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  1. None of them are very old...I am only 24. There is a discount tire that I just paid off with $1000 limit still open, a jewelry one that is a limit of $2500 never used, a Care Credit that is $800 limit I have never used, student loans that are now paid off, my truck I just paid off, and of course the Wells Fargo cc I told them to shove up theirs and close.
  2. Based on my Fico score is 788. But found out the Wells Fargo lowered my available balance due to "plummeting" credit score. I told them that I just checked my score and that their information was wrong. They said it was in the 500's. Can I trust what the "free" reports say as far as credit? Also, I do not see where they pulled my credit. I have not request for credit since last year. I asked them to please raise my available high credit back to where it was, they said NO, I needed to handle my accounts better if I want higher credit. I told them to close my account and shove
  3. Thanks for the information. It has not been a year since my brothers last credit report but he is wanting to see if the mix up is also on his report. Plus when he tries to go online to get a copy it says that it can not be given over the internet. Why would this be and how can he still get a copy of his report for free to see if his is also wrong?
  4. ok.. I received notice that my credit limit was being lowered on a credit card I have had for over 6 years. They said due to drop in credit rating. My rating I knew should NOT have dropped. I went on line to truecredit and pulled a free transunion report. It is reporting my brothers name, my birthday, Previous addresses (which one is really my current) and my current as my brothers. When you look at the report it shows all of my credit but also his. Our ss# are exactly the same except for the very last number. What is the fastest and easiest way to correct this. Also, I have a balance
  5. So if they are collecting on behalf does that mean they can not negociate yet? Should I just try and hold on??? Does Cap One sell they debt? If I could pay all past due and make the large monthly I would, but I cant due to change in job. Is there a form I send to creditors telling them to not contact me?
  6. Can or WILL they take some of these charges off or is there really nothing they can do? I keep reading how you can negociate this down... I am at a loss. I believe the account is now 147 days past due last I heard from the collection agency. Also, I am still confused if Cap One still owns it or if they sold it....From what I read on here if it is sold then I can negociate....But the collection paper still says to send the payment to Cap One. I am confused and need to know best way to handle (and cheapest).
  7. I have... they just tell me I must pay the past due and all fees associated with it..... next they say "How would you like to pay this credit card or checking account?" Everytime I see their number come up it makes me sick at my stomach litterally. Also, reading threads on here I believe I have read that you should NOT speak to them on the phone. Am I right?
  8. I received a letter from alliedinterstate regarding my Capital One Credit Card dated May 27th. It says it has been placed in collections but my payment needs to be sent to Capital One Bank. So, has this been sold or is it still owned by Capital One? What is my best way to handle this? Due to gas and reduction of income I CAN NOT pay this bill that keeps adding up due to overlimit fees, late and interest. They call my phone like 10 or 12 times a day non stop. These people scare me. What can I do and what can they REALLY do to me not paying this? I live in Texas.