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  1. That is probably why the FCRA was created.
  2. Obviously the cra's started before the FCRA came out. I believe that they simply started out as private companies collecting info on anyone, anything they can find and sold it. Then it got out of hand and now they are harshly regulated. I would guess the code you are looking for is the first amendment?
  3. Yea, me neither. I just wanted to share really.
  4. That's good. I have a hooters card too and just recently noticed that they do soft pulls every month.
  5. In theory it can increase your score indirectly. Like I explained earlier, One may get a firm offer, apply, get approved and max out the card(s), and maybe even put themselves in a situation where he or she is unable to pay it all off. I know of a couple of people who believe that credit cards are evil because of such tactics.
  6. I believe those firm offers are a result of soft pulls. I am only speculating, but not having opted out may show a risk to lenders because it can show that you may get a firm offer, apply, get approved and max out the card(s). Also, opting out probably shows that you are not a credit seeking whore.
  7. You can simply opt out at the link below. Basically what it does is prevent yourself from receiving pre-approved credit card offers (also know as firm offers) and such by telling the credit bureaus in advance that you are not interested. It is also explained at the website.
  8. Oh OK, I guess I didn't see that part at the right that says, "Date Closed: 01/2009" I was just curious why they have an extra TL reporting that shows it being OK for February, March and April After it was closed in January.
  9. Has anyone seen anything like this before? Chase closed my wamu secured card back in January and my report shows this, but they have another TL showing closed but that it was open through April. This seems to be only with TransUnion.
  10. Some of us here care to know what is on our credit reports. I opted out because it saves mail box space and those offers are not needed.
  11. God that country's nuts. What difference does it make if it originated from a Canadian, it is all over their country and they need to deal with it.
  12. I hope it is sufficient too, but you may want to look into having those collection items deleted.
  13. I would say the Chase Freedom rewards card, but it may depend on your spending habits. For example if you are rich and travel a lot, The American Express Black card might be better for you.
  14. GMAC changed their name to ally.
  15. It depends on the lender, it can take from a few days to 30 days.
  16. By the way, I just saved a ton of money on my car insurance..
  17. They don't hate you.. their actions are reflected upon business I'm sure. If it is a charge off, it should be deleted. I am not too familiar with BK's though so hopefully someone else can help you eradicate that for you.
  18. That's why they are given guns isn't it? . . .Just in case.
  19. Thanks for the input everyone. The deadline for the paperwork to be in changed to Monday and the deadline to get my birth certificate in has changed to whenever I get it. I was luckily able to find an old resume which went back more than 5 years on I still get to start training Monday!!
  20. No one has it... Would anyone happen to know if there is way to find out the dates I worked at each place without calling them and hoping they have records? I checked my "employment report" and there was nothing there...
  21. Haha!, No I am clean. I used to be unstable.. GlitterGal, I can use a passport instead, but I don't have that either and don't know about how to get one..
  22. I do have a resume, but the work history does not go back that far. Thanks for the help, I saw that page earlier and I think they need the request in writing, which is probably part of the reason why I do not have my birth certificate.
  23. I was actually born in California.. sorry, probably should have made that clear. Now my credit reports are clean of old addresses So I've had to use google for those and I do not have all of those old tax forms either.. My main problem there is remembering the order of the places I've worked.