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  1. I can understand your concern. In many companies, even if a letter is addressed to someone specifically the letter is still opened (and read) by a mail clerk for sorting purposes. Is this the case where you work?
  2. According to one report, the surgery was to correct a deformity that the girl had. She also had a condition that caused the reaction.
  3. Maybe the guy posted it himself, so he could claim insurance on the stuff ppl took?
  4. maybe that's what sent them to jail in the first place...Dahmer style?
  5. I have been clock watching since I walked in the door!! I guess it might be because tomorrow starts a long weekend. Is anyone in the same boat as me today? BTW 2 hours and 4 minutes to go!!!!!
  6. got food poisoning. They then told Tina exactly....
  7. Happy CIC anniversary!!
  8. Hubby has been unemployed for 2 months now. Problem is, every job he can find doesn't make more than the unemployment he is receiving. So when u add in daycare and gas and such...it just doesn't add up. Of course we are in Ohio which is like #7 for unemployment rates right now.
  9. OK time to revive this discussion...we are looking at about $3.45-$3.50/Gallon in the Cincinnati area..how about you guys?
  10. I have a BK7 that will be 3 years old in may (no we are not planning a party lol). I am wondering if there are any thoughts on how much the age of the Bk matters to your FICO score?
  11. I agree something needs to be said. I had a horrible teacher in 1st grade, she yelled and called kids names. One day she called me stupid, and it just kinda stuck with me. I have a fear of ppl thinking I am dumb now..lol. Thank goodness she is only a sub.
  12. What sucks the most, is my daughter's school letting out early due to snow, and refusing to take the bus down our road to drop her off "because it too dangerous". W/ me stuck at work, they wanna make a 14 year old walk a mile and a half in snow that is blowing sideways!!!!
  13. Hey mwhizz, I was gonna tell u to stick ur sunshine where the sun don't shine...then I figured out that if u did that then the sun Would shine there. I just may be a little tired of rain lol...Oh yeah, and happy bday to Tommy32!!!
  14. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...Well u get the idea
  15. What sucks the most is jury duty!!!!!
  16. They cannot garnish wages with out a judgment first.
  17. I work in a 2 person office. It is literally me, and the GM. We are the only 2 ppl in the USA office. I have my own office of about 10X12, but it has a window from my bosses office directly into mine. So I guess fish bowl is more like it!!
  18. Sorry J, I really didn't mean to thread jack...and thank you everyone for the well wishes...I am soooo excited!!!
  19. What sucks the most is that I have to work on my wedding day...TODAY!! xThudxxThudx
  20. I used to make faces at my boss through the one way glass between our offices...that is until I remembered it was one way into my office from his...just kidding
  21. Do they offer company matching? If so watch for that to go bye bye...all in the name to save a nickel.
  22. To me it's like this: Kleenex=tissue xerox= copy Q tip=cotton swab
  23. Monkey...super southern...or so I hear
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