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  1. I have had a tradition since my DD was little, to let her open 1 present on Christmas Eve. Well one year about 9 years ago I finally got smart and made sure it was PJ'S that she would be opening. Now we also have a 5 yr old DS, so they both can wait for Santa in their nice new PJ'S!
  2. I have a family member who also asked for my advice on financial matters. When I told her to get a job, stop mooching off her parents, and quit doing things like eating at expensive restaurants, and getting weekly manicures, she didn't like it. She no longer speaks to me, and we were as close as sisters at one time. I guess she wanted me to whip out the old magic wand and make it all ok!
  3. It's kind of like loosing weight...You have to examine why you were behaving the way that lead u to gain weight, and make changes in that behavior so it doesn't happen again. Same thing with getting in huge, crushing, soul sucking, back breaking debt.
  4. As in loading up on grocery/household items when you find them at a good deal. Recently a woman from our city was on the local news who does this. She has a website that helps out line what in store deals match up with which coupons to save the most money. Well I was interested, so I took a look, and today loaded up 6 on dawn dish soaps for $.13 each. Yeah I AM HOOKED! My question is, is anyone else currently doing this? Do you have any tips for a newbie stockpiler? Are your closets, overflowing?
  5. I do believe that says it all!!
  6. chele444

    Am I evil???

    I was reading an article about Walmart's greeters (don't remember where) it mentioned that they have the greeters say hi to everyone, and check receipts to make it obvious to ppl that they are watching you. 99% of the time if there is a long line because the greeter they have checking receipts can hardly read, I just go around and out the other door.
  7. Ok my turn: Today we salute you, Mr. Still Lives in his Parent's Basement Mr. Still Lives in his Parent's Basement! Sure your a failure to launch story. and that may embarrass others. But not you, you understand the benefits of living at home at 35. Mom I said no starch in the underwear! Addicted to cheetos and world of war craft you are a true hero, (in your own mind) My level 12 Dark elf sorcerer will totally p0wn your Dwarven rune priest! Trolling myspace for love, and posting pictures of yourself from a time when Bon Jovi was hot, you are one fine catch. Who doesn't love a mullet! So crack open a bud light you denizen of the dungeon. The bud will go great with the mustard stains on your wife beater. Mr. Still Lives in his Parent's Basement!
  8. Ok, maybe one of the Barbie enthusiasts here can help me out. Several years ago, I could have swore I saw a "Jello Shot Barbie". Now I can't find any evidence of it. Am I crazy? Did she exist?
  9. Well, they cannot garnish her wages without a judgment. Does your sister know for sure it was BOA calling, or maybe a CA calling? You can search around the board, you will see that the general consensus is to NEVER give your account number to a CA or JDB or anything of that nature.
  10. I think I can shed some light here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKQ5QSFNbf0
  11. Anybody have any ideas for something new for dinner? I think if I say spaghetti again, I will have a mutiny on my hands. Tired of tacos too...ugh.
  12. There's some votes for ya! Good luck
  13. Harleyg sbb for not appreciating Ak's Whorzilla ways
  14. Houdino SBB for making me spit coke all over my screen when I read that!!!!!!
  15. Whocares should be banned for thinkin' too much.
  16. Speaking of sweet tea, when I was visiting Michigan a few summers ago, I asked for iced tea. The waiter gave me a funny look, then brought me a cup of hot (unsweetened) tea and a glass of ice!
  17. TT should be banned for confusing green boxes w/ AK's green boxers
  18. Deanna should be banned for having a picture of my husband as her avatar
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