you looking to spend?
  7. I failed- as soon as my newest cards are hitting the 6 month mark, My son's car is beyond repair. I had to get a $6,000 used car loan from NFCU- it was nice to be approved without the usual "allow several days for a decision"
  8. What the hell do you need the spatula for?
  9. Another option- Live within your means and not get so far into debt. When you're using credit to pay rent you have 'issues'. In todays credit climate, I would not be bluffing on a credit card co. They may do you one better and close it for you.
  10. I am a Police Officer- I like the idea of good people carrying firearms- last time I checked THIS IS STILL AMERICA. As far as gun control laws- The bad guys aren't going to follow them anyways. As far as protecting myself and family- I prefer my 75lb. Belgian Malinois. The one tool I know can never be used against us.
  11. The NFCU website is great for tracking payments -or transfers- Everything I do fr the autooan is paperless- just log on every week to check.
  12. What I did with NFCUs auto loan: The monthly payment was 260- each paycheck I get 150 direct deposited into a NFCU checking account. (I get paid every other thursday) The following Monday I have 140 applied to the auto loan (paying alittle extra on principle) - That leaves me 10 dollars a pay to just let sit in the account- or let it build and use it for a NFCU CC payment- I threw my checkbook away and don't use this checking account to pay any other bills. The bi-weekly payments and the little extra payment will shave about 7 months off a 60 month loan. I've go my NAVCHECK tied to this account- with no intent to ever use it.
  13. A good source is www.whogavemecredit.com and research- pay attention to recent inputs(due to changing credit climate over the past 6 months) I am fond of credit unions- you need to establish a relationship with them. What kind of credit history do you have?
  14. If these are your only credit cards- then you should see an increase- because of your mix of credit will be better. Do you have any auto loans? I refinanced mine through NFCU and love the bi-weekly payments ( they have a calculator on the website to show you the real savings) In about 6 months if your feeling brave you may want to appy for a NAVCHECK- its a line of credit associated with your Checking account- in other word overdraft protection- that allows you to write yourself a loan. I got one for 3,000 and a few months later bumped it up to 5,000. It reports as a revolving account- I have no intention of ever using it- but it's nice for utilization. I haven't had all success with NFCU- my 1000 secured visa reached a year and they won't release the funds- I asked for a CLI to 5000 at the same time and was denied. I'm going to give it a few months and as for the security to be released- then go for the CLI.
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