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  1. Yeah, he did work in Ohio for over 3 years. His unemployment claim for that job was approved, but he got the new job in Ky before the first payment. So I will tell him to apply w/ Ohio. Hopefully he won't need the unemployment, and can find something quickly. I have just been sad that we won't get to ride together anymore. Aside from the savings of $200 a month on gas, it was our only time alone together. I will so miss that...lol.
  2. Thank you so much, all of you for your words of encouragement. I am hoping he is eligible for unemployment. We live in Ohio, and he had only worked in Ky for 12 weeks. So I am not sure how that will play out.
  3. Hey guys. Thought I would share my pain. My husband and I work in the same building (not the same comp). He just can to me and told me they fired him. No reason given. This after a glowing review 1 month ago and no probs. We were able to ride together everyday, and I was so much less stressed at work because I knew he was right down the hall. We were living paycheck to paycheck...now one of those is gone....THIS STINKS
  4. Did they ask the other woman mng to go to lunch too?
  5. Confucius also say, "He who walk through turn style sideways going to bangkok."
  6. No thank you for the information
  7. I am a more than a little ashamed to live any where near this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Florence_Y'all_Water_Tower That monstrosity is about 15 miles south of Cincinnati. I die a little inside each time I see it. lol
  8. Ok Ok what's the paypal info.
  9. Ok guys (& dolls), I am in a funk and want to buy something on ebay. I have no idea what I want. So give me some ideas. Who here has an ebay store and sells fun stuff??? Or boring stuff, or stuff at all?
  10. Anyone else getting this msg at annualcreditreport.com? When I type in the address this is what I get. A condition exists that prevents us from being able to accept your request at this time. Please visit this website again at a later time, or to request delivery of your free annual credit report via U.S. mail, call (877) 322–8228. Thank you.
  11. PPL like that make me insane. Always trying to get something for free. Reminds me of my ex sister in law. In restaurants she would whine and complain until the meal was free or reduced. She went as far as to put her own hair in her food!! That is until a manager had enough of her crap. She had pulled this "fast one" too many times. He told her, "Well Miss, none of my staff has quite that particular bozo the clown red hair. Must be yours." I swear I laughed until I cried.
  12. Well, either Santa doesn't love me, or roving bands of off school redneck children are stealing packages again. Nothing yet santa.
  13. LOL I will have to train myself to have a new habit!
  14. Ok a survey what are your weird or annoying habits? For instance...I noticed that when I am at my keyboard, I keep my left hand fingers on the home row keys (fdsa) at all times. I guess some where deep in my fried mind, I figure my boss will think I'm working instead of hanging in CIC.
  15. Qualified for just over 16k w/ citi auto with scores from 560-595
  16. Wicked...is that from a pauly shore movie?
  17. Often times felonies can be expunged from your record if a certain amount of time has passed. Basically it will seal these records, and make them only available to certain law enforcement. Each state governs its own laws on having something expunged. Check your states guidelines.
  18. What about economic hardship deferment if she did decide to put school on hold?
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