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  1. ya, but how do you convince a mortgage broker, or get it off my CR?
  2. So I called Home Depot Credit, which is Citi-Bank. I wanted to propose a settlement. They said they cannot accept anything since they already sent me a 1099-C for 2010. I never got it cause I have moved a lot since then. They said on the phone they won't come after me for the debt but will not put that in writing. I have been with Lex Law for over a year now and that one plus CapOne will not budge. I am looking to get a mortgage, but the broker was concerned with those 2 debts, that they might come after me for it. If not for those 2, I would qualify. Is there anything at all I can do at this
  3. But what about statute of limitations as far as the contract?
  4. I have lived in 3 different states since the start of my credit indiscretions. How does the statute of limitations apply in this scenario? Would it be the state in which the indiscretions started or the current one I am in? Started in AZ, then moved to NC now in FL. Hopefully doesn't start over on each move? Thanks edit: some of the cards were opened in FL.
  5. Rec'd a letter and 2 receipts from CA. The letter states I owe double than what the receipts show. What do I do in this case?
  6. I rec'd a letter that Elan credit financial regarding an application for a credit card for my wife. She called Elan and was advised that DSCU had submitted a req online for a credit card for her. It's being researched by DSCU. In the meantime, anything she can do? Is this allowed?
  7. I've sent several letters to LVNV Funding req DV. I've not rec'd a reply therefore I wanted to file a basis of lawsuit. I read the CA must have a registered agent in your state. I did find that Sherman and Resurgent Capital have a reg agent in NC, but nothing comes up under LVNV. Since they are all affiliated can I still file? Has anyone done a basis of lawsuit before? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  8. BTW-It took the attorney/collection agency over 30 days to supply me with that info. Does that matter?
  9. I rec'd a cover letter from CA/Attorney stating: enclosed please find: itemized statements (per your request). Attached are a years worth of cc statements from the OC. Is this valid? What do I do next? Shall I send a C&D letter to CA?
  10. Here is some good info I found. http://www.ehow.com/how_2040759_file-out-state-small-claims.html
  11. Thanks Whoamelly!! I have so many different issues I'm working on. I wrote to each of the 3 CB regarding LVNV and Arrow Financial because neither responded to the DV or follow-up letter. Transunion responded and said they get the info from the CA and I should inquire with them..Well duhh! That is why I sent the letter to TU, so they would investigate and possibly delete. Equifax responded regarding my request concerning a security freeze. My letter said nothing of such. LVNV has reported me on my CB while in DV and now looks like Brachfeld and Assoc took over. I'm in a rutt here with the ent
  12. Whoamelly..did u send an inquiry to the BBB via online or did u send a letter? I need to send a complaint about a CA that hasn't responded to my DV letters and reported on my CB.
  13. dbinaz


    Hi Vankat, Do you have the letter (template) you used to send to BBB re:LVNV. I am in a similar situation and need to send a letter to BBB and AG.
  14. I sent a DV to Arrow in Sept. They never sent anything back. I sent a letter to all 3 CB's. Recently I rec'd another letter from Arrow so I sent a 2nd DV. I got the following letter in the mail. We rec'd your request for validation regarding the acct. Pursuant to the FDCP act we must mail verification of this debt to you before we take any further steps to collect this debt. Thus, if we choose to engage in further collection activity, we will first mail to you at the above address verification of this debt. They already reported me on my CB. What do I do next??
  15. I sent a DV to both Arrow Financial & LVNV in Sept. I never rec'd a validation response. I sent a follow-up letter in Oct. Still nothing rec'd or updated on my CR. I recently sent a letter to CB. What is the next step if the CB doesn't respond or remove these items from my CR? Still within SOL. Also, rec'd a letter in Oct. from VCS (Viking Collection Service) showing OC is Resurgent Capital. I sent a DV. Just recently LVNV (affiliated w/Resurgent) reported on my CB for the same account (no letter ever rec'd from them). What do I do? How do I DV without receiving a letter from them? Any hel