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  1. My aunt had wanted her husband to stop smoking for years. So for one valentines day she got him a few sessions of hypnotism to help him quit. It worked like a charm for him. No cravings or anything. The truly sad part is that he was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer a few months later.
  2. Duh guys...we were supposed to go..."Here you go...big magic wand to make it all better".
  3. Wonderful news! My husband just started his brand spankin new job today. It's for more $$ than we had even dared to hope for. Thank you to everyone for your kind words of encouragement.
  4. According to the IRS website, they will now continue the payments on a weekly basis. "Economic stimulus payments will continue on a weekly basis through July." So no more daily deposits to accounts. So the early payments were just what we thought...HYPE. One of those, oh look the government cares, and is trying to help us, loads of crap!
  5. When I checked the "Where's my Stimulus" link Friday, I got the error message. When I check today, it tells me the $$ amount and that it will be direct deposited on this Friday. That is a pleasant surprise, because I used H&R Block, and was sure I was boned until June. BTW I am in the second group of socials, and May 9th was the original date I was to get the $$ before all this early payment talk started.
  6. Life in the fast lane= Slide in the Vaseline?
  7. Freak, how did u file electronically? Was it through the IRS e-file sites?
  8. Or how bout "Rock the cash bar"?
  9. We all have one of those friends. The one that sings the wrong lyrics. Here are some of my favorite examples: CCR-Bad Moon Rising= Bathroom on the right Stacy-Q 2 of Hearts= 2 Pop Tarts Robert Palmer-Addicted to love=you might as well face it your a D**K with a glove. What are some of your all time favorites?
  10. Lolah, did u get a human at the number u listed? (1-866-234-2942)
  11. Zfire, the way I am reading it, is that they are also depositing on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday of this week. So maybe there is hope for an early check yet.
  12. Squirrels got in my parents attic space last year. The squirrels gave their house cat (Tommy) fleas!! Poor Tom had never had fleas in his 4 years on this earth. lol. Yeah so squirrels suck.
  13. Yeah, in this economy many companies are trimming the "non essentials". So it is a super tough industry right now. Sigh, I guess I will have a house husband for a little while....I wonder if he has ever seen Mr. Mom?
  14. Willing...we are in the Cincinnati area, he is looking for IT, Help Desk, anything along those lines. No degree in the works yet, so it has been a stumbling block for him.
  15. Well a little update. Friday makes 3 months and still no job for the hubby. It's getting a little scary, but at least the unemployment is there for a while longer. Problem is we are just scraping by, no extra money to move. We desperately need to move, closer to my job, and out of a near health hazard of a trash can we call a house....OK OK vent over.
  16. LOL, well he is not balding (yet) but I did meet my husband online. Ah a story for the grandkids indeed.
  17. But its a real bummer when "she" turns out to be a 45 year old balding man living in his mom's basement, playing WOW w/ a Cheeto stained wife beater on.
  18. I agree w/ SOC. When my husband and I went to get our first family car, I needed to have him on the loan for his income. His FICO'S were a good bit lower than mine. The finance guy looked at me and said "you know if you didn't need the husband's income the rate would be at least 5% lower with just your scores". Other than give good old hubby dirty looks there wasn't much I could do at the time.
  19. Awww thanks you guys. I was out this weekend so this was my first chance to say Thank you!!!
  20. I agree with Robert on the school. I don't know about your college, but many have evening, weekend and online courses that can make it much easier to get a second job, or a better paying day job.
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