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  1. my daughter ran into that when she requested her free credit reports (not being able to get them online). the site does tell you how to get them via mail, which is what she did. (iirc, she had to print and fill out a form, that was available onthe website, and then mail her request.) she received the reports via mail in about 10 days.
  2. thanks for the links. guess i'll investigate a little more. no AF is definitely a good thing
  3. thanks - got those covered (EQ and TU both over 800) basically trying to figure out if i want to apply - i wasn't really in the market for new card, but hard to pass up if it's a really good card..
  4. when i went online to pay my BofA gold visa card balance, there was a notice that i was pre-selected to apply for their World Points visa card (with 0% APR on purchases for the first 9 billing cycles). this is the first time in the 3 years that i've had my card that i've received an offer/notice on the website. anyone have experience with the world points card?
  5. wooo hoo! i just went online to pay my BofA cc, and noticed my CL had been automatically increased from $7000 to $7900
  6. discusses statute of limitations, TL being dropped from CR, etc.
  7. i just received an email notice that my "new" macy's american express card has been mailed and is on its way... and a reminder to activate it when it arrives since the account number will be new. i'm curious as to whether it will show up on CR with a "new" start date, or if it will retain the 2 years that i already have with macy's visa (since it's not a change that i requested).... hope it doesn't impact my average length of credit history. eta - the original notice that i received mentioned that any balance on macy's visa at the time of the switch would be applied to the new amer express.
  8. when i first received the notice, i glanced at it and thought i was being offered an opportunity to change from macy's visa to macy's amer express. on more careful reading, it appeared that macy's visa is being replaced by macy's amer express across the board. i'm so glad they're doing it with "no annual fee"
  9. i've had my macy's visa card for 2 years (got it automatically when i applied for a macy's store card). i just received a notice in the mail that i will soon receive (before the end of september) the "brand new macy's american express card" that will be replacing macy's visa. it sounds like there will no longer be a macy's visa - just macy's american express? ( ok with me as long as there is no annual fee - the usual am express annual fee is why i haven't previously applied for one.) the notice i received states: "new card, same great rewards plus new benefits; and no annual fee") anyone else receive this notice? ps - the account number will change, so any automatic payments set for macy's visa will need to be changed to the new macy's am express account #
  10. congratulations dinomosin! the 2 year mark may be why i just received a letter from B of A notifying me of a 400 CLI (from $7400 to $7900).
  11. my bad. i misunderstood still, congrats on your modest but welcome $200 increase
  12. i just discovered that sam's club increased my CL from 1200 to 1800 i opened the account in dec. with $800 purchase at 0% intro rate, which i paid off in sept. (perhaps that's what triggered the CLI.)
  13. i recently signed up for BofA privacy assist, and just received my 3 credit reports (and all 3 fico scores!) at no cost. my understanding is that once you sign up, it's an ongoing thing and they charge either $11 or 15/month for monitoring the reports and scores... but do they send out monthly (or quarterly) reports/scores? or only if there's a change? (i haven't fully read the material yet). i didn't realize there was an option to periodically sign up with privacy assist. i figured i would use them for a few months to see how it works, and then cancel if i don't see any ongoing benefit.
  14. i haven't gotten a CLI since i started this thread in march (haven't been denied for one either ) ... but i'm glad to read that CLI's are still being given out
  15. thanks for the info. the offer didn't come with much detail - it mentioned no preset spendng limit but it didn't mention anything about no interest on cash advances. guess i'll go to the BofA wesbite to read up on the finer points of the offer. not sure i'm crazy about a card that won't report credit limit to the cra's...
  16. my BofA visa (gold) card just hit its first b-day, and i received an offer to upgrade to the visa signature w/ world points rewards. any downside to upgrading?
  17. i've done all my banking, checking and savings, through my local credit union since the early '80's... including 2 new car loans with them over the years. my oldest TL with CRA's is my $5000 credit union overdraft account (my cu doesn't charge me a fee when they honor an overdrafted check, although they charge 9% interest if i carry a balance in the od acct...just like a loan). for a short time in the mid-to-late '90's, BofA had branches in hawaii, and i had a BofA IRA account (they offered some great promotional incentives when they came to hawaii)... but when they pulled out of hawaii, i rolled the IRA over into my credit union. i have a BofA cc that turns one year old next month.
  18. do we have you to thank for the infamously-predicted Y2K meltdown... that never happened? if so, thanks!
  19. me too (nurse paralegal).
  20. stickers to motivate - that's cool it's good to hear that are cli's happening
  21. in january i got a chase freedom cc with $4500 limit. i've received one statment and made a payment in feb. i just signed up to view my account online and there was my 2nd statement (which is probably being put into the mail as we type, because the closing date is 3/7). was i ever surprised (and happy!) to see a "congratulations - your credit line has been increased to $6000" message. i think i like this card
  22. my fico seems to be ok with 1-6% util (although i don't check my scores very often, they seem to range from 783-792). if i were to plan on shopping for a mortgage, i would definitely keep the util to closer to 1% for several months prior. i certainly agree with you about interest and fees! don't want them, don't need them! i learned quite a bit over the years how to better manage my finances in general, including credit in particular! good job on getting yours under control