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  1. Do you know what your scores are? What major issues have you had since the loan was paid off? I would think if you had a good auto loan recently your auto enhanced scores should improve. There are some short term things you can do to get your scores up. The biggest is getting your credit card utilization down- < 10% seems to be the consensus. I would quit applying for credit, and groom whatever you have. Was the Crap1 card that fell off- a chargeoff? Maybe the age of the account was helping you. How many inquiries have you had in the past year?
  2. If I'm not mistaken (I'm going by memory here) Lowe's is underwritten by GE Financial- which is suppose to be a AAA rated bank. They received 124 Billion in bailout money- Why are we bailing out AAA financial institutes? I think they are really afraid people are going to do max exodus on bill payment after seeing all the money these thieves get. STEAL A LITTLE AND THEY THROW YOU IN JAIL- STEAL ALOT AND THEY MAKE YOU KING!
  3. Have you been late on your auto loan? If no I would try to refinance after the 6 month mark. Your other option= bi-weekly payments- works great if you have direct deposit. You pay a little extra year but you can shave monthd off the loan. I had a crappy auto loan with HSBC. After 6 montha of ontime payments i refinanced with a CU- I set up a checking account- used only for the auto loan My payments were just under 300 month- So I get 160 deposited through direct deposit into the account(i get paid everother FRI) I then get 150 applied to the loan the following tuesday. I never touch the $$ eve
  4. There are alot of nice small CU thatbyou can qualif for based on geography. Like on specifically for a county.
  6. Have you gotten any lates on this loan? If no then try to refinance. If your looking to get out of the loan an buy a new car- you are still going to have to make up the upside down difference. My suggestion do not get a new car for your daughter= the increase in insurance premium is going to outrageous. I had a HSBC auto loan which sucked-they wouldn't allow you to make online payments until a few days before due date- thus maximizing interest paid. I refinanced wirh a credit union and found the beauty of bi-weekly payments.
  7. Depends if your state considers SOL procedural law.
  8. Not a good idea, disputing legit inquiries as fraud. I'm just curious why you need realtime updating? This seems a little overboard, so does "app whoring" because you got a 3G credit line. Alot of people have found those TU inquiries return.
  9. Heres what I've been doing. Jan1- then May1 buy reports and Fico scores from myfico (using discount codes of course) and again Sept 1 buy reports and scores again from myfico. Then back to Jan 1 get the annualcredit report again. I've done truecredit and freecreit etc but always cancel during trial. It sucks now that myfico no longer has ex- but I don't think many lenders pull ex anyway. You can always get updates fron doing disputes. I don't want to get into the habit of worrying too much about my scores- good habits and low debt and patience will get you there. I've l
  10. I should have clarified- my HSBC was one that was charging a annual fee- I could not get them to waive it It was stuck at 300 and the only way to get a CLI was to pay $$. I realize that some HSBC cards are great- mine was a junk card.
  11. Norman v. Elkin, 2007 WL 2822798 (D.Del. Sept. 26, 2007) The parties disagreed as to whether Delaware or Pennsylvania statute of limitations law governed. The Court rejected Plaintiff’s argument that Delaware’s internal affairs doctrine warranted application of the Delaware statute of limitations, concluding that it was inapplicable because it pertains only to substantive law, whereas the issue of statute of limitations is a procedural issue.
  12. There are many success stories. Patience and good habits. I think you should concentrate on managing your debt, living within means and create good saving habits. join credit union- set up a savings account- consider this your "credit repair" account- don't use it for anything else- put a small amount into it each month- (an amount you can live without) like 25 or 50 a pay- create a good relationship- wait until you get >1000 ask for a secured credit card for $1000 Use the card wisely- never let the balance exceed 250 and pay each month in full- pay no interest- (remember this is to rebuil
  13. My advice- join a credit union- set up a savings account to be used ONLY for credit repair. Put 25 or 50 a paycheck into this account- wait until you have at least $1000.00 and ask for a secured card. Continue making deposits into the account- never leter utilization over 25%- pay in full pay no interest and you will have a nice tradline- good saving habits and after the account goes unsecure- a nice saings account. I toyed around for years with 300 and 800 cards and never got decent credit offers. I think what helped me was the year of onetime payments and the >1000 tradeline- after about
  14. Also remember there are two types of inquiries- those that everyone sees and effects your score- and those that only you can see- they do not effect your score- do not dispute those.
  15. Whats the date on the report from myfico? Theystore reports for view for a month. Is it dated after or before your disputes? If you have a EQ report number- you should be able to view a 'fresh' report by going through the online dispute section.
  16. Another option is to make bi-weekly payments- Ex: if your loan is 400 a month- pay 200 every other week- Over the course of the year you make 26 payments (the equivelent of paying a extra month) but the result is a reduction in the actual amount of interest you pay- you will be paying more on the priciple- If you can add $25 to each payment- you'll do even better.
  17. If they filed suit its really too late to DV. Go to the consultation with the lawyer- ask him these questions- keep us informed- Good Luck!
  18. I think they are offering you a chance to pay the entire amount in monthly payments- without accruing interest. I bet the $4500 from the CA was a lump sum. If you do not accept a plan they probably will continue to charge interest, and wait until the SOL is almost up and file suit (for the entire amount + interest). CRAP1 regularly updates chargeoffs- killing your score- I've heard the usually do not sell the debt to someone else, and very few get beyond they SOL without a lawsuit.
  19. The three that are showing 0 balance and 'paid as agreed' are HELPING your score. They have nice age to them. If the tradelines that appear as duplicates are positive- i would leave them alone- try to get the lates removed. Do you have proof of the forbearance? Dispute the lates with the CRAs.
  20. No recourse- you paid- it will remain for the entire reporting period. You should have done a PFD, or argued these points prior to paying.
  21. I recommend contacting a NACA lawyer. They cannot threaten to sue you for this debt. Do you have the documentation from the origianl court hearing where they imposed a 1 year time frame?
  22. I use to get all stressed out at work- I changed careers- suffered financial disaster for doing so- got back into my field of work and now have a better appreciation of it. But I go in for the attitude of looking out for myself. i don't let ego's at work bother me- I always laugh at the big A-holes and think- someone has to live with that jerk. In these economic times I just try to stay relevant for my field. And I NEVER complain at work- that gets old- I cross lines and help other out. If they have cutbacks- it's the complainers that will go first.
  23. I don't consider anything that starts you at a $200 or $300 CL and lets you linger there for years as prime. Junk Junk Junk ( I know some people have had good luck with Target)
  24. To answer your question. If you go apply for an auto loan today- the report/score they see is a snapshot of TODAY- it will include your balances as they were last reported by each tradeline you have. Keep in mind that utilization is only part of the score- past lates/chargeoffs etc. will be seen and will effect your scores.