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  1. its not that i want to hide from it, i want to pay them off. i have a low income job at the moment. the laws in my state said 75% of all wages are exempt from garnishment... so if they want to garnish 25% of my measly paycheck i dont think it will help them much...(job market is terrible around here, cant find work in my field, so i took a bs job..). so at the moment im stuck here. if i take a second job or find a better one, then i can pay. so another question, when i get some good income, should i call and set up a payment plan with them? what if they already have a judgment? what should i do first when im ready? btw, its getting close to the SOL i think. i dont know how much that matters in this situation...
  2. ive been out of work for about 5 months. i guess i was judgment proof temporarily. ive already had the arbitration papers sent to me, i dont know if they were awarded judgment against me or not. i havent heard anything about it for a few months. they still call once in awhile. but now i have a job i started last week. if they find out can they still get a judgment against me to garnish my wages? how would they know?
  3. ok lets say a guy has developed mild bad credit history and has some credit card debt. then he finishes college and prepares to find a job. how badly will he be affected in getting a job?
  4. im getting letter from a local law firm trying to collect a credit card debt ive had for nearly 2 years now. first they assigned it to several different collectors, then they threatened with the arbitration letter. now theyre bringing it local so they can take me to court i guess. right now i have no job and im nearly broke. i cant pay anything and i cant afford a lawyer. the letter says to call and discuss a settlement so we dont have to go to court. i mean what can i tell them? if i explain my situation, maybe they will give me more time to make a settlement? thats probably irrelevant..... i find it strange they would threaten arbitration, then bring it local to take me to court. they must have figured out i had no job, hence no wages to garnish. i think its just another bluff.
  5. i got a letter on sep.9 from naf saying an award has been entered against me on behalf of chase. before this happened i sent the collection agency a letter to negotiate percentage of the debt, but never heard back, and i called chase but they will not deal with me. i dont even have a job right now, and i dont own any property, except for my car which isnt paid off. i cant afford a lawyer or to go to court. so my plan was to negotiate with them for a % of it, and after i get employed again ,get a personal loan to just pay them off. im in a position where i cant fight the arbitration in court. would they still negotiate? i would rather pay an honest bank than deal with them stealing my paycheck or coming to get my car. i dont want to deal with them im tired of this crap. they are still calling me. what can i do at this point?
  6. sorry if this is a stupid question. i searched i couldnt find it. if a CA has filed an arbitration claim against me but has not been awarded anything yet, can i just call them and make a settlement with them? will the whole arbitration thing be dropped? i dont wont to deal with court...
  7. could i just negotiate with them? like write a letter and say im willing to pay and work out the payment plan. can they drop this whole arbitration thing?
  8. yeah my situation isnt as complicated as yours was, i dont own a business, i just drive for the company. yeah i have to pay for my own gas but i have to roll with that.
  9. well it is 4 accounts. but the amount total is under 10k. its not that bad. or it wasnt until the biggest account, around 6k, they pulled out this arbitration crap on me. i thought about asking a lawyer cause i hated dealing with this i simply dont have time. why should i file for bankruptcy? i thought that was last resort when things are unfixable?
  10. i have my arbitration refusal letter ready to send out to them. what will happen after i send it? do i just wait for a response from them?
  11. they dont provide me with anything. i have my own vehicle.
  12. yeah it doesnt mean im protected. i dont own a home yet. ihave a bank account but i dont put anything in it. i dont own anything major except my car and its not even paid off. where can i check the state laws on it.?
  13. i just thought of something i didnt realize before. if u didnt see my other thread im dealing with a debt collector and some credit card debt. anyway my job is a driver for a courier company. i am considered an independent contractor, i have a contract with the company so technically i am self-employed. i dont pay taxes they are not taken out of my check, its done at end of year. so hypothetically, if a debt collector tried to garnish my wages could they do that? i receive a check as a settlement for my work each week. could they touch that since technically im self employed. just a thought....i hope not. can someone tell me?
  14. it was with chase. yeah i guess mann bracken is their bounty hunter in this case. i tried to talk to chase before all this happened and explain but they would not deal with me. the debt is assigned i know that much now. though before mann bracken was calling united collection bureau said they owned the debt. i sent them a DV letter and the response i got was all the info on my account with chase. that answered my question. im guessing it has been assigned to mann bracken since i ignored the first one. they started calling and sent me that arbitration letter last month. i wasnt sure what was going on. i dont remember signing anything for arbitration. i have not spoken to mann bracken at all and im not going to. the refusal looks like the best thiing to do now. i found the letter to fill out to do it. but nothing that really explains the process. can somebody explain what to do after you refuse arbitration?
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