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  1. There you are correct for sure. I took a friend to my CU the other day, he drives a concrete truck and makes a good living. Anyway, he was trying to get preapproved for a car loan. He fills everything out and the agent submitted everything and 5 minutes later told him that underwritting wouldn't approve him because his listed occupation was construction. She resubmitted him as a concrete specialist and he was approved in 10 minutes.
  2. If they weren't sent to you in discovery, they can't be used against you. You object to them as hearsay.
  3. Wow! Just got a letter from them today. I just got a CLI last week of $1000. :-/ "After carefully reviewing your account history and current credit profile, we are advising that we are closing your account for the following reason: -You have opened an excessive number of revolving credit accounts recently" Tried calling to get a real reason and to get the account reopened since I charge about $450 a month to it, then PIF every month. The phone jockey couldn't/wouldn't give me any real information other than they are reviewing everyone's accounts and "proactivly closing accounts deemed unnescesary (sp)". HUH?! Anyway, here's whats on my CRs as of today. Wells Fargo Mortgage (FHA) - CLOSED 01/05/2007 - Paid - 2 30 day lates, 1 60 day late, 1 120 day late EECU Mortgage (FHA) - OPEN (refi) - $99020 balance EECU Auto Loan - CLOSED 03/14/2008 - Paid - Never late EECU Auto Loan - OPEN 02/2008 - $28000 original balance $1300 balance (Will be PIF 12/28/2008) Citi Financial Personal Loan - CLOSED 07/2008 - Paid - Never late First Premier - $250 CL - CLOSED at customers request - Paid - Never late HSBC Best Buy - $520 CL - CLOSED at customers request - Paid - Never late HSBC Orchard - $600 CL - CLOSED at customers request - Paid - Never late HSBC Household - $500 CL - CLOSED at customers request - Paid - Never late EECU MC - $1500 - OPEN 07/2007 - $111 balance - Never late WFB (Cabela's) - $3500 - OPEN 09/2007 - $0 balance - Never late Target - $200 - OPEN 05/2008 - $10 balance - Never late WFNNB Victoria's Secret - $900 - OPEN 04/2007 - $0 balance - Never late Hooters - $1750 - OPEN 10/2007 - $0 balance - Never late Nat. City - $4500 - OPEN 08/2008 - $281 balance - Never late Chase - $3100 - OPEN 08/2008 - $0 balance - Never late OK, so that's 7 open revolving accounts, 4 closed revolving accounts, 1 open mortgage, 1 closed mortgage, 1 open auto loan, 1 closed auto loan, and 1 closed personal loan. So I dunno what the real reason is, or if the 3 accounts I opened this year are "excessive". It's a shame to loose that history (and those d@mn Hooters Points, I so wanted that flash light), but I guess I'll live. So word of warning to others, just beware they are "proactivly reviewing accounts".
  4. In my experience, it can take up to 90 days. If you're in a rush to get it gone, dispute it as obsolete.
  5. Nor would anyone here blame you. I don't agree with a JDB issuing a 1099c for several reasons. First and foremost, the 1099c should be just principal, not interest, late fees, over the limit fees, etc... Which, as we all know, is never the case when a JDB tries to collect. Example from DW's personal experience. When we married, I put her on my Verizon plan, she cancled her plan, but didn't get a final bill and never paid it, so this old Cingular account from 6 years ago was $28, now AFNI says it's nearly $900. Help me out with the math here, but there is no way a $28 bill turns into $900 without all those fees. Since we do have a copy of the final bill from Cingular via a 623 letter, we know this for fact. This account is OOS and falls off in 6 months, so I don't really care what they try. Back to the topic at hand though. This would have to be contested in court, federal court at that. Which you would have to pay, if you could find one, an attorney for, and technically, you'd be paying for the IRS's attornies too. I for one don't have that kind of money laying around, but if you do, by all means, please make us some case law.
  6. @ andres When disputed with a CRA, if requested, they have to provide the method they used to verify the information. @ dizzyliz Yes, they can ask for this information. But I'll make it easy for you. They used eoscar.
  7. An 83 year old man decided he couldn't wait the 3-5 seconds for us to clear an intersection (read failed to yield right of way) so turned left in front of us (we were doing 30-35). Bad thing is (or good, depending how you look at it) the car is a total loss, we'll find out what insurance is going to give us for it tomorrow. Good thing is, the old man literally **** himself. So, at least there was some humor in it other than getting the title just a few hours before. And before you go off ranting and raving about how cruel that is to say about another human being, I don't care. He took the lives of three strangers into his hands with his impatience and got to drive his car away while suffering only a little bit of humiliation. The DW can hardly move, can't work since she can't move and I have a 4 year old waking up with nightmares every night since then. Anyhow, didn't intend to thread jack. If it makes you feel any better, I actually had to have a tooth completely pulled due to a bad seal on a cap. The tooth pretty much rotted away under the cap. Good luck at the dentist. They should give you some nice drugs though.
  8. Yup, there is. DW paid off her car 3 weeks ago. Got the title Saturday morning and got this 3 hours later.
  9. Uh Oh. Someone's been visiting InsideArm. Careful over there. It can turn your brain to mush.
  10. I stand corrected then. My understanding was it only applied to 3rd party collectors, which an in-house collector would not be considered third party. Ah well. I posed the question to my attorney and he gave me a very long pause before saying he'd look into it. You want some. I just got a brand new bottle of 90.
  11. It only took about two weeks. We hired a lawyer who filed the claim against their bond + atty fees. Probably the easiest $500 he made that entire week.
  12. I'm doped up on Demerol, so this may sound assish without meaning to. My higher brain functions are non existent at this point. IMHO, I think it would be beyond a stretch of the imagination to apply the TFC to an OC concerning debt collection. However, I would have to re-read the subsection concerning telephone calls, harassment, et al. If I remember correctly, you may be able to apply the deceptive trade practices amendment to them, but like I said, high on Demerol.
  13. Yes, Wamu now owns the rights to Providian. About the only option you have is to send Wamu a 623 letter CMRRR.