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  1. Funny thing! Our fares just increased! So now the bus is $15 a week. And a monthly pass is $60. And I realized that I'm only paying the local bus fare instead of the express bus fare. The driver called it a 'reverse fare discount'. But thank goodness my car will be ready tomorrow:)
  2. Thanks for the encouragement!! I really appreciate it:D I had to come update you all with my progress. Well, the slimmy car salesman called and basically read some script about how his manager wants him to do whatever it takes to close potential customers. So I said no thanks I'm really don't want to buy a car right now. Then he replied with "So are you just gonna walk... or take the bus forever?" I have never had someone talk to me like that! Needless to say I hung up on him... But good news: 1-The Honda is getting fixed next week for an affordable price- by a former dealership repair man (who only drives Honda's). 2-Got all the inquires from car shopping deleted (from all 3 bureaus) through the Fraud victim route. 3- EQ FICO went up 20 points after a negative acct was deleted. And yeah the bus costs $13 weekly b/c it takes an Express Bus to get to my job. These cost a bit more b/c they take the highway and only make stops at a few businesses. But we have commuter benefits w/ my company. Thanks again for all the advice you all have provided me with.
  3. I would first like to say thank you for CIC! My new year's resolution was to repair my credit and thanks to this website I'm actually doing it. So like any life change, there is always a test of will. Last week my beloved 92' Honda Accord started stalling. Basically my transmission is about dead. At that time I thought the best thing to do would be to just buy another car. Now let's keep in mind I'm not rich by any means. And only have a few extra $$ left and the end of the month after saving, paying household bills, and reducing my debt. So I applied for 5 loans in 2 days! All denied... I was totally discouraged. After 9 months of hardwork I still can't get anything!!! Then I went to a suzuki dealership, and of course I was approved... But then it hit me. Buying a car is such a waste of money. Why would I take on 10's of thousands of debt, when I haven't paid the debt I have now? Is my income about to skyrocket just b/c i got a new car? Of course not! Which is only going to put me back a square 1. I walked off the car lot feeling completely liberated! I am in control of my finances. From now on I will use my income and credit wisely. I know you may be wondering well how are you going to get around? Well until I can get my car fixed or purchase another older model Honda. I will be using public transportation. Which cost approx. $13 per week. So I'm saving almost $34 a week from not having to buy gas! Thanks Robert Nashville! I've read many of your posts. But the one about taking the car payment money and investing it over 3 years was amazing!
  4. I have a question. I understand that auto loans for people with bad credit are the worst. But what loan options does a person have when they don't have any money saved, and don't have a means to transportation. I recently had my beloved Honda Accord break down. Yes, she's 100 years old so I wasn't that shocked. But now I have no way to get around without wasting $$ renting a car. I've applied with all the snake lenders and was still declined. I would go the "buy here pay here" route but I don't have an extra $2000 laying around for a DP. I've been working on my credit since Jan, and I seen great improvement as far as getting baddies removed and paid but evidently that's not enough. B/c now my problem is that I don't have sufficient comparable high credit or insufficient amount of tradelines. I am truly frustrated... Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. Thanks for your help. I should be receiving some $$ soon, so I'll just pay the remaining balance and wait... I can't buy anything b/c the limit on my statments is $0 Also if I have charged off BOA account(paid) will they reconsider me for a secured card? I have 3 accounts with them currently. Since I'm getting this money I would like to save/repair/rebuild all at once.
  6. I sent a letter disputing the balance amount on the account. Per my records it shouldn't be over $300. There may be another company attempting to collect this debt, but only First Premier is reporting to the CRA's. I have received letters from CCS regarding this account. But I thought I needed to contact the OC since they are the ones reporting. Giving the current reported amount if I can settle for around $250 or less I will gladly do so. This is debt that I incurred and I take full responsibility. But I don't won't to pay any additional fees that a collection agency may have tacked on just for the heck of it. Has anyone had any luck with First Premier and PFD?
  7. I sent First Premier an investigation letter after I disputed with the CRA. They replied with this... Dear **: Thank you for contacting us regarding credit card account ending ***. You indicated that you wish to dispute or verify information on your credit report and referenced the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and/or the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA). If you disagreee with how your account is being reported, you must dispute the information directly with a consumer credit reporting agency. Then it goes on the list the contact info for the CRA's Please be advised that we are obligated to report accurate information to the credit reporting agencies and are unable to change information that has been reported correctly. If you have futher questions, please contact our Customer Service Department...Blah blah blah What the heck is this and what am I supposed to do with it? I sent a letter requesting investigation. They have done nothing. I already disputed with the CRA, and to prove it TU "updated" the balance from $419 to $0. Then EX "updated" the balance and put $420 instead of $419. Where do I go from here? Should I just PFD or attempt to contact a higher up?
  8. 123 you think your scores were sad... I found this website in Jan 08 after making a New Years Resolution. My HIGH score was 484. They've improved around 40 or so points across the board, which aren't great scores, but I've had so many improvements. This site was truly a blessing. I still don't qualify for any new credit or a car loan for that fact (driving a '92 Accord). But I'm so happy with the way my report looks compared to Jan. My goal is to be in the 600 club by Jan 09. Good Luck to everyone!
  9. Thank you! I know this is an older post, but the last reply was exactly the answer I was looking for. So yes, it did help someone... This is such a great website!!
  10. Currently I have a CJ account ($2500) that just started reporting, an old secured loan that I paid off in '03, and 2 student loans(deferred). Everything else is charged off. I guess even with it closed I will still have to pay the balance, so I might as well keep it open. It was just discouraging that I've been working so hard to get these things cleaned up, and they won't work with me. Thanks for your help.
  11. I've been on the journey of credit repair/rebuilding for about 8 months now, but I still have a long way to go and need some help. I've had an Express account for about 6 years. As of 01/08 it was 120 days late and about to be closed. I finally answered a collection call and made a $200 payment which brought my balance to about $300 (including the $100 credit from the agent). Since I had been delinquent so many times my CL was showing $0 on my statments, but $110 on my credit reports (originally $1000). The agent said that after 6 months of on time payments they would reinstate my CL... Fast forward 6 months on time, more than the min payments... No increase! I called and the "floor manager" said that b/c of my score I wasn't eligible for an increase. I am furious. This account has MANY late payments over the years and only the last 6 months of on time/pays as agreed. So my question is... Based on the CL, balance owed ($192.12 as of 8/3/08), and int rate (22.49%). Would it hurt or benefit me to close this account. Or should I try the goodwill approach in a few months after I've paid this account off. FAKO - FICO TU-543 - 520 EQ-557 - 484 EX-507 -516
  12. I searched here under "Rapid Rescore" and got the information that you all have shared. The method above makes it seem like the consumer can use the process him/herself. It seemed a bit shady, but I just wanted to be sure. Thanks for the info.
  13. I read this today, and I was wondering if anyone has known of this to actually work... Thanks in advance for the input Self Credit Repair IV - How to delete erroneous items in a few days Today, I will cover how to do 'rapid rescore' (Credit Repair) for free. Average turnaround time is about 3business days. Transunion's call center has a department called the 'mortgage pending department'. It's very important to know that this department is for mortgages only, and not other types of transactions. The borrower will first need to apply for a mortgage before calling Transunion. Transunion will see the 'credit inquiry' from the mortgage lender, and proceed with the call. They will ask for closing date, broker's company, loan officer's name, and phone numbers. Make sure you have this in front of you before you call! Once you speak to a live agent, you will need to explain to them that you have a mortgage closing within X amount of days. Ask the live agent to be transferred to the 'mortgage pending department'. Remember that not ever call center has a mortgage pending department. If this happens, the live agent will tell you to hang up and call again. Otherwise, they will transfer you to the 'mortgage pending department'. This department will go ahead and ask you a series of questions. Basically, why are you disputing this item, who told you about us, when is your closing, etc. Make sure to say that 'the mortgage lender told you about the department'! Doing this type of credit repairing is quicker, and no cost to your borrowers. Equifax's live agents are able to handle these requests without being transferred. They call it the 'expedited process'. Make sure that you sound URGENT and/or DEMANDING on the phone. If you dont care about it being done neither will the agent.
  14. Hello fellow newbie:)++, I was in the same situation when I first found this site (Jan 08). I rarely reply to anything, so this is a stretch for me... I would suggest that you read/print the newbie primer/sticky b/f you contact any of your creditors. Make sure you follow the steps exactly as they pertain to the laws. It is important that you read, search, and read some more. All your questions have most likely already been answered. You just have to find them. I've had 7 collection accounts and 2 charge offs deleted since I started. All for the cost of postage (CMRRR) and by following the advice on this site. Success may not come quickly, but persistance always pays off. Good Laboring Under Correct Knowledge