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  1. Another thing to consider- your score will vary amongst the 3 major CRAs. You may be comparing a Experian FAKO to an Equifax FICO.

    You can go to once a year for a free report from each agency-allowed by federal law- and not to be confused with paid monitoring services. These are the accurate reports and should be the ones you use for credit repair.

    The scores you have to pay- the place to get real FICO scores is , they only have EQ and TU (EX quit allowing them to sell their score) The score will give you an idea of you financial situation. I would get your scores no sooner than 4 months apart- comparing them to often becomes an obsessive- expensive habit (been there) and leads to alot of confusion.

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  2. You can get turned down for a secured card. It happened to me with a local credit union. I later transferred the money to NFCU and waited until I hit 1,000. With them you have to apply for a credit card first- and then request a secured (if denied) I still had to send proof of income. Credit repair is about a 6 month process- credit building takes about a year and credit management is a lifetime commitment. You just have to be patient, and willing to change your habits. Good Luck. I'm at about the one year point- I can't fix anymore on my report- even though 3 bads remain( I have to live with them for 2.5 more years). I've got 4 very solid credit lines that 1 has reached 1 yr- one is at 9 months and the other 2 are at 6 months. I figure by Jan 09- all my accounts will be at least a year old. Then it's credit management from there- waiting for the bads to fall off.

  3. With all this talk about the Federal Gov't allowing anyone to come to the United States to seek medical free medical treatment, regardless of legal status, it is time to allow amnesty to these medical refugees. This could be the spark that finally gets the free health care fire growing. In my opinion United States Citizenship should be immediately granted to anyone who comes as a medical refugee. The world has become a village and it is finally the US's responsibility to help all World citizens, regardless of political, medical or social status. There are millions of people in Africa needlessly suffering from AIDS while we do nothing. The recent outbreak of pig flu in Mexico has brought this issue to the forefront again. SUPPORT MEDICAL AMNESTY- NOW!

  4. I agree with the CARFAX suggestion, around here alot of people buy cars at auctions and try to pass them off as 'family owned' cars- they have a different car in the yard for sale every week. That goes for car dealerships too, just because it's on the lot- doesn't mean it was a trade in. you can find reviews and costs for used cars, and some great buying advice.

  5. I finally got a telemarketing call, after reading this post. I used the Andy Milanokis bit where he's interviewing someone- lets them talk for about 2 seconds- says "stop"- few second pause-"ok- go ahead"- then keeps stopping and starting the conversation- really throws them off. It was the dreaded- Do you want to lower your credit card payments calls. Needless to say- she hung upon me- not the usual other way around!!

  6. My annual earth day traditions:

    *in my neighbor's yard dumping out the old gas and oil from the lawnmower and putting new in

    *taking off the catylytic convertor from my 1983 ord bronco, so it runs better on the beach

    *cleanning out the woodstove, and chopping down some trees to 'season' over summer

  7. If you need something for 7 passengers, I am assuming you'll be toting kids around? I'm not keen on $2,000 cars with precious cargo- even if the only problem is the occasional stall at a red light. I would recommend you seriously consider a Kia Sedona- or Hyundai Entourage - you should be able to snag a base model for under $16,000. You don't need any of the options- they are well equipped. Just make sure going into it you can afford the monthly payments at the 21% rate. Negotiate hard- tell them you have financing- DO NOT LET THEM (the dealer) RUN A CREDIT CHECK- do not let them know you have Roadloans (they will know your subprime) you can imply you used a CU.

    After the price is negotiated you may want to let them see if they can beat the financing. It's a buyers market right now, and in 6 months or a year you can always refinance. Just keep working on repair in the meantime.

  8. This month I will be seeing :

    Family Force 5 - 3oh!3 - The Maine - Hit the lights- We the Kings- Never Shout Never- the Cab

    Anyone hear of any of these bands?

    I listen to whatever my teenage kids like- and get them to download their music on my MP3- I love taking them to concerts- and the music is actually good if you listen to it, and more importantly it gives me something to talk to them about!!!!!!

    In the summer- Warped Tour - for the 3rd year in a row.

  9. Do you have any family in the military? NFCU would be an excellent choice. With the internet almost any CU can work if you get direct deposit, and use the account for just credit building- I would not link it to a checking account you use for everyday purchases. Don't worry about the temporary drop in score (unless you for see trying for a mortgage in the next 6 months). The long term benefits of establishing a good revolving account will far outweigh it.

    Nessa do the following to get a baseline of your credit :

    go to and get the free reports (Federal Law allows you to get one free report a year from the three CRAs. DON"T GET FOOLED by pay for services that offer merged reports , monitoring etc. go to that site and just get the reports- don't buy any of the extras. Use these reports as a basis for credit repair.

    Go to and get your scores from EQ and TU - they no longer sell the EX score-(don't worry about EX anyway- most lenders don't ude them) they should be 15.95 each and you should be able to find a 25% discount code on this forum- These are the FICO scores that most lenders use- other websites offer scores which they calculate in a different and you can't compare FICOs to FAKOs. Again use this as a starting base for your general credit health- Now heres the tricky part- do not get caught up in 'the score'. If you create good habits- pay on time- every time, limit your inquiries and keep credit card utilization down- they will increase your scores.

    At the same time you want to clean up bad thins on your report- collections, late pays etc. Not everything will be able to be cleaned. You are on your way.

    You say you have no revolving accounts? Before you apply I would like to know what your scores are- you may be able to get something soon. But if they are real low- I would wait- (SO YOU DON'T WASTE INQUIRIES) and try the credit union thing.

  10. Myfico Standard is the one that gives you the score - its 15.95 for the score and report for Tu and 15.95 for Eq - EX is not available:

    Here is a 25% discount code: CPPSAVINGS

    I'm not sure if the code still works.

    Don't worry about the EX score.....

    So the total for both scores will be $22.33- I wouldn't bother with the monitoring services- do your disputes , let you accounts age and check the scores in 6 months to check your progress.

  11. Where did you get your scores? For true comparison you should be getting them from these are the real FICO scores (the ones most lenders use) If you got your score from other sources they are FAKOS and seem to fluctuate. You can get your TU and EQ from myfico- they no longer sell experian- ( few lenders use experian anyway ) seacrh for myfico discount codes before you buy.

    I would get your reports from (this is the free way to get a report- allowed by Federal Law) use these to do your disputing and comparison.

    Over the past few years dozens of companies have popped up offering 'freereports' free scores etc. It leads to mass confusion.

    The main thing is establishing good habits , managing your debt, and not applying for too much credit.