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  1. Unfortunately, I did not get it in writing. I'll just send a letter and see what happens.
  2. Thanks mom. You know . . . I was only trying to help. It is not my site. I guess In my post I will change "should" to "could". There may be info on there that's not on this forum.
  3. Not sure if you've had a CC before, but here are a few tips, Try to keep your utilization as low as possible (between 0 and 30%). Even if you PIF (Pay in Full), try to keep it your balances low. Also, you should try and make sure they report the activity to the big 3. (some cards don't) If you have any CC questions you could check out the credit card forum <link removed - AK> Congrats!!
  4. OK, so right now I have a derog on my EX report that the CA agreed to delete. It was removed from both my TU and EQ reports, but not EX as of yet. I called the CA to see what the deal was and they said to contact EX and file a Consumer Dispute Verification (CDV) and they will go ahead and delete it. They also said that a CDV is different than a dispute. Is anyone here very familiar with a CDV? How can I go about filing one? Thanks.
  5. Thanks. Unfortunately, I did not know to get it in writing when I first sarted this project. I did call that CA and they said I had to file a Consumer Dispute Verification (CDV) and they'll go ahead and delete it. I just hope they weren't lying or something.
  6. Well... the CA agreed to delete this TL. It was deleted from TU and EQ, but not EX as of yet. I was wondering if it had to do with EX or the CA. I was mainly wondering why they're such a pain to deal with not only to me, but others as well. They must've sent me 4 updated reports by mail whereas EQ and TU have only sent out one for each dispute for TLs that were deleted (1 from TU and 2 from EQ). Now that I think about it, EQ and TU probably deleted the addresses because the derog was deleted. I know I probably should have kept my cool and not have disputed over the phone, which is why I avoided giving them a reason for the dispute. I actually had some questions about another TL (why it was deleted) she said, "it was deleted-what else is wrong with the report?" - I mean come on, I did not dispute this, but she said I did. Nonetheless, I will be sending more disputes their way soon.
  7. Wow... Thanks again. Well, none of these CAs have bothered to contact me, excepted for one time I asked an agent to call me back. I take it you DV'd those collection agencies prior to using the RE checks right? OK, and there is one thing I'm not sure of. On my EX report, the CA that I settled with is still being reported while it is no longer on EQ and TU. Also it seems like they deleted some random account. Why do you think that is?
  8. They actually have several different addresses. They give different addresses to people in different areas. From what I've heard, If you send it to the wrong place, they'll forward it to the right place, it's no big deal. Here's a short list of Experian's valid addresses: NCAC P.O. BOX 9556 ALLEN, TEXAS 75013 Experian National Consumer Assistance Center P.O. Box 2002 Allen, TX 75013 Experian NCAC PO BOX 9701 Allen TX 75013 Experian 2220 Ritchey Santa Ana, CA 92705
  9. So I just updated my experian report and had some names and previous addresses deleted. I tried disputing the leftover items online, but ended up having to call a number to dispute over the phone. The system was kind of screwy so I got transferred to an actual person. I felt like I was talking to a collection agent! The lady kept asking me a bunch of questions like Why are you disputing this!? Are you saying it's not yours?! She barely even let me talk. She said one of the addresses was left on the report because it was linked to a collection account. A collection agency that deleted the Account from TU and EQ! Is it EX's fault that it remains at this point or is it the CA's? For some reason another collection account was deleted by them. She said I disputed it, but I have copies of my dispute letters and I have not had the chance to acknowledge that one yet. "OK, fine I disputed it." Maybe there's something here I'm not aware of. I've heard that they're the hardest CRB to deal with, but why do they have to be so stubborn? She actually talked me into disputing other stuff too. (she was in a hurry). I didn't really give any reasons to disputing the stuff, so I'll just see how it turns out.
  10. Thank you so much for your help, hiblues. I really do not remember how I got myself into all this mess. I have made up a little cheat sheet for the CA accounts: TU $955______Bay area credit service.____OC: AFS-HOV (deleted) $2049_____Credit service Co__________OC: Parkview Medical Center $955______Credit service Co__________OC: Parkview Medical Center (Not being reported right now. Was possibly returned to the hospital) $562______NCO-Medclear____________OC: Las Animas Emergency Group L EX $955______Bay area credit service._____OC: AFS-HOV $2049_____Credit service Co___________OC: Parkview Medical Center $955______NCO Fin/35________________OC: Rocky MTS-AMR (For some reason EX investigated and "deleted" this one) $562______NCO-Medclr_______________OC: Las Animas Emergency Group L EQ $2049_____Credit Service Co___________OC: Parkview $955______NCO Fin/35________________OC: Rocky MTS-AMR (Not on my updated report, but the DOFD is 12/2003... I guess ) $562______Medclear Inc.______________OC: (doesn't say) Thanks again.
  11. Just out of curiosity, Why does it matter? I called the hospital where the original creditor was and a supervisor had told me that some new group took over or something. On my CRs, the OC is listed as "Las Animas Emergency Group L" Not even a rep at the hospital nor google was able to tell me who they were. I suppose I could call them and ask more questions. On EX and TU, it shows as "NCO-MEDCLEAR" On EQ, it shows "Medclear Inc." These three accounts seem a little off, this is confusing or I'm just disorganized. Some have different names while stuff is supposed to be deleted/returned to the OC and EX takes forever to investigate. No, I have not tried a PFD.
  12. You know.. I've heard people have had problems with receiving their free credit reports because if you dispute anything, the CRAs have 45 days to respond to your dispute whereas if you just pay for them, they have 30 days to respond. Isn't that right? What I did was called them individually and asked for the CRs. EQ : 1-800-685-1111 EX: 1-888-397-3742 TU : 1-800-888-4213
  13. Like I said, all I've done is called NCO just to see what it was. The amount is about $600... What about my not being able to find the OC for this one? Oh, and how can I tell if the debt was bought or assigned?! Well I guess I'm just anal about paying for things I do not know much about. Therefore, I want to pay the least in order to get it removed.
  14. Well I sent the DV to the OC for two reasons. One being that I do not recall the debt in its entirety not knowing exactly what they're charging me for. And Second, I thought it was part of the process at the time. With that said, I should just pay them huh? Is 35% off a good deal? Heck when I settled with the other CA they gave me 45% off. Well, yes. It's just sitting there. I haven't really done anything with it yet. I'd be happy to.. The OC is Las Animas Emergency group. I tried googling it and it was hard to find any contact info or any info really. So I tried calling hospitals in Las Animas County in Colorado (Well I think there is just one). I asked them if anyone knew of this OC and no one knew. I had to talk to a supervisor who said there is a new group now or something; so no more Las Animas Emergency group. The supervisor suggested I call on the 4th of July and ask for the business office, (He didn't say " 4th of July" he said "tomorrow") but it was closed. How could this affect the debt? Oh, and a while back, whenever I would call that hospital inquiring about my debt, all they could pull up was my name. They transferred me to places in other towns/cities... it was annoying. OK, the CA is NCO - Medclear. TU and EX are saying this has been reported since Oct 2005, but EQ is saying the DOFD is 6/2004. I called the CA in May wondering wtf it was. Now it is showing as updated in 5/2008. What could have possibly been "updated"? On TU and EQ, I see: Loan Type: Factoring company account How can I tell if the debt was bought or assigned? Thanks again.
  15. Hello. I'm a little new at this and there doesn't seem to be a very search able solution for my situation so I thought I'd start a new thread. OK, so right now I have 4 accounts in collections. Most of these were from 3 or 4 years ago. I wasn't able to pay these amounts at the time because no one was able to get a hold of me as I must have had about ten different addresses in three different states since I accrued all of the debt. I never even received original invoices. All of which are medical related. A while back, nearly 2 months ago, I settled with a collection agency thinking it would improve my credit. They told me they would take it off my report (over the phone). After some reading I didn't think they would do it. I guess I got lucky cause this one is no longer on my CRs. Maybe this can be reinserted? Another 2 accounts were from the same hospital. When I called the collection agency a while back about them, they had one of the two in their system, but the other was actually taken off my credit report and returned to the hospital. The hospital said they did that because the collection agency wasn't doing anything with it and they were probably going to give it to another agency. I actually negotiated with the hospital too and they also said they would take the two accounts off my credit report if I paid them with a 35% discount. They even offered me a loan through their bank without a credit check to get it taken care of. Good idea? I sent the hospital a debt validation letter on the second of July. However I have read somewhere that DV letters are only sent to collection agencies when the OC gives them the debt to collect. I really don't have much knowledge about this debt as I never heard from them. The CA must think I'm broke or something because they never call. So.... Should I wait for a response from the hospital? Or validate the debt with the CA? The fourth account is just idle right now. I do appreciate any advice. Thank you.
  16. ... wow. 113 pages in this thread? I recently sent a letter to EQ disputing the inquiries on the report and they promptly deleted them. This may have been answered already, but why are the disputes working so well?
  17. I opted out first thing when beginning to make positive changes to my credit reports. When you opt out, you can actually remove your name from calling lists of telemarketers as well. For example a cell phone company may call you saying you qualify for a free phone. You can opt out at the following link: