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  1. The Washington Post reports a "mob effect" at A.I.G financial products division:

    A tidal wave of public outrage over bonus payments swamped American International Group yesterday. Hired guards stood watch outside the suburban Connecticut offices of AIG Financial Products........

    The mob should be at Capitol Hill- they gave OUR money away, and knew what was going to happen with it.

    Spare the tar and feathers..... spoil the politician.

  2. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) wants the AIG executives to consider killing not just the bonuses but themselves, too....

    but the Iowa senator, who has been the senior Republican on the Senate Finance Committee for nearly a decade, was seemingly unaware of AIG’s publicly announced plans.

    ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL! Not only do they ignore the will of the people- they don't even know what they are approving.

    It's a wonder politicians don't seem to care where tax money goes.... they seem to be the ones caught not paying taxes.

  3. Because they can. A lot of lawsuits are filed within days of the SOL expiration. They are going to place everything in a nice file- and hope that any defense you may have is either lost or forgotten. They are probably going to rack up interest and attorney fees ( if applicable). look at there point- Why would you say you were going to wait 7.5 years- and not pay a collection they consider legit.

  4. I'm just saying people are outraged at AIG-- the outrage should be directed at the people who gave them the $$$$. They knew the plans for the money. Now you got the President and all these Senators grandstanding- THEY KNEW!

  5. Another thing- Congress knew about the bonus structure when they voted to extend funds to AIG and determined that they were not going to place bonus limitations on the money (compare to the executive waivers required at Chrysler in exchange for bailout cash).


    And if they didn't know they should have. They are just grandstanding-The joke is on us.

  6. Why is everyone upset with AIG? That's what businesses do- reward the employees- What did congress expect them to do with the money- give it to charity, hire the homeless, pay off a strangers house that is in foreclosure, buy health insurance for the unemployed?

    The anger should be directed at the people who gave AIG our money.

  7. I have heard, that if you dispute inqs on EQ, you should do inqs together and not mix them with other tradeline disputes. I have also heard that you subject yourself to an unwanted fraud alert if you dispute items that are associated with active tradelines. ( I have heard others being sucessful in wiping out all inquiries on EQ, tradeline or not)

    There is also a theory that if you do daily pulls on your own report that TU inquiries will eventually drop off- such as the old True Credit when it allowed daily pulls. I have not heard of a sucessful way of getting rid of EXP inquiries-

    I do not reccommend disputing anything that is not inaccurate or legitimate.

  8. You shown activity and have awaken the hounds.

    1) How old are the debts- are the within SOL

    2) Are they yours

    3) Can you afford to pay or settle

    Little accounts like med bills, parking tickets, phone bills etc. you can get PFDs

    Lates can sometimes be removed through good will letters.

    You have to be careful disputing - sometimes on old accounts the age is more beneficial that the harm-

    Charge offs can be updated- tricking the CRA that your chargeoff is recent- (a favorite trick of CRAP!)

  9. Call the CU you've been dealing with- ask them what the minimum they give secured credit cards with. Don't worry about the multiple inquiries for the auto loan- if they were all done together- they will only score as one- even though they are listed. I think what you need is a positive tradeline in the form of a credit card- I was almost in the exact position- 540 - 580 scores- I couldn't get over the 600 hump. I don't know your financial situation or your patience level- but what I did was open a savings account at the CU and placed 100 a paycheck until I got >$1000. then asked for a secured card.

    I have heard BOA offers a great program- You can get caught up in a CATCH22- you need to apply to get credit- but if you apply too much you get denied for applying....... so right now you have to be careful about the inquiries.

    Kay Jewelers may be an option- its a store card. Or God forbid fingerhut- I would try the Cu 1st- and if thats doesn't work then BOA- just get one and let it age 6 months before you apply again or re-finance.