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  1. So my company has invited me to do customer service for [Censored], which includes better pay, paid benefits and more hours. The problem I am having right now is that they are asking for all addresses that I have lived at, past employers with addresses, names; addresses and phone numbers of people that can acknowledge that I have lived at each address dating back five years. (Now I do not recall very well this history nor have I known too many people's addresses or phone numbers ). They also need a copy of my birth certificate, which I do not have, a pee test too all by Friday. Is this possible? I have ordered my Lexis Nexis report last month and have yet to receive it. Now if anyone can help me at all, I will appreciate it very much. In the mean time, I will have to try very hard to remember/find all my old addresses. Edit: They are actually giving me until Tuesday to provide the birth certificate.
  2. They do not offer secured cards, but they do offer a pretty good rewards card if you spend at least $6,500 per year with it.
  3. Well, it kind of saves people money on the purchase of FICO credit scores..
  4. I have had a total of 12 items deleted on my credit reports by disputing! (4 on each of the 3.) The burden of proof is on the credit bureaus. It is their job to prove that the items belong to you. I suggested we have a success stories forum a while back, but the idea was not implemented. Sorry, but success occurs quite often with credit repair. Some success stories may be available throughout the credit repair forum.
  5.;JSESSIONID=6A9787753BEBFC08F146.2065?view=page2&feed:a=latimes_1min&feed:c=businessnews&feed:i=46438485&nopaging=1 Reporting from Washington-- The acting chief financial officer of Freddie Mac, an embattled government-owned company that controls millions of home mortgages, was found dead today of apparent suicide in his suburban Virginia home. Fairfax County Police were called to the Vienna, Va.-area home of Freddie Mac's David Kellermann at 4:48 a.m. to investigate. Though it appeared to be suicide, they said the cause of death is under investigation, with an autopsy planned today. Kellermann, 41, had served as acting chief financial officer for Freddie Mac since September and worked there for 16 years. McLean, Va.-based Freddie Mac has faced intense criticism for reckless practices that some believe contributed to the housing crisis at the heart of a financial economic meltdown and recession. Chief Executive David Moffett resigned last month. Freddie Mac owns or guarantees about 13 million home loans. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, which together own or back more than half of the home mortgages in the nation, have been hobbled by loan defaults and collected $60 billion in federal aid. Kellermann was named acting chief financial officer after the resignation of Anthony "Buddy" Piszel, who stepped down after the September 2008 federal government takeover of Freddie Mac. Fairfax County Police were called to Kellermann's home on Raleigh Hill Road in the Vienna area, a suburban community near Washington, D.C., with the department's information officer Mary Anne Jennings initially reporting that they were called from the home "to come investigate an apparent suicide." Kellerman was found dead inside the home, according to Fairfax County Police Officer Shelley Broderick. "It is under investigation," Broderick said, with an autopsy planned today. "There are no signs of foul play." Foul play would indicate a crime had been committed, Broderick said, adding: "Suicide is not a crime." Kellerman, a 16-year veteran of Freddie Mac, had served as senior vice president, corporate comptroller and principal accounting officer before becoming acting chief financial officer in September.
  6. Can anything be put on a credit report regarding a short sale?
  7. EX has decided in February not to let consumers see their EX fico score. My recommendation would be fico standard with a promo code.
  8. The only things I can think of are to check for spyware and your firewall settings. Also check the spelling of the connection name, and also make sure it is one that is currently connected. Maybe this'll work.
  9. I am pretty sure I read somewhere that my free checking account would remain free. If not, I guess I would close the account and go somewhere else.
  10. I am just curious to see who everyone banks with. Maybe we can compare setups. I have had the wamu free checking account for over a year and I must say, it really is a free checking account. The only time I have been charged any fees was when I over drafted a couple of times. The first one was a freebie. The account includes free checks for life, online bill pay and check images. I have checked into interest bearing checking accounts, but the fees for checks and bill pay with most would cost money, for me anyhow, even with the interest earned. I used to have my savings account with wamu, but since chase took over, the APY dropped to 0.01% I now have an online savings account with GMAC. Their APY at the moment is 2.25%. It is not the highest right now, but it still ranks pretty highly. My wamu checking account is also an ACH originating bank too which means I can transfer funds between the two accounts.
  11. Aren't they supposed to furnish a score though if a consumer asks for one?
  12. Oh, and by the way, as in "CRA", I mean credit reporting agency that collects credit information and is required by law to supply consumers with credit scores.
  13. If it was your first account, it should be factored into your FICO score as having a credit history of ~12 years. Well I forget how they word it. It should also factor into your credit history average or something to that effect.
  14. I know this has been talked about before, but I guess this needs to be reviewed. I always thought they only reported public record information and the like. Isn't that right? Out of curiosity, I will be ordering mine in the near future.
  15. I do not think they would really be able to do anything unless they decide to call you while you are in the states. Now if you ever decided to go back, your credit would be shot if you don't pay the bill and they are still reporting that bad information, I'm sure. Although I am not sure if or how the two countries' laws could affect your situation, so hopefully someone else can offer you some suggestions there. Does the credit card company report to TransUnion and Equifax?
  16. Well, I talked to one of their representatives who told me that they do not report credit information.
  17. Lexis Nexis reports public record information on people. They are not a CRA.
  18. Even if you have been pre approved for a credit card, for some reason there is a small chance that you can be denied if you apply. Although if you apply and get approved, it may be better for your credit rating to responsibly have multiple credit lines.
  19. When I applied for the chase platinum, they checked Experian and around that time, my FICO score was about 664 with Experian, but they still denied me saying I did not have enough history. I mean I opened my first credit account in April of 2008. So, cap1, how many credit items did you have at the time of your approvals and for how long?