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  1. I had success with a PFD for an overdraft on a checking account. the amount was around $400.00. I got a PFD letter sent to me- sent the money and the next month it was completely off the reports. I also had some unpaid parking tickets that went to collection- I think $50. The collection agency refused to put a PFD in writing but gave me their word. I was skeptical, but paid it off and they also removed it.

    As far as your accounts - whether to pay or not- there are several factors to consider:

    Is it within your state SOL?

    How old is the debt?

    Will they PFD?

    Are the credit cards reporting from the original creditor? or have they gone to a collection agency?

    My general feeling is if they are close to the 7.5 yr reporting period and beyond SOL leave them alone. Sometimes the age of an account- even though it is a bad account is more beneficial than the harm it is doing.

    Credit repair is tricky- somethings you think are helping actually may hurt in the short term. Ask questions on this forum- the more specific the better- (DO NOT GIVE OUT ACCOUNT NUMBERS- DO NOT USE THE EXACT NUMBERS ON REPORTS etc.)

  2. I believe Chase pulls TU. I got a pre-approval for a Platinum MC card back in Dec. My scores at the time were around 620. I had paid off a Chase auto loan about 6 months prior (re-financed it after a few months). I got the Plat card with a 4000 limit- a month later I got denied for a Amazon/Chase visa card. I was able to call re-consideration and they gave me a 1000 limit-but decreased the plat. by 1000.

  3. By PTD if you mean 'pay to delete' - it is more commonly referred to as a PFD 'pay for delete'.

    It can be successful for small accounts- like parking tickets, utilities etc. I don't think you'll find much luck trying to get a PFD from a charged off credit card or from big companies. There are letter templates on this website and plenty of advice.

  4. Absolutely! The solution to global warning is will go away.

    Here's a fact. The Earth's climate changes.

    Here's another fact. The Earth's climate was warming long before humans pumped CO2 into the air...the Vikings were growing wine in Greenland in the 800's But, then it got cold again...the Thames river in England froze solid in the 1800's.

    Here's another fact. 600 Million years ago, the earth was one giant snowball. No clear land anywhere. Then, starting about 550 million years ago, the earth warmed into a tropic forest where the dinosaurs thrived. would be a good idea for us to stop pumping CO2....but...that doesn't cause global warming, it is the end result of burning a non-renewal (at least in our lifetime) resource...oil.

    You should have been a school teacher!-

  5. I think Adam has the most talent, followed by the 16yr old redhead. I hope for their sake they finish 2nd and 3rd ( So they don't have to sing crappy songs produced by the AI group ). I think Gokey should win, he would do good with those cheesey Idol songs.

    As far as personality- Adam has got everyone by miles- all the teenage girls love him- even if he's gay. As my girls say- He's FIERCE!

  6. Right now I am a CSR for a health insurance company. I feel like a bum compared to a lot of you guys. :lol:

    Do you get health insurance with your job? That's an awesome job.... don't underestimate yourself! I have to call my Health Insurance CSR laster today about an unpaid bill..... who knows, maybe I will be speaking to you- if that's the case I apologize in advance for cursing you out and wishing you ill will... I don't really mean it.

  7. I'm shopping around!

    I was insured with Alsstate since a teenager- When I went to add my 16 yr old son on the policy- the rates almost doubled. I was looking at my NFCU website and noticed a link to GEICO- they even give you a discount for joining through the CU- In the end I only got an increase of about 70 dollars (from my Allstate rate)- that was with adding a 16 year old and a car. Never got a call from an Allstate agent wondering why I left- no attempt to keep me. Oh well.