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  1. Chester- you should know better: 1. don't deal with crap1 2. don't pay fees next time your 'itching' for a card- put 50 or a 100 bucks a paycheck into CREDIT UNION- AND WHEN THAT ACCOUNT GETS OVER 1000- get a secured 1G card- treat that nce and you will get better offers!
  2. Charge-off is just an accounting term- They sold the debt to a collection agency They will report 7.5 yrs from first delinquency that led to charge-off. Check your state's SOL- it may not be collectible- or they may try a lawsuit/ Remeber- SOL is a state issue and has nothing to do with reporting period. My bext guess is to leave this thing alone and let it die a natural death.
  3. I Just pulled mu fico scores and found that EQ is much lower. I had just finished a round of disputes with them, and a 2 charge-offs came back verified. Does disputing them and having them verified decrease your score by showing it as a 'recent' chargeoff? This chargeoffs are over 4 years old. Will they kill my score the full 7.5 years? I have had perfect credit for over a year and have seen my scores creeping up. TU635 EQ596 EX641
  4. Unless you create good habits, getting all the negative away will only be a short term benefit. Like going on a diet w/o exercising.
  5. Hoping, I think the point that willing was trying to make is that alot of people get caught up in 'the score'- What is most important is the things you can control from this point forward- creating good habits, establishing good credit and letting them age, and living within your means and avoiding too much debt It isn't specific to you- but in general You are on the right track- and you are doing the right things. You seem to have a goal- getting a car loan in March, you will be able to do that-heres a few suggestions to help achieve that goal. 1. Keep doing what your doing- keeping those bal
  6. If you have other credit cards- now is the time to transfer the balances to the no interest card!- I think you have 30 days to transfer w/o fees- check with customer serice- That's a nice card. Whats the APR after the first year?
  7. What happened is the average lenght of credit history has effected your score. Tthe 4 new cards dropped that aspect of you score way down, also the new inquiries have had an impact. Keep the utilization around 25% or less and at the 6th month mark you will see a nice increase
  8. Be wary of SOL- you may wake a sleeping giant- especially Crap1- that dispute may cause them to update and showing as a current chargeoff- im no expert but i think tis will hurt in the short term- getting crap1 to delete is almost impossible
  9. College students are offered tons of oppurtunity for credit- go to spring break sometime and see the credit mongers sponsoring everything.
  10. Two types of inquiries- Hard Pulls- which ahve an effect on your scores- they are usually when you apply for credit cards, car loans etc.- request CLIs - or if a debt collector has your debt and is digging up info. They remain on your report for 2 years- they are hard to remove from EX and TU- not too difficult to remove from EQ ( many threads on this) Soft pulls- quick peeks into your file- do not effect score- examples- everytime you pull your report- through TrueCredit- creditkarma-free it generates a soft inquiry. They may also result from existing creditors checking on yo
  11. Chase Platinum is a very nice card-out of the blue I got a pre-approval from Chase for the Platinum. 9.9% 5000 limit!!- and you get a lot of little buyer protections if you read the fine print.....
  12. nice job! you got good history on that card- treat it nice and it will return the favor.
  13. I received the 15 day- on a pre-approved Chase Platinum- I had previous accounts with them and logged in a few weeks later and found my best card to date: 9.9%- 5000 limit.
  14. and for those who wany REAL FICO SCORES-go to but you'll have to pay for those.
  15. What exactly is the 'Insurance model score' and how close is it to you FICO score? I recently switched companies and received much better rates- I ws wondering if my credit improvement heped that much. Willingtocope- I would like to hear your input- you seem most knowledgeable on the different scoring models. As a side note- another benefit of joining a credit union- I received a $140 discount (per 6 months)because of my CU's affiliation with a Insurance Co.
  16. Listen to WAHOO- what is on your report is irrelevant- it means nada-zero-zilch! Your focus should be on: Answering the summons in accordnace to your juridictional rules- (or else they will get a default judgement And use the SOL defense and make sure they PROVE you owe the debt to them- not the original creditor Forget about the credit report .
  17. 1) Statute of limitations and how long an item can remain on a credit report are two seperate issues 2)Not all 'legal obligations' are required to show up on a credit report- if they are on your report they must be accurate- and within the allowable reporting time 3) In most states you can still be sued for a debt that is out of SOL- You use the SOL as an affirnitive defense 4) Check you state's SOL 5) Never pay a debt that has been proven to be a)your debt and the person trying to collect has a legal right to collect the debt
  18. Good Job, let that card work for you- you're on the way!
  19. 1. SOL starts when you missed your first payment-11/04 2. Have you received ANY communication from Asset? If no- I would let a sleeping dog lie. 3. I don't know how much they bought the debt for- but I bet that $1500 would not entice them to settle- while there is plenty of SOL time left. Wait until they make an offer and low ball that. Be careful of making any paymnets- In some jurisdictions it may restart the SOL. I am not familiar with ASSET- do a search - some agencies are more likely to sue- some won't negotiate- some are easy to get removed.
  20. Please, if you are trying to establish a 'secured card' stay away from Orchard- stay away from Orchard, Crap1 and First premier at all costs- (just an opinion)- I strongly suggest going to a Credit Union- maybe through your employer- or some counties have credit unions- The way I went was through NFCU ( if you have a family member in the service)- get them to join for 5 bucks- then piggyback a separate account from them. I was able to put a thousand dollars secured- which they will hold in an interest account for a year- It reports just like any other credit card- over the course of the year
  21. You are entitled to a free report- if the reason they denied was based on a credit report they pulled- they should send you a letter telling you which CRA they used- and you can get a free report- only from that one. No score- just a report, Let me guess- Ashley Furniture?
  22. You need to seriously consider re-financing that rate-at least see if you can make bi-weekly payments of $225- you will make a few extra payments over the year but it should cut about a year off your loan amount- has a nice loan calculator on thier website to show you the benefits of adding extra money or making bi-weekly payments. Just curious- what kind of car are you financing at that rate?
  23. Let us know how you made out!!!