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  1. Just used this code today. Got 26% off total order. NOVEMBER26
  2. For the rest of this week, I work in Quality Control at a pharmaceutical research company. Then, at the end of this month, I will start working for the Social Security Administration as a Benefits Authorizer.
  3. Although this version uses "Shirley Temple" in place of "Astaire" from the original version. It also leaves out my favorite from the list, so I've decided to include it. It was usually the last one listed, so by the time I got to it on the list, I'd lost any composure I had been trying to maintain. This is probably my all-time favorite email forward.
  4. I'm with USAA and the same thing happened there. They cancelled both my debit card and my Mastercard, changed the account numbers, and I'm waiting on the new ones. They indicated that there was a breach of Mastercard's systems and folks account numbers may have been compromised.
  5. Does anyone have recommendations for easy web site desing? I'm helping my little brother who's starting a business with a few things, and this is one of them. I don't know HTML or anything, I'm just looking for a sort of "Click here, click there, add some content" type of thing. We won't be doing eCommerce or anything, it will mostly be informational, 4-5 pages with contact links and such. I started one using Microsoft's officelive.com for small business, but the options are a little too limited there. Mostly it's the color options and header design options that are frustrating me. Anyway, I of course would prefer a free program or site, but we could spend a little cash for something that has an exceptional value. I look forward to any suggestions you may have.
  6. I certainly understand your points, and keep in mind I was not trying to be argumentative. My concern was that it is unlikely that everyone will pick up on the rhetoric of the question, and as such, may be left with a lopsided view of the issue. My post was not intended as a direct response to Big Woody, whom I have a great deal of respect for, although I can see how it may have appeared that way. It was merely intended to answer for future readers, especially newcomers without a lot of "credit knowledge", why it does make a difference. I quoted his passage merely because it contained the question I was answering. It was my attempt to create a fuller view of the issue that may not have been apparent after reading the posts that preceeded it. I try to stay cognizent of the fact that while I am a great deal more knowledgeable than I used to be, I was clueless about these issues just a year ago, and that many readers of this board are probably in the same boat I was.
  7. It is hard to say for sure that the info is 100% current from the others, since I'm not specifically comparing the info on Chase ID against a report pulled from TU or EQ that particular day. However, it does APPEAR that the info from the others is current based on what I can see. IQ's are reflected accurately, CC balances are accurate, etc. I'm guessing that there is potential for TU to update my report, and it may take a day or two to reflect on Chase ID, but since I only check weekly, I probably wouldn't notice.
  8. You have to do some reading of the OP's other posts to get that info. OP, here's my thoughts. I understand EQ is saying that you received a free report already this year, and you say you have not. Did you happen to ask the EQ rep when your last report was supposedly received, and how it was requested? Might be a useful thing to know. I've heard of some services pulling your free report instead of purchasing one, so it can happen without a person necessarily realizing it. My suggestion would be to go to the EQ site and request a report because you were denied credit or you received unfavorable terms. You can pretty much get one anytime you want that way. It may ask for a lender or insurance company name, but they've never verified whether any of my denial claims were legitimate. If I apply for credit and I'm denied, I request a new report from all three agencies, whether they were pulled for the application or not. I've never been denied a report. Another thought I have is that you may be overloading EQ with info, making it MORE difficult to help you, not LESS difficult. If you are sending redundant info via email, CMRRR, and over the phone, you may be compounding your frustration. I don't know how EQ handles their customer service calls, but you are running the potential of having multiple tickets opened up, with different people trying to do the same work, unaware of any further discussions you may have had with another rep. To assume that each rep is aware of what the other has said, done, or received may not be to your benefit.
  9. Those who only use the CC for emergency situations care quite a bit about the rate. If I have to access a couple thousand dollars for some emergency situation and I don't have the cash on hand, then I may have to put it on the CC. Since I didn't have the cash, chances are I won't be able to PIF at the end of the month. That is when having an acceptable rate matters. It seems irresponsible to me to ignore the interest rate on the card because you THINK you'll be able to PIF all the time. Insuring you have the best rate available to you regardless of whether you'll be carrying a balance seems much more reasonable to me. OP - My guess is that they are trying to get rid of as many WAMU branded cards as they can. I bet they'd be more than happy to have you apply for a Chase card, and your rate will be much more palatable. Depending on your situation, I'd lose the balance but leave it open, especially if you have a decent history length with WAMU. Plus, it looks like a good portion of your credit is through store cards, so you may want that CL around in the event of an emergency.
  10. Just want to correct this for those who may be looking for credit monitoring service. Chase ID Protection DOES allow daily pulls. I used to check it daily while I was disputing items. Now I pull once a week to make sure nothing funny is going on (caught an unauthorized IQ that way).
  11. OK....so that crashing sound you all heard last week was me falling off the wagon. Well, it was more plummeting than falling. But I don't feel too bad about it. It was birthday week, and for the first time I can remember the weather didn't suck for my birthday, so that meant . Anyway, I broke down and had a little caffeine (I was really missing the sweet tea). I also went the fast food route for a few days. I'm thankful I did though, because I couldn't hardly stand to eat the food. It was sooooo freaking salty. It helped me realize how bad all the crap I HAD been eating was, and how good the stuff I'm eating is now. I tried making my own hummus, and it was a disaster. Used two different recipes, and both lack flavor. There's plenty of spices in there, they just don't taste that good. I'll stick to Mohammed's. It's locally made in KC, and the flavor is amazing. Why try to write a song when Mozart lives down the street and sells his stuff cheap? So, now that the birthday guantlet has been run, my new goals are to abstain from caffeine and alcohol for the next 60 days (you fine Irish lads and lasses will have to celebrate without me ), get back to eating healthier, and START TAKING THIS EXERCISZE THING SERIOUSLY!!!!! I also just tested for a new gig with the Social Security Office. I think it went well, but who knows? I think about 400 people tested for 30 openings, and these aren't a bunch of flunkies (you have to have a degree or or a few years experience as a claims adjuster in insurance or a similar field just to qualify to test), so wish me luck. Anyway, I hope you are all doing well with your endeavors.
  12. I know this is an old post, but I thought I'd throw my thoughts/questions in here since it's been revived. I get the concept and follow most of the logic. My concern is in regards to the interest earned on the savings account. If this is the money that you are using to pay the loan back, then you are not going to be getting 2.6% on the full $1000, right? I'm no math wiz, but here's my reasoning. If we follow this plan and pay back $500 the first month, then $100 each month after, then your savings account balance will be decreasing every month, thus the interest earned will also decrease. So if you made your loan payment on the last day of each month (allowing for maximum interest earned on your savings), your interest earned at the end of each month would be 2.17, 1.09, 0.87, 0.65, 0.43, & 0.28, totalling $5.49 in interest in earned. Keep in mind my numbers do not factor interest earned on the interest re-invested, so the number will be slightly higher, but no where near the $13.00 suggested. In the above scenario, you'll actually lose around $7.00. Now, that may still be acceptable to someone wishing to use this method, I just felt it important to point out my concerns regarding the accuracy of the sample numbers. I don't believe the OP intended to mislead anyone, my guess is it was just an oversight. I do want to reiterate that I'm no financial guru, and I could be misunderstanding how interest works. If that's the case, please offer any corrections, because I certainly would like to understand this stuff better than I do now. It is still an intriguing subject, and I'll be looking more into the benefits. Thanks for the post.
  13. My concern with this advice is that it doesn't seem to take into consideration the OP's situation. The OP indicated that the SOL will be up in three weeks. It seems unlikely that Cap One can sue and get a judgement that quickly, but I could be wrong. However, it also assumes the OP wouldn't show up in court to defend themselves, which seems unlikely as well. While your post may be more or less accurate in certain circumstances, it relies heavily on assumptions regarding the OP's actions. I will agree with you that one shouldn't make decisions based on credit scores alone, but I don't think that's the OP's intention, based on the original post. While it is a factor in the decision-making process, it doesn't appear to be the only factor.
  14. Hey Worried, Here's my thoughts on your situation. I too have the same situation, to a lesser degree, in that I have a CO with Cap One from back in the day. A $350 card now has a $2500 balance, and it updates every month as a new CO. It is one of the 2 negative accounts left on my reports, and is having a similar effect on my FICO score. Heck, it looks like I'm even from the same city as you. The difference in our situations, besides the amount of the debt, is the fact that my TL is scheduled to fall off at the end of this year, and yours looks like it will be on your report for another 2-2.5 years. I recently applied for a mortgage, and my lender indicated that I was approved, provided that I take care of the Cap One account and the other negative account on my report. If I did not clear those up, they would not approve the loan. So, assuming your lender will take a similar stand, you have to decide what is most important for you. On the one hand, settling probably will not improve your score, and therefore will not help in regards to getting a lower mortgage rate. However, NOT settling may prevent you from getting the loan altogether, so in that regard settling will most definitely benefit you. You'll have to decide whether or not purchasing the house now is the best thing for you. Your score is probably going to remain the same whether you settle or not, as Cap One will report for the full 7 years. I know nothing about your housing situation, so I'll not make a recommendation either way. I will, however, share that I decided against settling, and therefore against purchasing a house right now. I am betting that home prices will continue to drop over the next several months, or at the very least, not increase significantly by this time next year. So, I'll save my settlement money, let the TL fall off in 10 months, and reapply next year if I find a house I want. I wish you the best of luck.
  15. I do not carry a balance. I try to use it once a month or so for something small, and I pay it off a few days later.
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