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  1. i got the state attorney generals office working onmy case. home eq has been caling almost every day with something new last week they said i dont have enough fire insurance so they are adding some to my mortgage at they will add 283 to my monthly payment hank at the attorney office got that straightened out, home eq is now apoligizing saying they are so sorry and i am current on my account. but for some reason they are still calling, i don't get it. oh well i think the state is doing what needs to be done. if anyone has trouble with there mortgage co i recommend call your state attorney's office they have to power to handle them. Plus it is free.
  2. my score is really low cause my mortgage co messed me up bad was denied from 3 co to get a car loan my score is at 455 bacase for the last year homw eq says i have only paid partial mayments, they are trying to charge me 1800 fo ra forclosure that was there mistake, they cancaled and said sorry, but then try to charge the fees, any way i nee dto find a card to helpo me score go up, i am still workin gon the mortgage co, but the car places said i have nothing else to show credit.thanks or maybe a secured loan??
  3. i was on a payment agreement w/ home eq and on feb 15 when i got my tax refund i paid the full amout that i owed on the agreement, almost 3000. i ws not behind, payment ws due on 16th, they withdrew the money out of my checking acct i got the bank statement to show it. then on feb 22 they filed foreclosure on me, which home eq told me for almost a month that they did not file on me but the attorney insistaed that they did, i wsa served papers on feb 25. advertised in the news paper, foreclosure papers sent to my husbands other childs mother. i called home eq and the lawyer everyday to try to get the straight, they only way o got them to stop the foreclosure was to put them on three way and have a conference call. home eq refused to ever let me speak ot a manager. okay, i got the foreclosure dismissed, they said there would be no fees because it was a mistake, well now they are calling me telling me that i am behimd 1800$ due to foreclosure fees. this is reflecing on my credit report, i tried to get a car loan this week and they are showing for the last 8 mo htat i am only paying partial payments. how can i fight these guys??? 1. thye are charging me fees that are wrong 2. they embarrassed me 3. oh i can't even tell you the stress they put me under, numb, twitching eye, blood presurre high that was never high before, sleepless nights 4. totally ruined my credit--more embarrassment. HELP!!! i need to get this straghtened out so i can sleep again.