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  1. They told me it was a basic FICO. It did also match the EX FICO score when my lender told me what it was when I was looking for a house. Too incredible to believe right?
  2. My credit union, Bellco gives me a free EX Fico every quarter. It was almost too incredible to believe, but they're still somehow able to do it.
  3. So I got accepted for the Chase Freedom card. Awesome! I'm thinking I can at least double the amount of cash back received if I use my hooters for necessary purchases and then transfer the balance to the chase card, but use the chase card instead when spending money in the 5% categories during those time periods. Then of course pay the them off in full as soon as I get the bills.
  4. This should be posted in my money saving tips thread.
  5. I can't say that I agree with the having too many girls can't comment. I believe that there are ways about obtaining multiple long term relationships to where everyone involved is OK with that.
  6. LOL! I'm in the same boat with chase. Applied for a credit card with them and got approved, but it was the wrong one. I asked that they close it because I wanted the Freedom rewards card. I did not need or want that other card plain and simple nor do I need it reported. I want the Chase Freedom card. I've actually heard of credit bureaus deleting perfectly good tradelines if they are unsure of what you are disputing, so I guess you can try the dispute process as well as asking the creditor.
  7. scorch

    Mortgage Rates

    Yea mortgage rates are still dropping. They kinda make the 5% APR on my mortgage look like a rip off.
  8. I've always wanted a chase freedom card. This thread inspired me to go ahead and apply this morning. The last two times I applied they told me I did not have enough history. The second time was just over a year ago. Well I hope an average of 16 months of credit history per account with NO lates is good enough. Utilization is at about 14% AND I have a checking account with them. My EX FICO was 754 as of the beginning of July too. If I don't get approved, I'm calling back and asking for recon. If that doesn't work I guess I'll be stuck using the hooters card for a while.
  9. Right so this is something I've kind of been studying a lot recently and I'm pretty sure a lot of you may be able to provide some good ideas. I'm not necessarily asking this to seek enlightenment, but to start a conversation and I thought it would be interesting as I've not seen much discussion about relationships on this board. I've heard that a lot of women now are making more money than their husbands due to the economy, but I still have a job and not really have seen for myself how bad the economy may still be. Does that mean she "wears the pants" in the family? Probably not. Right now I'm 24, just bought a house, not married, no kids and have a drive to grow rich. My goals of fixing my credit and buying a house have been accomplished, but that's not enough. What is more to life than just money?
  11. Right, so my GF is a big fan of white wine. I'm not much of a wine connoisseur as I'm more of a beer kind of guy, but I'll still drink it. She likes the smooth stuff and as I pretty much have no idea where to start beyond a few suggestions, can anyone recommend a great white wine? Thanks.
  12. Yes, but you can always check with the potential employer to make sure. Best of luck to you.
  13. A lot of people believe it is unfair, but what can we do about it? I'm not sure if it's the same for all jobs, but when they checked my credit, you can have 25 charge offs and still be OK as long as you didn't have any unpaid judgments, BKs or default government loans.
  14. I had my credit checked by them for my current job. If you had two of the following, you didn't qualify for the position: 2 Charge offs Unpaid Judgment Bankruptcy Default government or student loan As far as I can remember.
  15. You can ask for a Return Receipt After Mailing which carries the same weight as the original return receipt. Not sure if that's what you're referring to. If it's sent certified mail the post office that delivers it should have a copy of the recipient's signature for two years from the date of mailing. The sad part about that whole process is having to go to the post office and having to pay a $4.60 fee if you don't have your original purchase receipt.
  16. CMRRR provides legal proof of mailing as well as proof that it was delivered to them. If you go to court over this and you don't have the return receipt, the other person may say that they never got the letter and get away with it.
  17. You are on the right track with this paragraph. My girlfriend got into a car accident recently and I'd be DAMNED if I covered any of the expense! But I WILL provide psychological support.
  18. Yup. Well that ad has been there for a while now. oh I just read this as I was posting:
  19. Funny how it's always Experian doing stuff like that. I've been out of the credit repair game for a while now, but you should be able to remove the paid charge offs easily by simply disputing those. But DVing the unpaid ones. I don't think should make a difference. They would just send you what records they have as far as I can remember.
  20. HOLY ****IN ****, FOOL!! Nice house!!! Congratulations!!! I was in the same boat. Had absolutely NO credit, just some collection accounts. I was able to do a 180 with the help of people here on CIC. I actually just bought a house up here in one of the nicer parts of Denver! My middle FICO score was 725 and I was able to get locked in at 5%!!! This only proves that anyone can do anything they set their minds to and conversing with people with the same goals and interests is a nice plus as you're on your way.
  21. Of course because prohibiting the use of manual flushing devices for urinals would be unconstitutional.
  22. Don't worry about it being a temporary job. Concentrate more on obtaining a new one after you're done with this one. Then you will have the money to make the payments when you have something permanent.