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  1. OC: Sears Date Updated: 06/2006(?) DAte Opened: 07/1998 DAte Closed: 06/2004 DAte Paid: 11/2003(?) Disputed CRA's first and DVL's to LVNV and Northland Group (received letter from Northland two weeks after trying to preapprove for house.) LVNV was not on CRA report two months before. CRA's now reporting as "verified" CRRL--Northland Group signed 07-19-2008 CRRL--LVNV signed 07-21-08 Received letter dated 08-19-2008 postmarked 08-20-2008 Previous Creditor:Sears Current Creditor: LVNV ACCT# Balance $ Thanks for inquiry see copy of DV (letter stating OC, Acct#, CC, Balance) We have taken necessary actions to ensure you will receive no further contact from Resurgent Capital Services, LP. If questions call 888-665-0374. What is the next step? I have been reading for a few weeks and am overwhelmed. I have been able to remove seven old debts off CRA report thanks to the info on this site:-)