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  1. Sigh.... I have been a member since sometime in 2007. I come back to you all with my tail between my legs. My road to credit repair was decimated. I had been doing well. Was back on track, hadn't had any new negatives in well over 1.5 years..then BAM! Super long story short, unpaid (unexpected) maternity leave, new rental home, and unemployed DH...all hit w/in one month of each other. So now I am back to all of the collection calls, letters etc. Figured I would come back here to remember how to deal with all of it...a journey of a million miles and all that jazz.
  2. Hey everyone. I have very good reason to suspect that my ex husband used our daughter's social security # to get a car. How can I go about checking her credit to be sure? I tried annual credit report, but it stated that because she isn't 18 there is no report.
  3. CPPSAVINGS is still working for 20% off! It's a good Monday...My Transunion score jumped from mid 500's to 648!!! WOOOHOOOO
  4. I am sitting here at work, trying so hard not to laugh out loud that my face is bright red, and I am crying...too funny isis
  5. Ha Deanna, Raptors in your Attic...is that like bats in your belfry?
  6. True: But only in a jar, under the floorboard TNP: Wears his/her socks 6 days in a row
  7. Has anyone seen any updates on what is happening with this class action settlement? https://www.listclassaction.com/
  8. Mariner- I really hoped you would like Rudy. He is too funny. Sorry I haven't been on in a bit just got home from the hospital Friday, and out of my pain killer fog today lol. Have a wonderful Christmas!
  9. Ok guys and gals...the gift for my elf went out today. So those of you still waiting...keep an eye out and Merry Christmas!
  10. It's funny...I would venture into "off topic" but that was the extent lately lol. It's really nice to know you guys are here!
  11. I got my gift today!!!Thank you thank you Santa!! I love my videos!!! Seeing as I am really married to Peter Griffin it is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. BTW...to my elf...(Yes I realize I can't say hey so and so I mean you!) I have ordered your gift, and it is on it's way to my house. The expected delivery date is the same day as my surgery date...so I am making my DH ship it out for me...if it is cutting it close..we shall blame him...k?
  13. Well, I have been a member of the board for awhile. For the last 6 months or so, life has gotten incredibly busy/stressful. I took a break from being OCD about my credit reports and repair. So I figured with the new year coming, I would make a resolution to get back on track. Wish me luck lol! Has anyone else taken a breather for awhile? Maybe I'll get lucky and a bunch of crap will have "Fallen" off my reports...sigh... maybe.
  14. Maybe I did...maybe I didn't I'm not gonna tell lol. Besides....lots of people were vague in their questionnaire. So its not my fault if someone receives a spatula and a certain pluggy marital aid.
  15. Oh my gosh u guys...I wish I could ask for help on what to get my person! I don't even know where to start lol!
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