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  1. The account was opened in MO hummmmm tell me more about filing against midland
  2. DBF moved to La from MO in Jan of this year, he recieved a summons for Midland where he used to live. I filed for a continuance since he didn't find out about it for almost a full month after it was served. I sent Midlands attorney a letter asking what it was all about and they sent a complete statement history from the OC from open to close and that was it period. I have not been able to get ahold of the OC First Bank of Deleware to obtain a copy of the application, We are still not sure if this was opened by an ex girlfriend he had or not. She id it to him once before and it cost him a bunch of money and not to mention she fouled up his bank account BIG TIME too, but that is taken care of. Anyhow, we are past the RCP in MO BUT I did get those statements from Kramer and Frank. One thing that strikes me weird is Kramer and Frank advied to make the check out to them if he paid it and not to Midland. (Still scratching my head on that one but something aint right there) I am in the process of speaking to an attorney in MO on this but his answers aren't coming fast enough and the court date is fast approaching and I cannot get there to file another continuance.
  3. Is this person still around? I am being sued by Midland. I no longer live in MO and wasn't living there at the time they filed the suit. The people that live at the address now knew who I was and called me to tell me about the summons, Summons was served on 8/9/2010 I was advised on 9/8/2010, I emailed the clerk of court for a copy of the summons and then send the attorney a DV, they sent statements from the day the account was opened to the day it was closed. I filed a motion with the clerk to have the case dismissed as I no longer live there and cannot travel 665 miles to go there they gave me a continuance until Oct 18th which is fast approaching and I cannot get another continuance unless I show up in person which I can't do. Somone HELP!
  4. The idiot comment was geared towards the OC and EX not towards anyone on here I am just so frustrated with it. I keep getting the run around when it comes to EX. The only thing in 19 months that I have been able to get off EX is 4 CA's that no longer owned the accounts that were reproted. The OC did send me a response to my 623 and it was in order to dispute such as indicated as per the FCRA you must 1st dispute it with the CRA's. To me this looks like they are throwing the CRA's under the bus and admitting that they have never recieved and request from the CRA's to dispute this account. I disputed it with EX 2 times EQ 6 times and TU 6 times. Out of 14 total disputes they are indicating that they did not recived none of those? I humored them and disputed it with TU and EQ and TU deleted in 2 days, goodwill gesture from TU I don't know, I am still waiting on EQ results, BUT EX I get the previously investigated BS. I looked over the enourmous stack of paper work I have and for EX I disputed the account 2 times in the span of 19 months, and not for the same reasons, since EX will aloow you to dispute line by line before they deem your dispute frivilous, I have 4 lines left to use. One thing that sticks out in my mind was the person on the alleged 1st Premier end said not once but twice they sold the account to Arrow along with all the information about the account and that is all they have in their system, BUT can verifiy a DOFD? Something just doesn't set right with that.
  5. I have already done a 623 and was advised by 1st Premier that I had to dispute it with the CRA's first, noe I am NOT an idiot, I have been at this for almost 2 years, I DID dispute this account NUMEROUS times. I have already attacked this account line by line with EX several times, seems like I go from top to bottom on itmes so I have probably disputed this account 8 times already. It IS reporting INACCURATLEY DOFD June 2003 IT HAS NO REPORT UNTIL DATE not only is it inaccurate, it is incomplete. I KNOW they can legally report it even though they sold it, BUT they have to report it correctly to ALL 3 CRA's, they CANNOT report different DOFD's. I DID ask for a FULL accounting of this account and told they WILL NOT send me any inforamtion on this account in Feb 2008 or in the furture becaue I was working with a CRO which was not true LOL. The only reason I called EX was to get them to remove the previoulsy investigated notation so I can dispute it again as per the DF and offered to send EX a copy of the letter as proof of my intentions. This is NOT the CA this is the OC that I am dealing with, the CA went POOF in 2008 when I first started my repair. So I ask once again, Do I send EX a written dispute with a copy of the letter from the OC?
  6. Online disputing can either bite you in the butt or work to your benefit Just because it worked to your benefit the 1st time don't expect it to work again. Now, if you have things on your report that are so old the spiders even moved on to fresher webs then fine, but for things that are not out of SOL for colelcting and reporting, or for CA's that are NONE to violate the law and OC's too paper trail is the only way to go. You have to think about one thing, woud a judge see a electronic dispute as plausable evidence?
  7. I guess I should start at the beginning on this one. In Feb 2008 I sent 1st Premier a letter asking for verification on an account, they ent me a letter stating that they WILL NOT send me any information on this account as it appeared that I was working with a CRO LOL. I disputed the account as it was reporting different delinq dates and drop dates between the 3 CRA's, every time it came back verified. I sent 1st Premier a letter asking if any of the CRA's contacted them on certain dates regarding my previous disputes, I got a letter back from them stating to dispute the accounts directly through the CRA's. I disputed in online with TU POOF deleted! EQ I am still waiting and EX well got the previously investigated BS. I found an EX email addy and shot off an email asking for someone to re dispute the account as per 1st Premiers request, The lady said she called them and they said they needed authorization from me to release any information to her. I told her they idn't need my authroization to dispute it 9 times before, so she said call her at EX, I called EX got her voice mail over and ver never got a call back, So I called a different EX number and got transfered to someone in her department. The EX person I spoke to conferenced called 1st Premier regular customer service in with me, EX asked 1st Premier some questions she said they didn't have the account anymore, he asked her more questions, she said we dont have the account but I see a last payment on June 2003, Ex tells her thank you and good bye, leaves me on the line and I asked so since they don't have the account it gets deleted, Ex says NOOOOO she confirmed the last payment, I said but they DO NOT HAVE THE ACCOUNT and she admitted it TWICE and said he would have to get the info from Arrow that is who the account was sold to. So, EX said the account reamins as unchanged. Can that phone conversation be construed as a PROPER dispute? There is no proof of the conversation, how do I know that was 1st Premier on the other end and not someone in a different dept at EX? Now according to the FCRA section 611 they HAVE to investigate EVERY dispute they get UNLESS deemed frivilous, it has not been deemed frivilous at this point. With that said, should I send EX a written dispute along with 1st Premiers letter and ask them to re investigate this account sa per the DF request?
  8. Did you consult WhyChat like I suggested? Did you look up your NJ state laws on the repo process like I suggested? I posted some links for you to read somewhere else, did you read them?
  9. I sent an email to someone in the big office at EQ and asked them to look into 2 accounts that were deleted as obsolete on Aug 1st, on Aug 14th they popped back up BUT with different DOFD's. Well, I gave confrimation #'s for at least 7 reports to prove my point. The date of my email was August 17th, the date of their result letter was August 18th, BUT and I quote word for word: "Once an acct is opened, the acct may appear on the credit file for 7-10 years from the DATE OF LAST ACTIVITY, If you have any furhter questions contact the DF" Hummmmm, Since when does a CO get drop according to a DOLA? the account well states CO, there is NO DOLA listed only the DOFD which according to the FCRA is what is consdered in firguring out the drop date. How can I used this letter to my benefit? 1 they DID NOT properly investigate this account IN ONE DAY and get a response from the DF and mail my results dated the next day. 2 it seems that EQ has taken it upon themselves to rewrite the FCRA and was kind enough to send it to me in BLACK AND WHITE!
  10. In the TILA I found this § 226.5 General disclosure requirements. (2) Periodic statements. (i) The creditor shall mail or deliver a periodic statement as required by § 226.7 for each billing cycle at the end of which an account has a debit or credit balance of more than $1 or on which a finance charge has been imposed. A periodic statement need not be sent for an account if the creditor deems it uncollectible, or if delinquency collection proceedings have been instituted, or if furnishing the statement would violate federal law. (ii) The creditor shall mail or deliver the periodic statement at least 14 days prior to any date or the end of any time period required to be disclosed under § 226.7(j) in order for the consumer to avoid an additional finance or other charge.10 A creditor that fails to meet this requirement shall not collect any finance or other charge imposed as a result of such failure. § 226.9 Subsequent disclosure requirements. (2) Notice not required. No notice under this section is required when the change involves late payment charges, charges for documentary evidence, or over-the-limit charges; a reduction of any component of a finance or other charge; suspension of future credit privileges or termination of an account or plan; or when the change results from an agreement involving a court proceeding, or from the consumer's default or delinquency (other than an increase in the periodic rate or other finance charge).
  11. I can find this info in the TILA? I haven't gotten a statement from then since whew I can't remember when.
  12. I am sorry you feel that there is little I can do, there is a LOT I can do. Which channels to go through is where I am having a problem. Delta Dawn thank you for including your letter, it gives me hope. I have letters drafted and copies of reports dating back 3 years as evidence to include with my letters as well as STATEMENTS from July and August 2002 showing July as my last payment thus proving 8/2002 as the DOFD. I have sustaining evidence I jsut don't know WHO to send it to that will get the job done.
  13. You will have more success after removing old addresses in my opinion. BEWARE on EX if ANY of the old addresses are linked to an old address EX WILL NOT remove that address and WILL verifiy any dispute by ASSOCIATION, they WILL NOT forward your dispute to the DF for verification.
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