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  1. I can't comment on the legality of what happened, but I would advise taking it up with the doctor. Just tell them you never got a notice, would like to pay it off and ask them to take it off your credit report.
  2. Awesome, no it wasn't me. Good job on the profit.
  3. Although the guy said you don't need to worry about whats on the report at this time, I would. Repairing your credit can take time. If he is saying that you have to go into debt to get a mortgage loan so to speak then you should find a different guy, because that is not true. You'd be better off just getting a couple of credit cards and only use them to pay bills or for groceries.
  4. If he doesn't have any credit established then he at least needs a credit card. A secured card is a good starter, but you guys might want to make your own decision as to which one to get. The only REAL credit score can be obtained from myfico.com. They include credit reports as well. purchase new furniture or appliances?? I completely disagree with that suggestion. You might want to consider contacting a different lender as well. If TLs (tradelines) are being reported incorrectly then you would need to write letters to each of the CRAs explaining the situation. Here are their addresses: EX: PO BOX 9701 ALLEN TX 75013-9701 TU: PO BOX 2000 CHESTER PA 19022-2000 EQ: PO BOX 105314 ATLANTA GA 30348-5314 And in case you need it: IN: PO BOX 1640 PITTSBURGH PA 15230-1640
  5. Here is a stock that I followed a couple years ago. It might have made a good trade because it popped up to about $1.75 per share from about $.25, but it eventually went down to sub penny status which aren't worth buying at all.
  6. Yes AND no! I disputed my inquiries a while back just to see what happened and EQ was the only one to delete them. http://debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?t=293443 Wow that was about a year and a half ago. And if she's concerned about paying for CMRRR, why not just send them letters without the extra services?
  7. Here is a similar stock that is also having a pretty decent rally.
  8. There might actually be several mailing addresses you can send a dispute to. The one on my EX credit report is PO BOX 9701 ALLEN TX 75013-9701
  9. Has anyone else checked out or considered investing in these coins? They look pretty cool and being the patriot that I am I'd love to get my hands on some of the American gold eagles. They all look pretty cool, but they seem kind of pricey at nearly $1,500 an ounce. Is it worth it? http://www.onlygold.com/Coins/AmericanEagle_FS.asp
  10. I just bought 35 shares of IAU. I'm so excited!
  11. First you can try and settle with the original creditors.
  12. Isn't that annoying? A company seems to just randomly check your credit and when you ask about it they say, "oh we had permissible purpose for a business transaction." If they checked Equifax you can have it removed by disputing it. At least they were willing to delete my hard inquiries when I disputed them about a year or so ago.
  13. I just finished listening to Peter Lynch's One Up On Wall Street. A lot of the principles were very similar to Cramer's only explained differently and with less fanaticism. Still pretty good stuff though. I was also told about The Alchemy of Finance by George Soros, Rule # 1 by Phil Town and Technical Analysis A to Z by Steven B. Achelis which is actually available for free if you do a quick google search. All were recommended to me on a stock market forum that I go to sometimes. I'll probably check those out as well. Other resources welcome. Edit, just got a hold of Adventure Capitalist - Added to queue. I also came across a movie called Meltup while doing a search for Jim Rogers. It's available for free on youtube. It was a pretty interesting documentary that just came out about rising inflation and the national debt.
  14. lol you might want to check your credit reports if your unsure. https://www.annualcreditreport.com/cra/index.jsp I recently moved out of an apartment who tried to take me to court because they had horrible bookkeeping skills and didn't realize that I had already paid off the rent and turned in the keys even though they were right there when I did it. So they called a lawyer on me and tried to bill me $800 for the rent and legal fees lol! A judgment showed up on my Lexis/Nexis file within two months.
  15. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll look into Classics: An Investor's Anthology, by Charles Ellis and Peter Lynch's One Up On Wall Street.
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