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  1. I have Americredit for my car. At one point I was having major cash flow problems. I called and they let me change my due date. It moved it three weeks so it was much easier to come up with the money. They also offer deferred payments.
  2. How old were the charge-offs? Were they close to falling off anyhoo?
  3. lovebug: I did not mean to offend...no doubt CJ is a god send in that respect...I was strictly speaking in terms of diamond quality.
  4. When I looked at the CJ site, most of their diamonds resemble "frozen spit" the quality is really low...Kay's seems to have better quality for the price.
  5. How 'bout "nasty Frito feet"?
  6. I'm going to an aaaarrrrr rated movie
  7. Also, mention in your request that you only wish to be contacted by US postal service, and you are not allowed to recieve calls of a personal nature at your place of employment.
  8. Some more info: Yes the pay stats I pulled are for my position, years of experience, duties etc. My official title is Admin Asst, but to be honest, I do everything from HR, to office manager, to AP/AR, to technical reporting, sales...everything. The job is super stressful, there are constant miscommunications
  9. Hi everyone. I need some advice. I have an annual review coming up with the company I have been working with for 1 year. I have never had a raise or bonus or anything. At the review meeting I would like to ask for a raise. According to Salary.com I am making around $10,000 less a year, than the least paid average wage in my area. That is nearly $5 more an hour!! I think my manager will pop a vein if I ask for more. A little background, I got the job through a temp agency for a few month contract, and got hired . When I accepted the job, I was told $14.50 by the temp agency. Then a few days before the job started, they called me back and said "Oh so sorry, we made a mistake, it is only $13 an hour". Well I took the job regardless....I NEEDED it. When I was hired on in fall by the company...I received no raise...I was sure I would atleast get my $14.50...Nope. So I am not certain if my employer even knows that the temp agency told me $14.50 to begin with. I suppose my main questions are...how much should I ask for...should I ever mention what happened with the temp agency if no raise is forthcoming? What should I prepare (ie, a list of my duties etc) to back up how much I am asking. Thank you all for your help!
  10. Can you tell us if there are any items like accounts, judgements etc. that are not yours reporting? That would certainly be a big clue someone else's info was being reported on your report. Either way though, you will want to contact the CRA that is showing the wrong information. Have you pulled all three? Are they all reporting the wrong info? You will need to contact each that is reporting it.
  11. First post, so hello everyone. Long story shorter....I dispute items with all 3 CRA, then a few days later I applied for a personal line of credit through Citi. It came back denied. Could the ongoing investigations into my disputes be a factor?
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