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  1. Alright, I got a letter today from Palisades. Inside was a photocopy of what appears to be the last bill from a Verizon account from Feb. 2003. It's in my name, of course, but the problems are these: 1.) I've never had Verizon phone service, and 2.) the address attached to this bill is an address that I've never lived. What's my next move?
  2. About six months ago I had Palisades reporting on my credit a $359 collection. I sent them a DV letter and the TL was removed from my report. I never received a dunning letter initially, and they never sent me any correspondence after I DV'ed them. Well, today I get an email notice from my credit monitoring that there's new activity. Guess who's back? I still haven't received any dunning letters or anything. They do have to dun me first before they can place TL's on my CR, right?
  3. If you really wanna read something funny, check out There's a whole community of people who take it upon themselves to bait these Nigerian scammers and attempt to waste their time by making them believe they are talking to potential suckers...and it's perhaps the funniest thing I've ever read on the internet.
  4. Is there such a thing as an IP address ban? If so, c'mon mods make it happen.
  5. The matter-of-fact, emotionless killing of animals by a child is the disturbing thing. That's one of those behaviors that practically every serial killer exhibited before they got into the business of murder. This kid is too young to diagnose and medicate, and too young to prosecute, so I'm not sure what should be done. Terrible story all the way around.
  6. I'm savvy at the internets. - because you never know when the next scandal will drop. - important. espn page 2 - gotta get those sports opinions. espn insider - i don't pay 3 dollars a month for nothing. espn fantasy - because cobra kai dojo needs productive players off waivers. - I need a daily reminder that my credit file sucks. - i'm concerned with health care.
  7. Wow...lusting after your elderly pastor. I think that makes baby Jesus cry. There's a term for this--it's called sexual deviancy. This is easily the most awesome post of the year.
  8. Actually I was that far out of the loop. But after a quick google image search... Yep, I'm caught back up now.
  9. Nothing says "thanks for not getting knocked up in high school" like a 1993 Mazda Miata. Hell, it couldn't hurt.
  10. I can only speak from a man's perspective on this. Specifically, I can only speak on this man's perspective on this. Boys, especially pubescent boys, are idiots. Essentially what happens during puberty is that a boy goes from having no hormones at all to having the hormone levels of a full-grown man practically overnight. Almost instantaneously girls go from "being icky" to being these magical, sweet-smelling goddesses. I'm not saying that pubescent boys have zero self control, but their erections will trump any kind of logic almost every time. Girls are the ones that have to be strong. Girls are the ones we have to count on to make good decisions. Girls are the referees when it comes to sex. A boy will do whatever a girl wants him to do. If a girl doesn't want to have sex, then no sex will be had.
  11. I find it odd why anyone knows about their sexuality at all. The very notion of defining yourself by what constitutes your sexuality makes no sense to me--be it "virgin" or "gay" or whatever. I have a friend who is gay that I asked about this. I asked him why he wears his sexuality so openly and even defines himself by it. All he could say was that it was so different being gay than being heterosexual that I couldn't understand the culture of homosexuality...which might be true, but I don't think so; I'm an educated person, and I feel like I can understand things outside of myself. I think gays have been victimized and marginalized for so long that they have developed a victim culture. I suppose it is harder to be gay than be straight. Maybe this is why everyone picks on virgins. It's not fashionable to pick on gays anymore. Virgins are now the "sexual deviants" that it's still permissible to ridicule. And I'm okay with that.
  12. Their virginity is a market-researched, artificially-constructed part of their image. They're humping like rabbits. Mark it. There was a time when Britney Spears was applauded for being a virgin. That seems like a long time ago, doesn't it? But good for them if they're virgins. But it's odd to be parading yourself around as a virgin who's going to hold out until marriage--they seem to be setting themselves up for failure. In our sex-soaked society, it's hard for an awkward, gangly loser to keep his virginity for very long; it must be impossible for two good-looking Hollywood types to keep it.
  13. I was as pure as the wind-driven snow when I was a 16 year-old lad, but it was not by choice. I had no game. And none of the girls I hung out with at the time were giving it up either. Looking back on it, those were prime a$$-getting years. A 16 year old boy is built for sex--he's skinny, strong legs and back, great stamina, experimental, willing to please, all about foreplay...probably doesn't have the best staying power, but that can be learned. I'm with you woody, I don't understand all this self-mandated male virginity. Virginity, much like marriage, is rarely if ever a man's preference. We get talked into it. We're made to believe these things are our best options...mostly because we believe what women tell us. I'm not advocating young people being sexual libertines, but it's sad when young people are made to believe that sex is this fantastic, mind-blowing, sublime, life-changing thing (which I guess it is the first couple of times) that one MUST wait until marriage for, and then they mistake all these natural hormonal desires for something like love...and end up married at 18 as a result. Then they have sex for the first time and discover, "hey, that was cool, but that wasn't really THAT big a deal." And now they're married. And now they're divorced. Just do it and get it over with, you asexual freaks.
  14. You know how I know that I'm completely, 100 percent out of the pop culture loop? Because this is the first time I've ever heard of these two people.
  15. Bonus points for going above and beyond. That's helpful. That's super-helpful. That's Bob-the-Tomato helpful.