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  1. Thnx For The Info I Have A Qstion As I Said 3 Of My Cards Are Force Closed Or Cancelled One Of Them Is An Amex Card For 2900 They Just Cancelled It Last Week Im Ready To Pay The Min Due Now And Make Correct Payments From Now Or Pay Off In Nex 2-3 Months- I CAN BORROW FROM MY PARENTS If I Call Amex Can I Make Them Reactuate My Card Accepting The Min Due Till Now??? If So Can U Advice Me On How?
  2. Thanks for the reply, By deliquency on door i mean 3 cards of mine are cancelled and i had to pay them off. and i dunot know is it good to pay them or go for some sort of settlement if so. can they sue me if i didnot pay in time for the closed accounts????
  3. can som1 advice me wats the rule for nevada, thanks in advance
  4. Helo People, let me begin by cursing myself why i did not visit this fabulous forum a while ago i just graduated from school and have few credit cards i haven't paid and 3 of them have been like canceled. and there is a huge credit left on the rest. i was planning to pay off them by the money i borrowed from my parents but found this site useful i am curious if i just call the canceled cards and pay them will it help in controlling the damage to my credit. also how much settling does help the credit history thru writing the letters to creditors or working with any kind of credit repair bureau. i shall b really helpful to the advice offered. i know i made a few bad choices in not paying the minimums n let the hole process of circulating infinite loop interest calculations to go on... learned the mistake need an advice to get better. Thanks a lot sam