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  1. Does it show on your credit report? the little boxes that say 30 days late?- When do you 'think' you made the last payment? If you made a 10 payment 3 years ago -you may have restarted the SOL from that date-
  2. It looks like you have a good score- I would apply online for CHASE- see what happens- if your denied- call customer service and ask for reconsideration- given the events that happen- I don't why they won't give you a card. If that doesn't work- go the Credit Union route- they should still be offering secured cards- It's not as though they canceled your card for something you did- it was just a business decision. Good Luck
  3. Just got tempted by FIRST PREMIER- $250- with the fees to start the card I would have had $51 available credit the first blling cycle-I know it was hard to resist........NOT!- no more apps! (except one in May)
  4. What day did you make your last payment? Usually your first 30 day late (unless you make a payment after) would be the start of your delinquency. Just curious- what creditor? Is it an original creditor or junk debt buyer?
  5. I'm not judgeing anyone- I have made the mistakes with 300 dollar cards with 150+ in fees- they aren't worth the hassle-the only real progress I made was when I decided to set aside a grand, and got a secured visa from a credit union with no fees- i truly belive that high lines get higher lines.....if you want an easy card- store only try Fingerhut- or Kay jewelers- no fees.
  6. Looks like old fashioned propaganda- like during the 'cold war' Russia use to plant false stories and create rumors.... like Kennedy assassinated by CIA-
  7. Shouldn't this post be "Future ex-spouse Opened CC's without my knowledge...."
  8. Do you have a good record on you past car loans? You might want to try get financing Before you walk into the dealership-then after you negotiate the deal- then ask them to find you financing to see if they get you something better- NEVER let them run your credit before you negotiate a deal.
  9. My suggestion- go to a credit union , open a savings account and get into the habit of putting 100 a paycheck (or monht- what ever you can afford)into it- and never touching it- When you get to $1000- ask to get a 1000 secured card- it looks better that a 300 dollar card- and alot of those 300 cards have so many fees- you end up with hardly no credit and are paying interest on fees- and my personal opinion- If are aren't disciplined enough to save a specific amount a paycheck- ( 100 or 50 dollars ) YOU ARE NOT DISCIPLINED ENOUGH TO HAVE A CREDIT CARD-
  10. I had 2 successful PFD's one was a overdraft for a checking account and the other was a collection agency with a $50 parking ticket- I initially made phone calls. I was able to get a letter in writing from the bank prior to my pay agreeing to the PFD- the collection agency would not budge and didn't write a letter of agreement- but they verbally agreed to stop reporting- I paid both and both stopped reporting. One thing to keep in mind is don't admit the debt is yours- just tell them you were reviewing your credit report and want to take care of some issues. Be wary of SOL- you may 'wake up a
  11. Have you checked to see if can make your payments every two weeks-? example- if you pay 400 a month- pay it 200 every two weeks- over the course of the year you make a few more payments- but it does wonders to the 'real' interest rate you will be paying because more money is going to the principle- ( and you can shave like 6 months off the life of the loan) has a loan claculator you can play with the numbers and see how it benefits you- Some lenders won't allow you to post payments earlier than a few days- that way the maximize the interest you pay.
  12. Had to get one more before the dec 31 deadline!- Chase Visa- (amazon) 1000 - and I had to call the reconsideration Dept. for that. I'M DONE!
  13. DO NOT close that card- you've got 1 1/2 years of good age on it. Sock drawer it, or beg for a CLI increase but do yourself a favor and keep it open. Use it once in awhile so they don't close it. Call the customer service reps for a CLI - I don't think right now they are issuing as many new cards under their bank- Their sales are down 10% this month- they are hurting and are less likely to extend credit. In these tough economic times keep the cards you have and treat them well- or else you may not get many other chances to establish credit. Never close a card with no fees! I can see firing ca
  14. What date did the inquiries have? The original day, or the day they reappeared?
  15. Your welcome, glad I could help!
  16. If you like catalogs......they like to send them.
  17. I believe alot has to do with your ZIPCODE. If you live in a 'distressed area' you may get dropped regardless of your credit history. Remember in the past 10 years people have been racking up debt- then refinancing their houses based on higher home values , now that the housing bubble has burst people can't do that as much. Also I think the fact that congress is working at credit reform, and are expected to pass laws this month, may make them wary of the risks credit providers take. One of the proposed laws is preventing them from jacking up your interest rates on existing purchases.
  18. EXACTLY - no more stupid apps- see my post above about Fingerhut!
  19. I get reminded of stupid credit lines everytime a Fingerhut catalog comes in the mail- which seems to be twice a week.$300 credit line for junk-WOW! I know its good for starters, because they charge no fees- but I don't need gas cards or target or walmart cards etc. etc. I've got few nice cards that I will treat well, and let them age.
  20. Actually I plan to have one- in June 2009 my 1000 secured NFCU Visa goes unsecured- I will then apply for the NFCU MC- and if not approved use the 1000 to secure it- Other than that- I AM DONE! - I spent months daily pulling TrueCredit and disputing inquiries with EQ- just to let it all go away for a month worth of spree apps. I need to let my good credit lines age- i've got all the credit cards I need. Join the pledge to have ZERO INQUIRIES (or one) in 2009!
  21. I think I'm done for awhile- Im not going for the JBR or Jared's cards- In the past month I've had mixed results: Cabela's- Denied ( and not sent to WAMU for reconsideration) Chase- Aprroved 5000 Master Card- Kay's - Approved 5000 store card Amazon Visa- unk- 20 day letter I got a goal to have only 1 inquiry in 2009- In June I plan on applying for a Master Card from my CU- I have a 1000 secured Visa with them- it goes unsecured in June- so if I get denied for the MC, I can use the 1000 to secure one- waiting til June will give me time to allow my new cards to age at least 6 months.
  22. Found this on the jbrobinson website: To ensure your application is processed in time for holiday shopping, please submit your Internet application by December 22nd. Internet applications submitted after this date may not be processed before Christmas. For instant credit approval prior to Christmas, please visit a JB Robinson store in your area. So yes, you can apply online- but if you want instant approval apply at a store- I also heard you get a better credit line in person.
  23. Just got the 5000 approval today- wondering if I should try for Jareds and JB Robinson- or just stay at this? Anyone ever been turned down for the other two after approval by one?
  24. I don't think credit reports are meant to be 'punitive' for life's misfortunes- They just paint a picture of a person past 7 years. What RN is doing, is stating the obvious. Good habits create good credit- and don't become a slave to debt- because when you do have an unfortunate life event you are going to find yourself in financial turmoil. Good Luck